California AG files suit against Trump’s ‘SAFE’ vehicle rules

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, leading a multistate coalition, today filed a lawsuit challenging the Trump Administration’s change to car emission standard.

Absolutely disgusting that while millions of Californians are out of work and still waiting months for unemployment relief to arrive, the attorney general of California is busy suing the Trump administration…Outrageous.

The biggest rule change President Trump is pushing for is a rule that takes aim at the corporate average fuel efficiency standards, requiring automakers to make only minimal improvements to fuel economy, a change of 1.5 percent annually instead of the original push for 5 percent annually.

I love how President Trump named his new guidelines the Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient Vehicles (SAFE) which is a very common thing that the Liberals will do to their bills, give them some catchy name so that anyone arguing against it has to take up the uneasy position of being against something that seems obviously good.

This just shows the disconnect between our state leaders and the people that they were elected to represent. We have massive problems in California right now and in my opinion the absolute least of all of them are car emissions…

Crazy how AG Becerra was totally silent while Newsom was trampling all of our Constitutional rights, but if a car is putting out a little too much carbon dioxide he has his pansexual panties in a bunch and starts filing a bunch of lawsuits!

The lawsuit filed by Becerra was also joined by the AGs from about 23 other states and D.C. The list reads as a veritable grouping of the most Liberal states in the union. California, New York, Hawaii..the most blue states in the country, the people fighting the hardest to make cars as expensive as possible.

You see, once they pass all these regulations it will become virtually impossible to drive a car unless you have paid a number of fees to the state. Cars will already be more expensive just to purchase since the manufacturer will be forced to jump through a series of financial hoops before they can even sell you a car.

Protecting the environment is a noble goal, but that isn’t the driving force behind these decisions by AG Becerra. This is all about the money, and the state exercising control over car manufacturers. The Democrats often hide behind grandiose promises of “protecting” the kids, “protecting” the environment, or “protecting” workers. Rest assured anytime the Democrats want to protect something that means they want to tax something.

Did anyone else notice how there was a push by the Obama administration to drive up the price of oil, shift all of our oil production overseas, and then demand that everyone start moving over to renewable energy?

President Trump has brought energy production back to our country, driven down the price of oil, while at the same time making factories and power plants cleaner than ever before. All with practical and common sense changes. There is nothing too grandiose about what President Trump is doing, it’s all very basic and common sense changes that are grounded in reality.

The Democrats have pie in the sky ideas that sound great in speeches but don’t really translate well into the real world. Often times, the intended effect of their policies never materializes and the opposite effect ends up happening.

When they try to “help” the homeless, they just end up creating more homeless people. When they try to “help” people with extra covid unemployment payments, millions of people go for months without receiving a dime.

The California Democrats are so out of touch with the people of the state and they are only worried about pushing their agenda. They could care less what happens to the people that live here, they only see us as labor, votes, and tax dollars.

It’s time for a serious change in California.

Lobbying behind California coronavirus contracts can stay secret

“Regardless of the emergency nature of what we’re facing, the public always needs to know that its dollars are being spent in the most efficient manner, that they’re not being overcharged for something,” said Rich Gordon, a former Democratic assemblyman

A common thread runs through at least four of the companies Gov. Gavin Newsom has tapped to help respond to the coronavirus pandemic: a Sacramento lobbyist named Mark Weideman.

His firm represents BYD, an electric bus maker that landed a $1 billion contract to produce medical masks for California; Bloom Energy, which the state is paying $2 million to refurbish ventilators; Blue Shield, the health care behemoth that dominates the task force Newsom assembled to increase testing for COVID-19; and NextGen America, the progressive advocacy group headed by Tom Steyer, whom Newsom named as the co-chair of his economic recovery team.

Those four organizations paid The Weideman Group a combined total of $663,000 last year to lobby before the Legislature and the Newsom administration, according to disclosure reports lobbyists file with the state. The detailed reports show not only that the companies paid Weideman’s firm, but also how much they spent on associated publicity campaigns and which government officials they wined and dined as they lobbied. California law recognizes that such disclosures advance transparency about the influences on state government.

But whether these companies — or any others — paid Weideman or other lobbyists to help them secure government contracts is an unanswered question. That’s because California law, despite all the disclosures it demands from lobbyists, doesn’t require they report procurement work — including the $3 billion committed so far to masks, ventilators and other supplies related to the coronavirus pandemic.

As California has signed hundreds of no-bid procurement contracts over the last two months, the public has very little information about the players involved in landing these deals and how much they are being paid. No lobbyist has been publicly accused of wrongdoing in connection with these contracts. But the way the law is written leaves the public in the dark about who’s influencing how the state spends tax dollars during a pandemic that has killed more than 3,300 Californians.

The normal rules for procurement create a process meant to ensure fair competition and judicious spending of public funds. The state’s request for bids must be publicly advertised with criteria that are not too limiting. Companies submit bids that the state keeps confidential until a specific time. Then, all the bids are opened at once and become public records. The state is supposed to pick the lowest responsible bidder.

But all those rules are scrapped during an official state of emergency, which Newsom declared on March 4 due to the pandemic. As the state has scrambled to secure medical supplies, lawmakers have questioned whether Newsom’s administration is sufficiently vetting contractors and being open about what the contracts entail.

In late March, the state wired $457 million for masks to Blue Flame, a company two political operatives had formed just three days earlier. The state treasurer scrambled to get the money back within hours after bankers involved in the transaction warned that it might be fraudulent. Then Newsom signed a $1 billion contract to buy masks from BYD in April, but refused to make the contract public for a month, arguing that releasing the details could threaten delivery of the masks.

This is a revelation that should worry everyone in the country, not just Californians. The state of California is asking for billions in federal aid and it was obvious from fairly early on that Newsom was giving billion dollar contracts to “renewable energy” groups and other Liberal companies that were big time lobbyists and donors to the DNC.

According to, The company Bloom Energy donated to the Democrat Party far more than they donated to the GOP for the 2020 election cycle. They were clearly given special treatment by the California state government. They had no history of repairing ventilators but Newsom ran to them with this contract and their CEO was so happy to take the free money. Then almost immediately the state of California began saying it was receiving “broken” ventilators that needed to be repaired…

The progressive advocacy group owned by psycho “impeach Trump” and failed presidential candidate Tom Steyer, known as “NextGen America”, was also favored heavily in these contracts and the crazy guy himself was even put on a task force for California! What the hell does a progressive advocacy group know about stopping a virus?

This whole covid shamdemic is a big scam on the American people. A blatantly obvious power grab and socialist wealth redistribution scheme. Already the Democrats have succeeded in hampering our economic growth for an entire financial quarter or more with these extreme shutdown measures. They have caused immeasurable economic damage and put millions into poverty. While at the same time they were funneling money into organizations they favored politically.

This should be a national story but the mainstream media will completely ignore it. Why? Because they can’t hurt Trump with this. Because the people who are guilty are Democrats. Because it doesn’t fit their narrative that Trump has mismanaged the crisis. Because it proves that in fact Democrat leaders are the ones mishandling the crisis and using it for self-profit.

It is absolutely heinous that the Democrats would do this during a time when so many people are hurting and uncertain about their economic future, but I am not surprised at all. The Democrats have a long history of taking advantage of crisis situations to push their extreme agenda.

Anytime there is a mass shooting you see them fundraising and trying to push their extreme anti-gun agenda. Anytime there is a natural disaster they push Climate Change. They are always trying to profit during crisis, even if they have to invent a crisis! It isn’t about the issues for them, it is all about the money and I am totally sick of it!

I think many people are starting to see through the lies of the Democrat Party and waking up to the fact that these people do not want to help they only want to profit from us.

Newsom’s budget cuts could displace 200 veterans.

“I am outraged the state would consider letting the burden of balancing the budget fall on the neediest of our population, particularly veterans, who have sacrificed so much for the country and to whom we owe such a great debt,” -CA Assemblyman Jay Obernolte

A veterans home in Barstow may close, forcing about 200 veterans to move, as part of the state’s effort to address a massive budget shortfall that resulted from the novel coronavirus crisis.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s revised budget proposes to initiate the closure of the Barstow Veterans Home over the next two years, which could save about $400,000 next fiscal year and $14 million annually over the long term.

More than two months of business closures and restrictions to slow the spread of the coronavirus has resulted in a $54 billion state budget deficit. To help fill that gap, Newsom has proposed numerous cuts and is relying on money from the feds.

The Barstow home is on a list of $14 billion in trigger cuts that would be revisited if the federal government doesn’t pass an aid package to help states and local governments.

Strange how Gavin Newsom seemed to have absolutely no problem finding tens of millions of dollars to give to illegal aliens that have no business being in our country, but when it comes to providing for our veterans who fought for us he can’t find a dime for them. What a sick man he is.

I have noticed that many people are starting to wake up to the fact that the state leaders are not representing the values of our state and especially not representing the values of our nation. We have always been a fairly pro-military state until the last 20 years when the Democrats really started attacking the military.

Now Gavin Newsom is squeezing California just a little too hard and the opposition against his leadership is starting to grow exponentially.

California already had so many problems before this crisis began and now the crisis has pushed all of our biggest issues to the surface. Massive budget shortfalls, a growing homeless population, an increase in crime, a sharp decrease in business revenue.

Newsom’s budget cuts are meeting sharp criticism from all sides of the aisle. Cutting our public work force, slashing school budgets, and now displacing veterans…all while we somehow continue to find millions and millions of dollars to give illegal aliens! Even some Democrats have started to voice their concerns against some of these decisions!

The situation is getting tenous for Newsom and he is scrambling to try to do some damage control. He is relaxing some of the lockdown restrictions faster than he initially said he would because the public is literally taking to the streets and businesses and churhces are openly defying his orders. Many smaller cities have even openly declared their independence from the tyrannical lockdowns.

Let us hope these Veterans are not displaces and the more heinous parts of Newsom’s budget cuts are all properly addressed before they are implemented.


9th Circuit allows Climate Change lawsuits against Big Oil into state courts

“The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said Tuesday that San Francisco, Oakland, San Mateo County, and other jurisdictions can pursue their lawsuits in state court rather than in a federal venue…”


The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has been going totally off the rails lately…I guess they are starting to realize that President Trump is only a handful of appointments away from flipping the 9th’s Circuits so they want to push as much left-wing nonsense while they still can.

The 9th Circuit is recklessly clearing a way for a legal fight to get major oil companies including BP Plc, Exxon Mobil Corp., and Chevron Corp. to pay tens of billions of dollars to deal with the effects of “climate change.”

“The suits seek to reimburse taxpayers for costs associated with adapting to impacts such as rising sea levels—from building multibillion-dollar sea walls and repairing damage from powerful storms to—perhaps soon—moving whole communities inland.”

This is why people didn’t want the California state government to start spending taxpayer money on stupid climate change programs to begin with. Because it doesn’t know how to manage a budget properly. Everything becomes grossly inflated in price. This is the same state government that spent billions building a bullet train to nowhere…a project that was ultimately cancelled.

What is this nonsense about “moving whole communities inland?” What kind of post-apocalyptic craziness is that?! This is why I can’t stand the Liberal point of view because they try to make everything seem far more extreme than it actually is in reality. They always want to frighten us with threats of death if we don’t act to give them billions of dollars.

This is all so insane to me. How does one even define “climate change?” They aren’t even adding man-made to it, so does this legally cover natural climate change as well? If we cut off all oil and gas and the climate still changes, then who pays to prevent that? Can humans even prevent natural climate change? The whole argument is absurd and the 9th is insane for not outright dismissing this totally ridiculous case.

This is all about opening up new avenues for these liberal groups to bilk these oil companies out of money. I have noticed a strong trend among these Liberal special interest groups to target really rich companies and then sue them in the hopes they settle out of court. For some businesses it is easier to settle out of court and be done with the matter for far less money than it would have cost to win the case through years of litigation.

I know that if we were to ever switch over to a total solar and wind energy grid then we would just start hearing about Big Solar and Big Wind and how they are destroying the environment and Liberals need to sue them for more money. It’s an endless cycle. The people they advocate for today will be their targets tomorrow.

Liberals understand that our system for bringing forth lawsuits is very broken and subject to exploitation. This is why so many Democrats are also lawyers!

If I was any of these oil companies I would just move my business elsewhere, problem solved. This is why Socialist-Democrats like Maxine Waters have publicly stated their desire to take over these oil companies, like if we were living in Venezuela or something.