Newsom signs Executive Order changes to voting procedures…


Governor Newsom signed the order on Friday to permit vote-by-mail procedures to be used in three special upcoming elections. The order also extended the Presidential Primary ballot counting by 21 days…

“The order also extends the deadlines for ballot counting, tabulation, and other responsibilities related to the official canvass of California’s Presidential Primary Election that could risk undermining social distancing measures, and suspends the timeframes for public hearings required by political subdivisions that are in the process of changing from an at-large method of election to district elections.”


The state of California has not officially finished counting the votes that were cast in the Presidential Primary. Even though just about every other state finishes their ballot counting right away. The deadline to confirm the vote count was set for early April, but now that deadline has been extended by Newsom’s executive order…More time to find votes?  Time will tell.

We must not allow the Chinese coronavirus to distract us from keeping an eye on our politicians. While everyone must do their part to limit the spread of the virus, we must also be protective of our freedoms and liberty.

These are truly unprecedented times we are living in right now. Nothing like this has ever been experienced in our country. Not after Pearl Harbor, not even after 9/11. This is a hard shutdown of vast swaths of the economy and the pain is reverberating up and down the chain.

Millions of Californians have been told to stay in their homes. Many businesses have been forced to scale back their operations or even shut down completely. Store shelves are being emptied the minute they are restocked. People are scared, and rightfully so.

In a desperate time like this is when the most dangerous politicians will try to take advantage of the people.

Stay strong California and may God Bless America!

President Trump vows to clean up Los Angeles.

President Trump said if Los Angeles doesn’t “clean it up fast,” he will intervene…

“If they can’t do it themselves, we’re going to do it,” Trump said. “The federal government is going to take it over, we’re going to do it.“

President Trump is going on the offensive against Sanctuary California. A state that has proven to be a thorn in the side of his administration. With our new governor Gavin Newsom picking up the torch right where former governor Jerry Brown left off and resisting just about everything the Trump administration is trying to accomplish.

President Trump is visiting California to attend a briefing on preparations for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. In 2016 I had a strong feeling that if we elected Trump we would start to see major world events like the Olympics back on US shores, I am glad I was right. Thank you President Trump for securing this event and for bringing it to Los Angeles.

Bringing the Olympics here will ensure a wide federal presence where they will be able to crackdown on the crime that has been allowed by the Democrats to flourish here. From homeless people to larger crime syndicates, I have no doubts the Trump administration will do everything it can to take full advantage of this opportunity to delve deeply into California’s crime problem.

“We’re going to give them tremendous support,” Trump said. “You need the support of the federal government to make it really work.”

The California state government has been a real pain in the ass of the Trump administration. From Pelosi to Schiff, Maxine Waters to Eric Swalwell, our Governor Gavin Newsom, our Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and a whole host of others have been doing everything they can to prevent Trump from making America Great Again.

Why? Well that would mean that the Democrats are failures and the last thing they will ever do is admit they have failed. Because then we may vote them out of office and how will these crooked politicians buy their 4th home then huh? Yet it is more than obvious that for decades these politicians have completely failed California and they have only exacerbated our problems.

I could see how some may even start to believe these California Democrats wanted our problems to get worse because that creates a sense of dependency which ultimately leads to more Democrat voters. You see the Democrats rely on dependence, not independence, in order to maintain power.

They are fine with having hundreds of thousands of homeless living in the streets and millions on welfare so long as the majority of them vote Democrat. They don’t care if illegals flood into the country as long as they support Democrats.

It isn’t a total joke when people say that if Illegal Aliens began to support the Republican Party, the Democrats would deport illegals so fast it would make your head spin like that girl in that movie where she was possessed by the demon…no not The Exorcist, I am talking about the AOC movie on Netflix…

Anyway, back to the insane California Democrats and the fact that they have done everything they can to push our state to the brink of total collapse. Driving thousands upon thousands of hard working residents out of the state with burdensome taxes and onerous regulations. Creating a crippling homelessness and drug crisis that we will be dealing with for generations to come. The California Democrats are totally out of control.

That is why President Trump is smart to get in on this Olympics bid and sign on the full support of the Federal government. This move will ultimately give him wide ranging abilities to clean up California. Some abilities that he already possesses in some form under his current Executive powers. He will now be able to expand upon that in order to override the resistance in California that refuses to clean up the homeless problem.

I trust President Trump to get the job done and get it done right. In a way that has longlasting effects and not just superficial fixes that will wear off right away. Californians need to rally behind the President right now as he drives to get this state cleaned up and back on the right track.

We often hear from the Dems that Capitalism doesn’t work well for everyone, but it is more than obvious that it is their Socialist policies have created a massive poor-class with a small-rich class while driving out the middle-class…That is the world they are trying to build for us and we should be thankful President Trump is fighting against them. We must support his agenda and get this state cleaned up!

It is imperative that everyone get out and vote this year.

Newsom wants California to sell its own prescription drugs

Governor Gavin Newsom (aka Gruesom Newsom, Gavlame Newscum, or even Moonbeam Jr.) set to unveil his plans to have the State of California officially contract with drugmakers to produce generic prescription drugs which the state will then sell under a generic label.

This is supposedly all in an effort to lower the cost of prescription drugs, but I can’t help get a strong feeling of suspicion on just what the real motives are of these California Democrats…

An executive order also called for the creation of a state-run collective that would be open to small businesses, California residents and local governments. A number of municipalities, including Los Angeles, have already promised their support of the collective.

Along with selling its own brand of generic drugs, Newsom also plans to propose an expansion of the state’s bulk buying program and a drug pricing schedule for the state. -Fox News

These are the very same politicians that have presided over an ever-increasing homeless epidemic and the explosion of drug overdoses across the state of California. The same people that have not only failed to comply with Federal immigration law, but at times have actively thwarted it by shielding illegal aliens.

The very same corrupt and degenerate career politicians that are driving up our debt, raising up our gas prices, destroying our infrastructure, and making it impossible to find an affordable place to live?! Those same politicians will now be in charge of producing and selling prescription drugs??? Forgive me if I am more than a little bit skeptic about this plan.

To me this just sounds like the California Democrats are wanting to become legal drug dealers.

These California Democrats have failed at just about every single thing they have tried to achieve. Sometimes it almost feels like if they want to fail…Almost as if they know that having a lot of homeless people and then offering them welfare if they vote Democrat will help when it comes time to get reelected…

Or if the California Democrats are allowing in illegal aliens on purpose, offering them sanctuary and telling them that only if Democrats stay in power can they stay in our country…thus ensuring some illegals will attempt voter fraud in a desperate bid to stay?

Do the California Democrats really want to start producing and selling their own brand of prescription drugs to help the common people? Or to cut in on the profits and power that can potentially come with it? Was the state government ever intended to be so heavily involved in manufacturing and selling drugs?

I remember when the marijuana legalization advocates told us that legalizing the miracle cure-all drug would lead to a sharp decline in the number of people using prescription drugs in California…Guess they were wrong? Now the government will be involved in both the marijuana business and the prescription drug business. Once they add in those “safe-injection” sites the state can preside over the heroin trade as well…

Look, I have no doubt that this could potentially be good for many individual people who are struggling to afford their prescription drugs, I truly sympathize with these people. But we must consider who exactly we are putting in charge of this entire program. The California Democrats have a history of delivering disastrous results, often the opposite of the intended result occurs.

We also must be very weary of what this will cost those who are not on any prescription drugs, or the people who already pay for their own drugs without any problems. Will we all have to subsidize this government program with some sort of tax? Already the state’s medi-cal program tops $100 BILLION a year and the Democrats want to extend the coverage of the bloated program.

How is adding an entirely new program that will oversee the manufacture, distribution, and pricing of prescription drugs supposed to lower the price? No doubt, the drugs will be sold at a low price, but at what cost? Many who receive a government benefit never stop to think where does the money come from, but it has to come from somewhere. Most of the time the average taxpayer has to foot the bill for all of these government programs…

Newsom to release funds without Federal approval

“We are doing this despite the Trump administration’s unwillingness to certify the PIT count to allow us to allocate this money…They are weaponizing and politicizing this issue, so we will work around them and provide 75% of the funding while we wait for HUD to verify the count numbers.” -Gavin Newsom

The far-Left Governor of California has announced that he will release $650 million dollars in homeless services funding to counties across the state. Despite the funds having not yet been approved for spending by the Federal Housing and Urban Development (HUD) agency.

In January 2019, the new Governor produced his plan to tackle homelessness and spend hundreds of million of dollars addressing the growing problem. Even before he assumed office, California already had the highest concentration of homeless people in the whole country.

Gavin Newsom cannot fix the homeless problem by just spending money. It seems to me that for him it is always more about getting the money and less about actually fixing the problem. In fact, sometimes it looks like these California Democrats want our problems to continue to keep the taxpayer funds flowing.

The Democrats often try to hide behind noble goals in order to gain access to more funding. We all want to see a solution to the homeless crisis in California, so the Democrats will promise us they can fix the problem, but if the problem were to be fixed there would be no use for them anymore and funding would stop. A normal person would say, “I did something good, now I can move on to something else”, a Democrat says, “Oh no! How will I make money now?”.

The reason for the holdup on the funds has been a drawn out effort by the HUD department to confirm the actual number of homeless people in an attempt to better see where the funds can be spent. The HUD secretary Ben Carson has made it clear that he does not want to just throw money at California’s homeless epidemic, and I tend to agree with that position since handing the Democrats millions of dollars in unrestricted funds has not worked well.

Just look at the City of Los Angeles which spent $619 million dollars last year alone addressing homelessness…the problem got worse. All told the city of LA has spent billions trying to tackle homelessness over the years and it never gets any better. We have to stop wasting money and assess before we fix the mess.

The Democrats have opened up the borders, decriminalized drugs, abolished anti-camping laws in the inner cities, sat and watched the homeless problems grow, then try to declare an emergency and secure billions in federal funding. It is a scam, and sadly millions of lives are being destroyed or adversely affected in the process. Only a fool would believe these Democrats could fix the mess that they themselves created.

This move by Gavin Newsom to release these funds without Federal approval is very dangerous and flouts too many checks and balances. We cannot allow him to get away with this because it sets a dangerous precedent for future spending. This really looks like Newsom just desperately wants to get this money out before it starts becoming more difficult to acquire this type of funding.

This is a one-time allocation of discretionary funding that has “minimal strings attached.”

The most telling part is that these funds are “unrestricted funds” meaning that the scope of what they can spend the money on is very broad. There is no real plan of attack with this money, Newsom is handing millions over to CA counties and just saying ‘produce results’, I might be more optimistic if these counties weren’t being run by the same people that have already failed to fix the problem!

When the government promises to fix something, spends billions of our tax dollars, then fail to fix the problem, the last thing we should do is give them more money without asking any questions as to where it is being spent!

So the main people here who are politicizing or weaponizing this issue are the Democrats, essentially dragging their feet on this issue to keep federal funds flowing in while the HUD Sec. Ben Carson just wants to find a permanent solution without carelessly spending money.

If they spend more money again without waiting for proper authorization, this should be considered theft in my opinion. That is exactly what Gavin Newsom is doing in this situation. He is planning to spend hundreds of millions of dollars that are not properly authorized to be spent. Simply because he is “frustrated” that the Federal government is finally asking questions about where it spends money!

Funny how the Democrats love “resistance” until they meet it.

I really hope the Trump administration finds a way to sue the California Democrats for this dangerous move to spend money without going through all of the proper channels first.