PREDICTION: Roy Moore Will Win.

CaliConservative, shut this down now! How dare you!?! You are supporting the racist molester Roy Moore? Haven’t you been watching MSNBC or CNN? Do you even read the WashingtonPost?? Are you not following OccupyDemocrats on Facebook??? You actually think Roy Moore has a chance to win?? HAHAHA! CaliLiberal, you brainwashed Obamazoid. Yes, I not only […]

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Comey Hearing: Trump Vindicated.

*CaliLiberal and CaliConservative are sitting at a politically themed bar called the ‘Capitol Still’ waiting for the James Comey testimony to begin. The place was buzzing with excited Liberals, murmurs of ‘Russia’ and ‘Trump’ could be heard all around* OH WOW! I haven’t been this excited in so long! Since the day before the election […]

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The Road to 2018.

The End of the Democratic Party is near.

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