Virginia Police arrest over 20 ugly ANTIFA/BLM for rioting

Richmond, Virginia, Police Chief Gerald Smith addressed the recent unrest in the city on Monday as he stood in front of a dump truck that was torched during a violent weekend in Virginia’s capital.

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VIDEO: Sacramento Police shooting sparks angry protest. Were the police justified?

I was going to post about this yesterday morning when the shooting video was released, but I wanted to wait to see what the community reaction was. I had been made aware of the shooting of Stephon Clark about a week ago when the incident was reported on local news. The initial reports were that […]

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May Day: The Left Riots.

*Los Angeles, California. A large crowd of people gathered in a park. The pungent stench of marijuana, EBT cards, and a sense of entitlement wafts over the crowd.* Hey CaliConservative, you made it! Isn’t this great? You can smell the socialism in the air! It’s great to see you decided to finally come and really […]

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