LastWeekTonight Ep. 13, MORE LIES!

First off I want to take a serious moment to send regards and prayers towards #Manchester, England right now where evidently a serious terrorist attack has taken place at an Ariana Grande concert. ISIS have praised the suicide bombing. While I know sending “prayers and regards” may not do much to actually fix the problem […]

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The Right Fights Back: Berkeley Edition.

How dare you CaliConservative!? It’s me, your archenemy, intellectual superior, caring, compassionate and extremely tolerant CaliLiberal. I actually went to Berkeley, it’s my Alma mater. That’s where I triple-majored in Gender Studies, LGBT studies(Yes, that’s different from Gender Studies you bigot!), and Social Welfare. I am still currently enrolled trying to major in my real […]

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President Trumps First Speech to Congress, A Historical Shift.

Review of President Trumps first Address to Congress.

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