Bigly Win: SCOTUS and Trump’s Travel Ban.

  WHAT A RACIST SUPREME COURT! Disgusting and ashamed of this racist country for even thinking it’s ok to limit any amount of immigrants. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO COME HERE! Especially if they will vote for the Democratic Party! They also better hate America and all white people if they want to be properly […]

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Russia Derangement Syndrome.

Do you suffer from frequent delusions of conspiratorial grandeur? Do you often wake up in cold sweats after having night terrors of Vladimir Putin hacking elections? Do you frantically check your social media and the WashingtonPost homepage for literally any updates on the Trump-Russia conspiracy? GIANFORTE, TOO?! We knew @realDonaldTrump was, but I am starting […]

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#MOAB: US Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb on Afghanistan.

Mother of All Bombs! Cali-Liberal here! First of all, bombs should all be banned from existence and made illegal, except for the kind we use when we need to get communism or socialism installed somewhere. Second of all, Mother?!? I am a male Feminist and I find it highly offensive that a bunch of misogynistic […]

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