Top 10 Trump Moments of 2017

Here we are. The end of 2017. A pretty great year for the MAGA movement. A great year for President Trump. Let’s take a look at 10 top moments from 2017. Are you kidding me CaliConservative!?! 2017 was such a horrible year! Why is tRump dismantling Obamas amazing legacy?! I just wanna cry! AHHHHHH! *CaliLiberal […]

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LastWeekTonight Decucked Ep. 12

Here we are yet again, episode 12 of LastWeekTonight, wow. At least Oliver didn’t take another week off, but how could he with Comey being fired? The “LastWeekTonight” twitter account even sent out a message hinting they would be talking about it, surprised? Of course you aren’t. People like John Oliver, Steven Colbert(verified Dem operative) […]

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