Islamic Takeover; Le-Pen Loses.

Muahahaha, YES! We did it! We defeated that fascist racist Islamophobe, the far-right and dangerous Le Pen! The French Trump, or Trumpette. We proved that big media censorship and good ol’ propaganda still works, and thankfully we were able to prevent Russian hacking this time! Yes I was wrong. I thought she would wi– HAHA! […]

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Marine Le-Pen Advances: Historic Win

Marine LePen has done it! She didn’t win the election outright, but she defied all the Globalist shills by emerging a front-runner and she will face Macron in round 2 of the run-off election! Nationalism is on the rise, independence and individuality are finally defeating the forces of collectivism! Horrible! That fascist alt-right Marine LePen […]

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