Ted Lieu is a Lying Idiot. #TravelBan

Congressman Ted Lieu represents the 33rd District of California. Immediately you can safely assume he is a nut-job because he is representing California, and I would not blame you. He is in the company of Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris and the newly elected Jimmy Gomez. The “Progressives” they call themselves. Well I guess […]

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John Oliver LastWeekTonight LIES! Ep. 14

*CaliLiberal is looking himself over in the mirror. One half of green hair perfectly parted where it meets the other half of ironic gray. A v-neck pink t-shirt reads: ‘F*** Trump, Burn It All Down!’ on his arm a tattoo that reads ‘Peace & Love For All’, wearing the skinniest jeans you had ever seen […]

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LastWeekTonight Ep. 4 Debunked

Here we are yet again with installment four of my series of “John Oliver Debunked” posts. Already four installments! Wow, what a milestone. I didn’t think I could watch this much John Oliver and still be legally sane. Considering I can’t even take enough time to debunk every single one of his lies, because there […]

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