Defending the Second Amendment #NRAAM2017

Ugh I think I am gonna be sick! NRA stands for National Rifle Association, but I think it should be Nationalist RACIST Association!! Its me Cali-Liberal, your intellectual superior and resident Secular Moralist. I am thoroughly disgusted with this display of fascism, White Supremacy, and violent gun culture! The Second-Amendment must be abolished today, everybody […]

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The Right Fights Back!

Thousands of patriots gathered yesterday across the country in a very successful show of support for the President of the United States, Donald J Trump. In what was known online as the “Spirit of America” rally, organized on Facebook by a group called “Main Street Patriots”. Pro-America citizens showed up in cities all around the […]

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USA-Russia Alliance is More Important Than Ever Before.

We need positive US and Russian relations now more than any other time since World War 2.

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