Russia Derangement Syndrome.

Do you suffer from frequent delusions of conspiratorial grandeur? Do you often wake up in cold sweats after having night terrors of Vladimir Putin hacking elections? Do you frantically check your social media and the WashingtonPost homepage for literally any updates on the Trump-Russia conspiracy? GIANFORTE, TOO?! We knew @realDonaldTrump was, but I am starting […]

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LastWeekTonight Decucked Ep. 10

*CaliLiberal and CaliConservative sit in front of the TV, the HBO logo comes on and the opening theme song to LastWeekTonight with John Oliver starts playing* Oh God help me. Shhhh! Dont you dare disturb one of my biggest idols John Oliver. *CaliLib shoves a handful of popcorn into his mouth spilling crumbs everywhere* Hey! […]

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Syria Strike: I Approve.

I fully support Trumps decision to strike Syria.

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