Mexico: ‘What are Black People?’

OK CaliLiberal here, I am going to have to shut this blog down for racism, xenophobia! You have gone too far this time CaliConservative! How dare you disrespect the flag of Mexico! They are our friends and brothers in the fight against Right-Wing Christian Conservative terrorists like you CaliConservative! I am happy that Liberals and […]

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What They Aren’t Telling You About the US Flag Code. #TakeAKnee

*CaliLiberal is quietly kneeling in front of a very creepy shrine.* *CaliConservative, wearing an American flag hat, approaches him* What are you doing CaliLib? What does it look like I am doing CaliCon?! It looks like you’re getting ready to sacrifice a goat or something. That is a totally culturally insensitive thing to say CaliConservative! […]

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