John Oliver LIES Episode 8

Haha, CaliConservative you’ve been hacked! It’s me your archenemy the CaliLiberal, here in Cali I outnumber you ten to one, the only odds I like! I absolutely LOVE John Oliver! He is my hero and a real patriot! Especially because he isn’t even from this country! He does the work of God. Oh wait I […]

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“Trumpcare” Is Dead…For Now.

The American Healthcare Act, or AHCA, dubbed Trumpcare by the Liberal media, dubbed Ryancare by smart Conservatives is dead…for now. Actually for the foreseeable future as well. President Trump has reportedly said he will not reintroduce the bill for at least a few weeks. The Liberals are absolutely ecstatic, they have had very few victories […]

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Wikileaks vs The CIA: Vault 7.

Wikileaks releases a new trove of CIA documents.

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