Comey Hearing: Trump Vindicated.

*CaliLiberal and CaliConservative are sitting at a politically themed bar called the ‘Capitol Still’ waiting for the James Comey testimony to begin. The place was buzzing with excited Liberals, murmurs of ‘Russia’ and ‘Trump’ could be heard all around* OH WOW! I haven’t been this excited in so long! Since the day before the election […]

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LastWeekTonight Decucked Ep. 12

Here we are yet again, episode 12 of LastWeekTonight, wow. At least Oliver didn’t take another week off, but how could he with Comey being fired? The “LastWeekTonight” twitter account even sent out a message hinting they would be talking about it, surprised? Of course you aren’t. People like John Oliver, Steven Colbert(verified Dem operative) […]

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You’re Fired! Comey Edition.

We did it! We finally got rid of that Democratic operative that somehow became our FBI director, James Comey. He was an obstructionist and completely anti-Trump. Oh what a day! *CaliConservative opens a bottle of wine and begins to pour two glasses* More than being anti-Trump he was very pro-Hillary. Though I will say he […]

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