America First: Scrap DACA.

*CaliConservative and CaliLiberal are sitting in front of the TV, FOX News is on.* Why am I even watching this racist fake news network? I call it faux news, get it CaliConservative? Because it’s fake! I’ve heard that one before, plenty of times actually, stop acting like you invented that term. Nuh-uh you never heard […]

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LastWeekTonight LIES Ep. 18, Pt. 1

WOW! We lasted, we persisted, we endured the unendurable, 18 straight episodes of the dreadfully unfunny LastWeekTonight. Well, I guess the show could be funny, if you were a semi-retarded individual that thinks socialism is a good thing. Metaphorically retarded of course, I would never dare compare the afflicted with these insane Liberals. People like […]

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Defending Trump!! Re: Top 10 Moments.

So about 11 days ago or so, I wrote an article detailing what I believed to be the top 10 moments of President Trumps first 100 days in office. Speaking of, what a spectacular 100 days right? Anyways it seems I got a fan who found the time to form a response to that article! Which […]

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