John Oliver LastWeekTonight LIES Ep. 16

Season 4, Episode 16 of LastWeekTonight with John Oliver. Here we are ladies, gentlemen and Liberals. How quickly the time has passed is amazing, and the number of lies, factual inconsistencies, spin and outright slander coming from John Oliver is astonishing. Lets just dive right into it, because I just saw what was perhaps John […]

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John Oliver LastWeekTonight LIES! Ep. 14

*CaliLiberal is looking himself over in the mirror. One half of green hair perfectly parted where it meets the other half of ironic gray. A v-neck pink t-shirt reads: ‘F*** Trump, Burn It All Down!’ on his arm a tattoo that reads ‘Peace & Love For All’, wearing the skinniest jeans you had ever seen […]

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