Groups of Central American illegals already crossing border in alarming numbers.

“As the Rio Grande Valley Sector continues to experience an unprecedented flow of family units and unaccompanied children, the increase in identified fraud cases is extremely concerning,” “The trend in these fraud cases is an effort by smugglers to exploit ongoing U.S. immigration policies and procedures. Agents have already discovered over 60 fraudulent cases in […]

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John Oliver LastWeekTonight Decucked Ep. 20

NO! NO! NO! CaliLiberal here and I cannot allow this hateful, xenophobic, right-wing blog to continue to spread vile hate and Conservative pro-Trump propaganda. I have reported this blog to MediaMatters, ThinkProgress and I posted a five paragraph expose on the forum DemocratUnderground about you. Conservative propaganda like you CaliConservative is why we have that […]

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Protecting America: #BuildTheWall

Imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up and saw a #BuildTheWall hashtag being promoted on Twitter, awesome! I thought that was really great. An amazing way to start my day, it invoked feelings of optimism and confidence, Trump always makes me feel this way, he is an inspiration. Imagine my shock this morning […]

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