Liberal Extremism in the New Civil War.

Full prayers for brave patriot Steve Scalise for a full recovery. He is a casualty in the Lefts ongoing war against the Right. Warning, Graphic Language. When covering the topic of Liberal extremism(or Liberal anything for that matter) it’s hard not to reach new levels of profane and vulgar, but since you are most likely […]

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The Right Fights Back: Berkeley Edition.

How dare you CaliConservative!? It’s me, your archenemy, intellectual superior, caring, compassionate and extremely tolerant CaliLiberal. I actually went to Berkeley, it’s my Alma mater. That’s where I triple-majored in Gender Studies, LGBT studies(Yes, that’s different from Gender Studies you bigot!), and Social Welfare. I am still currently enrolled trying to major in my real […]

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The Left Declares War.

A Time for Choosing.

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