“Trumpcare” Is Dead…For Now.

The American Healthcare Act, or AHCA, dubbed Trumpcare by the Liberal media, dubbed Ryancare by smart Conservatives is dead…for now. Actually for the foreseeable future as well. President Trump has reportedly said he will not reintroduce the bill for at least a few weeks. The Liberals are absolutely ecstatic, they have had very few victories […]

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LastWeekTonight S4 Ep5 Debunked.

So here we are again, another Sunday night, another new episode of LastWeekTonight, another 30-minutes of my life I will never get back. I would rather stand in line for days at the DMV behind a Siamese triplet of Carrot-Top, Gilbert Godfrey and Lena Dunham than have to watch this show, but it must be […]

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