Top 10 Trump Moments of 2017

Here we are. The end of 2017. A pretty great year for the MAGA movement. A great year for President Trump. Let’s take a look at 10 top moments from 2017. Are you kidding me CaliConservative!?! 2017 was such a horrible year! Why is tRump dismantling Obamas amazing legacy?! I just wanna cry! AHHHHHH! *CaliLiberal […]

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John Oliver LIES Episode 8

Haha, CaliConservative you’ve been hacked! It’s me your archenemy the CaliLiberal, here in Cali I outnumber you ten to one, the only odds I like! I absolutely LOVE John Oliver! He is my hero and a real patriot! Especially because he isn’t even from this country! He does the work of God. Oh wait I […]

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The Road to 2018.

The End of the Democratic Party is near.

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