LastWeekTonight LIES Ep. 15


WOW! 15 episodes! Welcome everyone, as we are celebrating the 15 episode milestone!  I could never have imagined we would make it here, well mostly I couldn’t imagine that I could stand to sit through this much John Oliver, but I did it! With your help of course my brilliant readers, thank you to every single person that has read this series.

15 articles countering the blatant propaganda being spread by John Oliver. He will pretend he is a simple comedian, and yes perhaps you are simple sir, but a comedian you are not.

John Oliver makes millions off of his show, he has an agenda. My blog makes nothing, I do not monetize it with ads even though I have the option. Sure my blog isn’t perfect, and God knows grammar isn’t my strength, nor proper sentence structuring, nor sometimes properly covfefeing thoughts and yes the numerous typos.

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Ted Lieu is a Lying Idiot. #TravelBan

Congressman Ted Lieu represents the 33rd District of California. Immediately you can safely assume he is a nut-job because he is representing California, and I would not blame you. He is in the company of Jerry Brown, Dianne Feinstein, Kamala Harris and the newly elected Jimmy Gomez.


Wow what an incredibly divisive cover photo, Obama shill confirmed.

The “Progressives” they call themselves. Well I guess they are progressing us towards something…massive debt and poverty, so I guess that is what Progressive truly means. Jerry Brown was recently in China negotiation trade deals that go above our Federal Government, trying to turn the state into a full rogue power.

People like Ted Lieu are the reason we all need to support people like Antonio Sabáto Jr for Congress and Omar Navarro who is taking on the insane Maxine Waters.


So why am I calling Congressman Lieu a liar?

Well it’s for this statement he made a few days ago concerning the Presidents plan to institute a “Travel Ban”: 1.pngNow initially you may think Ted Lieu is actually right in his position. He is light on facts, but it’s true that 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 held Saudi Arabian citizenship. So why am I calling him a liar? Well if you read his tweet very carefully, you can see he is actually 100% wrong, actually 100% dishonest, his tweet is a total lie.

Right off the bat we can dismiss around 25% of the hijackers. These four hijackers have interesting adventures as to how they ended up traveling to the United States.

Mohamed Mohamed Atta(yes, twice named Mohamed, and people wonder why vetting is so hard). Was an Egyptian national. Mohamed_Atta

Born in 1968 Cairo, right in the heart of the Nile Delta. His father was a Sharia Law expert and lawyer. In 1985 he attended Cairo University and studied engineering. Traveled anywhere but Saudi Arabia, radicalized in Germany actually.


Part of the Muslim Brotherhood came to the US from Europe after having obtained a tourist visa.



Marwan Yousef Mohamed was born in the United Arab Emirates where he traveled from there to Germany, where he joined an Islamic terror cell. 


Fayez Rashid Ahmed Hassan al-Qadi Banihammad
born in the UAE also and traveled to the US using the Visa Express program to obtain a tourist visa.

Ziad_Jarrah,_2001.jpgZiad Jarrah born in Lebanon, also moved to Germany where he joined the terror cell that lead him into the 9/11 attacks.


Wail Mohammed al-Shehri was born in Saudi Arabia, but went to fight in Chechnya, then traveled to Afghanistan where he was recruited for the attacks.


Waleed Mohammed al-Shehri born in Saudi Arabia, brother of Wail. He and his brother both fought in Chechnya and were recruited in Afghanistan for the 9/11 attacks. 


Satam Muhammed Abdel Rahman al-Suqami born in Saudi Arabia, a law student who traveled to Afghanistan where he was recruited for the 9/11 attacks.


Mohand Muhammed Fayiz al-Shehri born in Saudi Arabia, fought in Chechnya, went to Afghanistan where he was recruited for the attacks.


Hamza al-Ghamdi born in Saudi Arabia, fought in Chechnya, went to Afghanistan where he was recruited for the attacks.


Ahmed Salah Said al-Ghamdi born in Saudi Arabia, fought in Chechnya, went to Afghanistan where he was recruited for the attacks.    


Honi Honjour born in Saudi Arabia, attended school in US, traveled to UAE, back to Saudi Arabia, but then to Afghanistan, where he was recruited for the attacks.


Khalid al-Mihdhar born in Saudi Arabia, fought in the Bosnian War, traveled to Afghanistan where he was hand selected by Osama Bin Laden for the attacks. Was living in San Diego when he first arrived to the USA.


Majed Moqed born in Saudi Arabia, recruited into Al-Qaeda trained in Afghanistan just outside of Kabul where he was recruited for the attacks


Nawaf al-Hazmi was born in Saudi Arabia, fought in the Bosnian Wars. Traveled to Afghanistan to fight with the Taliban against the Northern Afghan Alliance. He did travel back to Saudi Arabia briefly, but then traveled to Malaysia to attend a meeting of high level Al-Qaeda operatives. He then traveled to Bangkok Thailand where he flew to Los Angeles. With all of our Sanctuary Cities I can see why some of them traveled to California.


Salem al-Hazmi born in Saudi Arabia, brother of Nawaf. Reports exist they fought together in bother the Chechnya and Afghan Civil War. Training in Afghanistan he was recruited for the 9/11 attacks, he flew to Beirut than traveled to New Jersey.


Ahmed al-Haznawi fought in Chechnya then traveled to Afghanistan where he was recruited for the 9/11 attacks,


Ahmed al-Nami born in Saudi Arabia, traveled to Afghanistan where he was recruited for the attacks.


Saeed al-Ghamdi Fought in Chechnya before traveling to the Afghanistan where he was recruited for the 9/11 attacks.


Abdulaziz al-Omari very little is known about this hijacker, he may or may not have traveled directly from Saudi Arabia to the United States.

Now, you can see that although 15 of the 19 hijackers were born in Saudi Arabia, they didn’t come to America from Saudi Arabia. Why? Because Saudi Arabia already has strict security at all of it’s airports and carefully monitors who is boarding planes destined for the US. Most of them used tourist visas to enter the country gained through our flawed vetting program.55.png

That is why the terrorists had to go to other countries, like Afghanistan or Thailand before traveling to the USA. So no Congressman, the men did not “come from Saudi Arabia” to the United States. They were born there, sure, but I am not ready to be in the position to say all Saudi Arabians must be banned from the US just because some of the 9/11 hijackers were born there.

So I would say most of the 9/11 terrorists actually came to the USA from Afghanistan, not Saudi Arabia. In fact, it looks like only 1 may have traveled directly from Saudi Arabia to the USA.


The driving motives behind the attacks had much more to do with religious extremism than it had to do with ethnicity or country of birth. Terrorism motives have more to do with where a person was last, not where they started. If you want to investigate a terrorists motives, you will learn more from his adult friends than from his childhood friends.

For that reason there is no need to impose a travel ban on Saudi Arabia. Imposing a travel ban on Afghanistan, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria or Beirut makes more sense. The places where the terrorists actually come to the US from.article-1096963-052905DB0000044D-521_468x468.jpg

People like you, Congressman Ted Lieu, put us in more danger. By sabotaging our security systems while also opening up our borders you leave us more vulnerable to terrorism and less safe. We are at greater risk than ever to be hit with Islamic terrorism. I reject your Progressive premise that there is nothing to worry about.

Attacks happen almost weekly now across the world and politician likes you cry more about Islamophobia than about the Humanophobics that seek to destroy our very life. I support President Trumps travel ban, and it doesn’t need to be aimed at Saudi Arabia, unless the President deems it necessary. He has the facts and the balls to do something about it, you have nothing but pathetic virtue signalling and weakness.1t.png

You want to act like some moral authority, like your progressive “values” make you a good person but you hang out with disgusting vile people like Kathy Griffin and refuse to disavow her disgusting hostile actions towards our President. Your wife hangs out with elite hollywood celebs that are serial polluters like Leo Dicaprio, while preaching about how dangerous climate change is. Pathetic. CaBEp-oUUAAQ_hS.jpg

You don’t represent the 33rd district, you represent the Deep State and their cronies like Obama.


If we are attacked Congressman Ted Lieu, you and all who oppose a travel ban have blood on your hands. I only hope the California voters will wake up before it’s too late and vote people like you out of office.

Comey Hearing: Trump Vindicated.


*CaliLiberal and CaliConservative are sitting at a politically themed bar called the ‘Capitol Still’ waiting for the James Comey testimony to begin. The place was buzzing with excited Liberals, murmurs of ‘Russia’ and ‘Trump’ could be heard all around*

OH WOW! I haven’t been this excited in so long! Since the day before the election actually when I was positive my babygirl Hillary would beat that foul-mouthed orange. Now we finally are going to get the real truth about Russia and Trump!Comey.png

I have a feeling you are going to be thoroughly disappointed by the end of this. I have been telling you for months that there is absolutely no Russia information, and even if there was Comey would be the last person to tell you. Right before he was fired he was set to expand the Russia probe—

And Trump fired him because he knew Comey was finally getting close to the truth!

No, actually Comey expanding the Russia probe simply meant that he had already investigated every single one of the main leads they had. Basically he didn’t find any evidence at all. He wanted to find evidence so bad he even admitting using a fake dossier to get the FBI to investigate.

That dossier was NOT FAKE! That was reported by Buzzfeed news and confirmed by CNN. Since Comey was using it also tells me it was real! But I don’t need a document to tell me the commander in cheeto likes being peed on and has sex with his daughter!

You are seriously disgusting, what is wrong with you?! Why do you believe crap like that seriously its vile, destructive, poisonous, but I guess it’s just part of the Liberal mentality. You call Trump a demagogue so that it can excuse the insane behavior of the feral Left.

Shut up CaliCon, before I tell everyone in this bar you are a fascist right wing trump supporter, they would tear you limb from limb before you could say wage gap.

*A very petite feminine man walks by and winks at CaliConservative*mccain-confused.png

Yeah I am not too worried about that. These people have probably never seen an actual man before. I am actually the strange in here for being straight. I should have known better than to come to a bar in West Hollywood.

There you go being homophobic again. This is Trumps America everyone, he inspires so much hate. He is lucky he isn’t right in front of me I would give Trump such a grabbing that orange juice would come out his—–Oh wait it’s starting shut up CaliCon

Im not even saying anything!

Keep it that way!

*A quiet hush comes over the excited crowd in the bar. On the television screen, James Comey, former FBI director, walks out and sits in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The crowd erupts into applause.*

We love you Comey! Expose the Cheeto!

*CaliConservative sits begrudgingly*

Don’t get too excited morons. *He says under his breath*

What was that CaliCon?

I said good get excited, go on.

*James Comey sat and began to speak, the crowd stayed excitedly silent*

*A quiet somber deafening silence fell over the crowd. They were unable to speak, unable to form a thought, total emotional shock set in as they realized that yet again CNN had over hyped and outright lied about how much Comey knew, and how untruthful he actually was*

*The testimony ended, the Liberal crowd, utterly silent….The WashingtonPost anchors come on the screen. Suspiciously jubilant considering the news*

*“Wow what a great testimony from Former FBI director James Comey, calling Trump a liar and absolutely hammering the President into the ground, confirming here today that the President is a liar, right Charles?” a vapid blonde said. DBtAjscXsAAZyXx.jpg-large.jpg

*”That’s right Melinda. James Comey absolutely leveling President Trump, slamming the President into the ground where he belongs. Confirming the President did indeed lie as we have continually told our readers. I want to go to Amber Phillips. Amber you already have a “7 takeaways from Comey’s testimony”. the pompous obviously Liberal anchor said*v2.jpg

*”Thank you Charles, thank you Melinda. Yes obviously my top takeaway from this hearing is that Trump is a liar. It is confirmed, we have confirmed it with CNN and Buzzfeed news…..”*

*The crowd gained some electricity back. ‘Yeah Trump is a liar!’…’Orange Liar!’…’Kill Trump!’…*


*The crowd falls silent again*


Comey literally just admitted to leaking private information and he admitted that the President of the United States is NOT under investigation! You saw it yourself, heard it yourself, felt it yourself!

Then you let a bunch of pompous Progressives on TV brainwash you into thinking otherwise! Why?! Trump is liar? What in the hell did he lie about?! Comey is the damn liar he belongs in prison! Along with Hillary! I can’t believe you people fall for this!

WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU PEOPLE! *The crowd collectively roared*

Back you Liberal Progressive atheists! Back I said!

*CaliConservative brings out a Bible, a Reagan photo, and a gun license(the mere thought of legal gun ownership scares the hell out of them)*


*CaliConservative breaks for the door, but it’s blocked by ravenous Libs. He starts aggressively reading passages from the Bible. The Liberals begin to sizzle and melt like a vampire being hit with direct sunlight. A few Feral Libs comes very close*422712-fallout-feral-ghoul.jpg

Back you blasted Liberal Progressive Fascists!

*CaliConservative stumbles backward, but luckily tumbles out of the bar and starts running for his life*

I gotta get out of California soon. Thank God Trump is turning this around. Thank God he fired the incompetent weak, pathetic Comey. Trump was so right about this guy, he lied about having information that Trump colluded with Russia.

He fell totally flat, and admitted that Trump was not being investigated by the FBI. Over all today was a total win for Trump and his supporters, make no mistake about it. Lib media is scrambling to keep their feral supporters in line, but ultimately they will fail.

*CaliConservative says while running off, the sound of Feral Libs eating each other trailed off into the distance*


John Oliver LastWeekTonight LIES! Ep. 14

*CaliLiberal is looking himself over in the mirror. One half of green hair perfectly parted where it meets the other half of ironic gray. A v-neck pink t-shirt reads: ‘F*** Trump, Burn It All Down!’ on his arm a tattoo that reads ‘Peace & Love For All’, wearing the skinniest jeans you had ever seen in your life*

Ummm. CaliLiberal, what are you doing in my house dressed like someone attending a California State University?

Well CaliConservative, if you must know, I am going to be interviewed by the BBC and CNN about the London Bridge attacks. Now pass me the hair gel, my hair looks terrible, I knew I should have went with red and ironic white color.

*CaliCon hands him the bottle of extra strength crafting glue instead. CaliLib, without looking, takes the bottle and starts generously applying the glue to the green half of his hair* Read More