Yes, Your Microwave Can Spy On You.

Kellyanne Conway is getting blasted by the Liberal Media for recently suggesting that it was possible for the CIA to spy on someone through their microwave. I can already see the inevitably cheesy SNL skit where a terrible Kellyanne Conway impersonator does a skit with a talking microwave. The reaction from the Liberals was immediate and currently the hashtag #KellyanneMicrowave is trending on Twitter with thousands of them bashing Kellyanne for her comments.

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LastWeekTonight S4 Ep5 Debunked.

www.GIFCreator.me_gYYkj4.gifSo here we are again, another Sunday night, another new episode of LastWeekTonight, another 30-minutes of my life I will never get back. I would rather stand in line for days at the DMV behind a Siamese triplet of Carrot-Top, Gilbert Godfrey and Lena Dunham than have to watch this show, but it must be done. I watch this garbage so I can let others know about the numerous lies and inconsistencies coming out of this show and others.

LastWeekTonight is supposed to be a simple satire comedy news show. However, it actually serves as more of a political spin machine, designed to do damage control for the Left and attack the Right. Completely lacking comedy(and true satire), John Oliver and his show LastWeekTonight have functioned as a fully biased Left-Wing attack dog . So let’s see what John Oliver got wrong this week.

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“Birthers” Vindicated.

Malik Obama, half-brother of former President Barack Hussein Obama, today tweeted what appears to be a Kenyan birth certificate bearing the name of Barack  Hussein Obama II, lighting the internet ablaze. President Trump has yet to comment on this revelation, and it’s not readily apparent whether he will have an opinion on this.

In my opinion, if this document is real, and I have no reason to doubt it is, could completely expose the true identity of the former President. A communist-Marxist, CIA-agent who was addicted to dishonesty and hell-bent on destroying America, that will be the legacy of Barack Obama.

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Wikileaks vs The CIA: Vault 7.

Wikileaks earlier today published a massive trove of leaked documents stolen from the CIA. In total there are about 9,000 pages of raw data. The leaks have been dubbed, “Vault 7”.


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