John Oliver LIES Episode 8

Haha, CaliConservative you’ve been hacked! It’s me your archenemy the CaliLiberal, here in Cali I outnumber you ten to one, the only odds I like! I absolutely LOVE John Oliver! He is my hero and a real patriot! Especially because he isn’t even from this country! He does the work of God. Oh wait I don’t believe in God because I am a Liberal.

I mean John Oliver is like the opposite of God, hes like the Devil, take that you dumb Conservatives who believe in mythical creatures! I will take Satan over your fictional God. At least I can see my Satan talking to me on TV, I don’t just have to believe like you lot. Now step aside as John Oliver destroys all you dumb Conservatives and President Trump and we get this Putin lovin, Russian conspirin, RACIST, DEMAGOGUE out of office by infiltrating your movement!! #RESISTzcxc.png

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Last Week Tonight Ep. 7 Lies!

Yes boys and girls(and Liberals) it is that time yet again. Another new episode of Last Week Tonight, another half-hour of an agitation propaganda laden rant by John Oliver. Another night ending with me desperately cleansing myself in a specialized shower designed to remove chemical contamination in a vain attempt to wash off the disgusting stench of Liberalism. I think I still have some of it on me…*refugees welcome!*…who said that?!bn.png Read More

Trumps First 100 Days: Defeating ISIS.

President Trump has been in office for a little over two months now, but he is already being tested on multiple fronts. President Trump faces much domestic strife as the Progressives have made it clear that they plan on going limp and not complying with anything the President has to offer, plus many Republicans have also signaled they are willing to put up a challenge which lead to a failed healthcare bill.

The evidence that Barack Obama may well have spied on Trump is mounting, and despite being proven right, Trump and his cabinet are still being assaulted nightly by the Liberal Media and they are doubling down on Russia conspiracies. Yet, President Trump, does not seem fazed in the slightest. So with the Domestic Front relatively harsh, but stable, President Trump can turn to foreign tests that are growing in intensity.


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Defending the “Muslim Ban”

First of all, let’s get something straight. This is NOT a Muslim ban, it’s an immigration pause. Is it aimed towards countries that are predominately Muslim? Yes. Unfairly? Definitely not.

A brave Federal judge in Virginia has ruled that the Executive Order signed by Trump was legal and Constitutional. Judge Anthony Trenga of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, let’s have a round of applause for him ladies and gentlemen.z.png

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