John Oliver De-Cucked: Episode 9

Well it looks like the autistic screeching British parrot, perpetually triggered, Cultivator of Cucks, John Oliver hasn’t gotten the hin–

*A sudden loud crash, smoke everywhere, part of the wall has been destroyed and there stand a few people silhouetted by dust*

It’s me, CaliLiberal, and I brought of few of my AntiFa friends! You won’t get away this time.

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The Right Fights Back: Berkeley Edition.

How dare you CaliConservative!? It’s me, your archenemy, intellectual superior, caring, compassionate and extremely tolerant CaliLiberal. I actually went to Berkeley, it’s my Alma mater. That’s where I triple-majored in Gender Studies, LGBT studies(Yes, that’s different from Gender Studies you bigot!), and Social Welfare. I am still currently enrolled trying to major in my real passion, Journalism.  facebookunbiasednews1.jpg

My dream is to have a job at MSNBC or the Huffington Post, or Gaia willing a job at the New York Times! I can then finally use a major media platform to help spread the message of social justice, Marx would be so proud of me! I can spit on your puny little blog from my elevated position with people that actually matter like Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow.

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#MOAB: US Drops Largest Non-Nuclear Bomb on Afghanistan.

Mother of All Bombs! Cali-Liberal here! First of all, bombs should all be banned from existence and made illegal, except for the kind we use when we need to get communism or socialism installed somewhere.04ayers4_650

Second of all, Mother?!? I am a male Feminist and I find it highly offensive that a bunch of misogynistic old white men would take a projectile obviously phallic in nature and name it motherHillary-male-feminists

Lastly, how dare you President Trump launch an attack against the innocent Muslims in Afghanistan, ISIS is my friend, because our enemy is America and old white males like Trump! #RESISTbumpersticker_resisttrump_shadow Read More

Syria Strike: I Approve.

WHAT?! How dare you Cali-Conservative! It’s me your other archenemy, Cali-Conspiraservative. How dare you approve of this neocon puppet Trump attacking the beloved “protector of Christians” Assad! Bashar Assad is a great man and him and great Putin are the champions of western civilization, they are gonna take out ISIS! ede229dde1e857823a6e8c898dd6df0f.726x480x36

Trump is working for Israel and his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner(#RealPresident) told him to attack Syria. Thankfully Trump checked his twitter notifications and saw that I was telling him it was a bad idea to attack Syria and he backed off.

You Cali-Conservative are working for the Zionists, Globalists, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, CIA, Club of Rome, Knights of Columbus, Illuminati, Freemason, Knights Templar, Girl Scouts of America, Saudi Arabia, Mega Banks and Google.

Woah, what the hell is going on here? Conspiraservative! How did you get in here? You used the top secret triple classified Plasma Micron Teleporter I got from that Alien at the CIA base didn’t you? The Pentagon doesn’t even know yet that thing exists, but you saw through the conspiracy theory, damn! I should have known you would!!

*Conspiraservative laughs maniacally as he slowly teleports away*

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