Sessions fires McCabe 2 days before retirement!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has fired the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Andrew McCabe for alleged misconduct during the 2016 election…two days before he was set to retire! According to FOX news

Wow Attorney General Jeff Sessions, didn’t realize how savage you were! A great move by the United States Attorney General in my opinion. McCabe was corrupt and not to be trusted. He had been heavily implicated in the conspiracy to prevent President Trump from taking office that involved numerous FISA abuses and ethical violations.

McCabe being fired will prevent him from collecting his pension. Had he been allowed to work just another two days, he would have been able to retire peacefully and live out his days in exile collecting checks from the US taxpayers that he had completely betrayed.

Thank you Attorney General Jeff Sessions for this move! Truly, you have signaled that you are 100% in favor of restoring true law and order to our country and getting rid of the corrupt officials who had embedded themselves in our Intel agencies.

Sessions said that the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility and Office of Inspector General had found McCabe leaked to the media and “lacked candor – including under oath – on multiple occasions.”

McCabe ran to his buddies in the media, probably the same people he was leaking info to, to claim that the firing was simply an attempt to discredit the Mueller investigation.

He said in his response”

“The idea that I was dishonest is just wrong,” McCabe told the New York Times. “This is part of an effort to discredit me as a witness.”

McCabe just can’t stop lying! He actively conspired to keep a legitimately elected US President and has fueled a conspiracy that has poisoned the minds of millions of Americans. This witch-hunt of an investigation.

The interesting thing here is that Inspector General Horowitz’s report isn’t due to be issued until this spring, but what he found regarding McCabe was so pressing that he needed to come forward with what he found to prevent McCabe from cashing in on his pension and getting away with whatever he was guilty of doing during the 2016 election.

Expect the IG report to be yet another bombshell as the Deep State Swamp creatures are rooted out of their hiding spots. Thank you General Jeff Sessions for getting rid of McCabe, I am very impressed with your confidence and very proud of your decision.


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California Heroin Home Delivery service ring gets busted!!

Police have announced they were able to shut down a heroin ring operating in Ventura and Los Angeles counties that included a narcotics delivery service that would deliver heroin right to clients door! –According to CBSLocal

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept. announced a two-month joint investigation with the Thousand Oaks Police Dept. and the California National Guard concluded on March 8 with the arrests of 22 customers of the narcotics delivery service, as well four “delivery service members” and four “resellers.”


The ringleader, a man named Jose Zepeda, and 30 dealers and users were arrested. The police operation was a two-month joint investigation with the Thousand Oaks Police Dept. and the California National Guard that concluded with the arrests of 22 customers, as well as four delivery drivers and four “resellers”


One of the alleged resellers is a man named Alexander Wisotsky. In addition to drugs and cash, ten firearms were found in his home.


I THINK I found his Twitter account. Though he isn’t very active, he did post this tweet in response to a #NeverTrump tweet by anti-Trumper Nancy Sinatra. If it is him, haha!!:


I found a linked-in profile with a similar name Alex Wisotsky. Where he says he worked for a contracting company that had an “Exclusive client list included top executives of Fortune 500 companies. “A-list” actors and Musicians, and POLITICIANS.”

Is he talking about CA Democrats?:


Sure they may have just been hiring him for construction work…but still, he is now accused of selling heroin and being in possession of multiple firearms and boasts his client list including politicians with signs he may be a Democrat? Maybe someone should look into it.

In the Thousand Oaks area where Alex Wisotsky resided, the Rep is a Democrat named Julia Brownley. To give you an idea about where she stand politically, she recently had this to say about the Trump SOTU:

“Tonight, we looked back on President Trump’s first year in office, and sadly, it has been a string of broken promises to America’s working families.

Julia Brownley, a Democrat, is busy attacking Trump while she has allegedly had heroin dealers living in her district with a collection of firearms and has failed to do anything about it, plus she actively supports the party that refuses to cooperate with ICE agents.

The anti-crime attitude of the Trump administration is what is responsible for all of these huge drug busts. Democrats should find more common ground with the Trump administration if they wish to prove they care about the safety of the citizens.


Democrats like her will pose with veterans, and schmooze police, but behind the scenes Democrats seem to be actively plotting the destruction of the country. They have the nerve to tout “6th largest economy in the world” and will NEVER DARE say we have the single largest homeless population in the United States and a terrifying drug problem that is killing thousands per year.

Gangs roam the streets at night, prostitution and sex trafficking are on the rise and we have the lowest quality of life for millions of Americans living in California. We have about 50% of our murders going unsolved, that is truly horrendous and needs to change.

This is why the Democrats hate Trump, because he is taking the metaphorical handcuffs off of law enforcement so that they can put physical handcuffs on the bad guys. That is both hurting the Democrat voting bloc and letting everyone know that the Democrats have not only ignored the rise of drugs and drug related violence in recent years, but they had aided it.

While they chased specters of Global warming and alt-right racism, drug cartels working with local gangs have taken hold in many areas of California and other parts of the country.

But the Trump administrations zero-tolerance stance on crime is going to put a stop to it. When was the last time you saw this many drug raids, not just of users, but of the actual ring leaders and suppliers?

I dont know if Jose Zepeda is an illegal immigrant, but I know Heroin consumed in the US comes mainly from Afghanistan and Mexico according to members of the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB). So taking a tougher stance on the border and immigration can significantly reduce the amount of heroin being trafficked into the United States.

If Jose Zepeda is an illegal immigrant, this bust would be yet another embarrassment to the already embattled California Democrats that have fought tooth and nail to house Illegal immigrants. Despite numerous calls from the Federal government to be tougher on the borders and immigration.

There have been 1,819 opioid overdoses in Thousand Oaks alone, but dont worry residents of Thousand Oaks, Julia Brownley is busy fighting for Dreamers while people are overdosing from heroin in her district….


The Police shutting down this heroin operation came just in time and truly is a great thing for the community. Thank you to all Law Enforcement involved.


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VIDEO: Jury forced to watch Graphic Pulse Night Club footage

The jury in the trial of the wife of Omar Mateen, who shot 49 people at a nightclub in Orlando, is underway and today jurors were forced to watch graphic images taken by surveillance footage from inside the club.

GRAPHIC/WARNING A blurred semi-censored version of the video has been released:

You can see Mateen enter and purchase a ticket. Then he exits and suddenly reenters with his rifle in hand and immediately opens fire into the main dance area. He begins to sweep back and forth finishing off any survivors before proceeding to the bathroom where he fired rounds through the doors into huddled survivors.

Listen to two of the terrifying 9/11 calls and listen to Omar Mateen pledge allegiance to ISIS.

There was little attention paid by the Liberal media to the fact that Mateen had done this in the name of ISIS. There is no disputing the fact that he was a radicalized Islamist, but the jury of this case is trying to decide whether or not Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, had provided any type of material aid to her husband during his violent rampage.

The defense attorney is arguing that although Salman had knowledge of the attack, Mateen decided “at the last minute” to carry out the attack and so Salman had no time to stop him or warn the authorities.

Even though she never called 9/11 to report her husbands possible terrorist plot and prosecutors said Salman knew Mateen was buying ammunition for his AR-15. She helped him spend thousands of dollars before the attack and knew about his plan when he left the house, hours before the shooting.

They also say she lied, tried to mislead FBI agents and had knowledge of her husband’s sick fascination with violent jihadist videos and terrorism. If she is guilty, hopefully she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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Cache of illegal weapons seized

“We don’t know how he was able to get these guns; none of them were legally purchased,” Suttles said.

Officers with the Burbank and Glendale police departments found a small arsenal of weapons and have arrested a man Wednesday on suspicion of violating his parole. The officers searched his home after he received a vehicle citation in Glendale. According to the LA times

Authorities found four assault rifles, three shotguns, a .45 caliber handgun and over 1,000 rounds of ammunition in the suspects home.

{By the way if you hit one of those annoying “you’ve reached your free article limit” paywall on one of these pretentious news sites. Just open up a “private tab” and you should be able to view the article}

It’s just more proof that strict gun laws, like the ones we have in California, are not very effective at keeping criminals from acquiring weapons. No gun store is legally allowed to sell this man weapons, he most likely bought them on the black market. When a criminal wants a gun, they will get a gun.

The scary part is that we have a couple hundred murders in California that go unsolved every year. A report from the Sacramento Bee stated:

“About 21,600 Californians were murdered between 2003 and 2012, according to the California Department of Justice. Police identified and found about 12,200 murderers during the same period – for a clearance rate of roughly 56 percent”

So with our incredibly strict gun laws, we have a very high amount of murder verified and proof that criminals have acquired arsenals of illegal firearms. Add that to the horrible unsolved murder rate and things in the Golden State look pretty grim.

Let’s hope the police can take the weapons away from the bad guys, while leaving the law abiding gun owner alone.


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