Man arrested for shooting fireworks at police during May 30 riot

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested and hit with multiple charges related to his alleged participation in a May 30 riot where he is accused of shooting fireworks at police officers.

Juan A. Aviles, 46, was arraigned on two counts each of aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person and riot with intent to commit felony, plus a count each of propulsion of missiles onto roadways and disorderly conduct engage in fighting.

This is my favorite part, the investigators said they identified Aviles by comparing video of him setting off the fireworks with a Facebook photo of Aviles before the riot that same day. The detective said Aviles was wearing the same clothing in both the video and Facebook photo...what a numbskull! I love it when these criminals record themselves breaking the law! I tried to find video of the incident, but I could not locate it.

Aviles is behind bars in the Erie County Prison with bond set at $25,000.

I am so thankful the police are still making these arrests. What happened to our country when those riots kicked off and law enforcement became totally overwhelmed was a very frightening time. We had no idea what was going to happen to our nation and it felt like we really almost slipped into a Civil-War.

Thankfully law and order prevailed in the end, if only just barely. Now the criminals are on the run and the police are on the hunt. That is another reason why the radical Left-Wing politicians are pushing hard to decrease police funding, or “redirect the funds” as the newspeak term for defunding. They want to drop all the investigations and active cases against these looters and rioters.

In areas that still have sanity, they are slapping these rioters and looters with very harsh punishments. That is exactly what we need to be doing if we want to deter this kind of behavior in the future. The Democrats will try to pull these shenanigans again closer to the election if they have too and we need to be ready for that.

Couple forced to wear ankle monitors after testing positive for COVID

“We didn’t rob a store, we didn’t steal something, we didn’t hit and run, we didn’t do anything wrong…”

“I open up the door, and there’s like eight different people, five different cars, and I’m like ‘what the heck’s going on?’ This guy’s in a suit with a mask. It’s the Health Department guy, and they have three papers for us. For me, her and my daughter,”

The couple was ordered to wear ankle monitors. If they travel more than 200 feet, law enforcement will be notified.

A Kentucky couple was shocked to find out that they are now legally required to be under house arrest and wear ankle monitors after one of them tested positive for coronavirus and declined to sign self-quarantine papers. Public Heath officials showed up at their house unannounced and told them of the situation.

They even required that their baby girl be placed under these strict quarantine rules despite the fact that no one was showing any symptoms of coronavirus. The woman says she never disagreed to self-quarantine, she just disagreed with the wording of the Health Department’s documents. Which I will agree is very strict for no reason.

The documents stated that the couple must call the Health Department every single day and report their body temperature. It stated that if covid symptoms developed and got worse then the couple would need to contact the Health Department BEFORE contacting the local hospital…

This is way too extreme and unnecessary. It is insane how often the Government chooses to target good people more than they target any real criminals. I notice that the government likes to go after people they think are less capable of putting up a fight.

The couple did state that they are looking for an attorney.

Small dog rescued after 3 days in drain pipe at California university

Firefighters rescued a small dog who had been stuck in a drain pipe on the UC Santa Barbara campus for three days, officials said. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department shared photos and videos of their rescue of 2-year-old Sophie on Thursday.

The small dog had been missing for about a month from her home, which is only about five minutes away from the area where she was found. How Sophie the dog ended up in the 18-inch pipe isn’t quite clear, but the fire department said the dog was spotted in the area earlier in the week.

Louisiana woman arrested after demanding Walmart customers wear masks

A Louisiana woman was arrested after it was reported that she went into a Walmart and began demanding that people start wearing masks. The freakout ended with the woman stomping on a police officers foot as she was being arrested and escorted from the building. She was reportedly heard yelling “police brutality” as she was dragged away in handcuffs.

According to the police report, Jo Boihem was described as frantic and agitated after she saw countless people in the store not wearing masks. The police report also stated she confronted a patron and expressed her “disgust” about the victim’s lack of her health concern. Kenner police say they attempted to calm Boihem and explained to her that it wasn’t her responsibility to enforce the policies of Walmart or the governor’s orders on another patron.

Kenner Louisiana is located in Jefferson Parish which has a population of about 430,000 people. Among that population, they have experienced about 500 covid-related deaths. So in the area where this lady was going crazy the virus is close to that 99.99% survivability rate that we are seeing across the country. I understand that she was in her 70s so maybe she is possibly at risk for the virus, but she was clearly not too old to fight with the police that were trying to calm her down.

This is why we need to deescalate the whole mask war being waged by all of these mask nazis. We need to get to a point where the people who want to wear one can wear one and the people who don’t want to wear one don’t have to wear one, and everyone can go about their day without a serious fight breaking out over a stupid cloth mask.

Ultimately the masks do nothing anyway other than make people feel slightly better. These governors and Media heads that are pushing masks as if they are the only thing standing between life and death need to bear some of the responsibility for whipping up this hysteria. Too often we are seeing these stupid and pointless fights breaking out over people refusing to wear a mask. It needs to stop. Sad that it had to come to a woman being hauled away in handcuffs, but that is where we are now.