Liberal policy making Californians very unhappy

In a new poll that should shock absolutely no one (except insane Liberal socialists of course) Bay Area residents reported they are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the myriad of issues tormenting the Bay Area. Nearly two-thirds of Bay Area inhabitants say the standard of living has declined within the past 5 years. The poll was conducted by a research group for Bay Area News Group and the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.



A whopping 44% of those surveyed said they plan to move out of the Bay Area within a few years and 6% said they have definite plans to move this year. I don’t blame them one bit! In fact, what the hell took you so long to get out? At what point do you decide you no longer want to wade through human waste and used syringes just to get to work.

Conversely, just 7% of the people surveyed said that things have gotten better in the past 5 years. Hey I think we found the SJW Democrats in the survey group! One of the surprising aspects of the survey was that over half of the Latino and Black respondents, about 7 in 10, said they were likely to move away from the Bay Area in the next few years. Black respondents were the main group to report a decline in the quality of life.

Of course ethnic minorities want to leave the Bay Area because they are the groups that suffers the most when cheap labor is imported from other countries. The vast majority of minimum wage jobs go to ethnic minorities and when these Bay Area businesses have an abundance of cheap illegal alien labor it makes it harder for any American citizen to get a job.



And these issues are not just affecting the Bay Area, but every metropolitan area in California. It is almost impossible to find a town or city that isn’t dealing with homelessness and rising housing costs (unless of course you live in one of those massive gated communities run by rich Liberals). We are in the midst a statewide breakdown in society and if we didn’t have the splendid wealth of the USA to prop up this Liberal hellhole it would have collapsed years ago.

In many ways our new governor, Gavin Newsom, is worse than Jerry Brown was. That is really saying something because Jerry Brown was a very bad governor that gave us horrendous Sanctuary State laws, but Gavin Newsom is really taking that concept to a whole new level. Newsom actually believes he has an obligation to help Central-American families before helping struggling Californians. Remember Newsom was the former mayor of feces spackled San Francisco …

He is encouraging millions of foreigners to come to our state, to attend the already overpopulated schools here, to compete for already scarce housing, to take up valuable jobs meant for citizens. He is attacking a President that nearly 4,000,000 Californians voted for in 2016. We voted Trump because we want a leader that cares about the legal  citizens of this country. We need a governor that cares about the legal citizens of this state, not illegal aliens from the third world that bring over crime and drugs.

These are truly insane and frightening times that we are living in as Left-Wing radicals are attempting to erode our sovereignty and destroy our nation. Using California’s massive size and population to push the socialist agenda. I can only take solace in the fact that Donald Trump is our President and he is dedicating himself to the United States of America. President Trump understands that his duty is to help American Citizens first, not any other country or illegal aliens.

California has a ton of problems right now and the situation will get worse here before it gets better. The people flooding into California are illegal aliens and drug addicts, the people leaving the state are hard working Americans. This is a major humanitarian catastrophe just waiting to happen. Already we have been rocked by several preventable disease outbreaks, drug overdoses are reaching epidemic levels, and violent crime is once again on the rise.

But the Liberal politicians in California are refusing to admit we have any problems because that would mean they have to admit to failure. The key to fixing a problem is always to admit that their is a problem. If the California Democrats refuse to admit to their failures then they must be voted out because they will never fix the problems.

Unfortunately we have seen the Democrat voter base become increasingly satisfied with virtue-signaling speeches over results. By the time Liberals figure out that their politicians have been scamming them it will be too late because they will be outnumbered by the illegal alien population. Already we are seeing Liberals becoming dissatisfied with the direction of the state and they are starting to wake up, albeit in small numbers, so the top Democrats are moving fast on the open borders agenda and bringing in hordes of people to replace the voting population with permanent Democrats.

The time to act has long passed and the state has already slipped off the cliff, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth fighting for. President Trump will be visiting California tomorrow to push for the Border Wall upgrade. He cares about American citizens living in California, a hell of a lot more than any of our current politicians do.


Over 700 Illegals detained by El Paso Border Patrol overnight



While the Democrats are busy trying to dispel the notion that we have a major humanitarian crisis at our border, the El Paso Border Patrol arrested over 700 illegal aliens…overnight! The El Paso Border Sector has seen an increase in illegal crossings of a whopping 296% compared to the previous fiscal year.

Border Agents apprehended a fairly large group of 112 illegal aliens at the border near downtown just after midnight. At about the same time that agents working further east were processing a group of 252 aliens apprehended at the border just west of Bowie High School.

Throughout the morning hours several smaller groups also arrived at multiple locations along the border in the El Paso metropolitan area.  In just a few hours the total number taken into custody exceeded 500.  An unaccompanied 2-year-old child was also found among one of the groups.  The U. S. Border Patrol is currently working with international and domestic agencies in order to locate the parent(s).

Agents in far-east El Paso County also arrested a group of six in which a subject, 28-year-old U.S. citizen, self-proclaimed prison gang member, was found to have an outstanding federal warrant for escape.  In addition, the subject has a lengthy criminal record.  The subject was remanded to the custody to the U.S. Marshals Service.


We are currently being invaded by hordes of illegal aliens that are crossing the border in record numbers. They target areas that have little to no barriers. In many of the cases they are turning themselves over to the Border Agents. It seems as though some evil person *cough* Soros *cough* has figured out that due to a very flawed immigration policy our government can only hold so many illegal aliens at once. Many ultimately gain access to the country.

The plan is to simply overwhelm our border agents by sending as many people as possible at once. It diminishes the ability to detect drug threats entering through legal ports of entry, as resources must be redistributed to apprehend these large family units. It also hurts our ability to respond to human traffickers on other parts of the border. Currently there is a plague of child trafficking entering the country and it must be stopped immediately.

Building a wall where we don’t have one and upgrading existing walls where we do is the key to bringing down the numbers of illegal aliens entering the country. That will increase our effectiveness at the Ports of Entry, and along our coasts. These are very dangerous times we are living in because nefarious entities are flooding the gates before they shut.

They know that Trump is serious about Border Security and that would mean a huge loss in illicit revenue for several groups, foreign and domestic. I truly believe in my heart that we have many corrupt politicians and officials that are making a ton of money by making sure we never have a secure border. The idea that it is somehow racist to have strong border security is absolutely insane and used solely to play on your emotions.

America is NOT a racist nation, America is a giving nation. We have been the most generous nation in the history of the world. But there is a limit to how much we have to give, especially when we have tens of trillions in debt and growing economic competition overseas. Not to mention we must do everything we can to stop horrifically deadly drugs from coming into the country.

It is crazy for anyone to suggest that we don’t have a very serious emergency going on at the southern border. No other threat has killed more Americans. The Crisis at the Border has been going on for a while now and that is why Congress voted on the Secured Fence Act of 2006. However it seems they were never actually serious about securing the Border as the fencing that was put up was sub par at best. In some areas absolutely no border fencing went up at all.

Now that President Trump has stirred up a huge part of the nation to start talking about Border Security the Democrats are desperately trying to pretend that everything is perfectly fine. Bringing in as many people as they can until the jig is up. They know they can’t keep covering up the crisis at the border forever, so they are hoping to stall long enough to steal out a win in 2020 and shutdown Trump’s border security overhaul.

We cannot allow that to happen if we are to remain a free and independent nation.


California Border Patrol arrest child molester.

“Thankfully our agents were able to apprehend this child predator…Sexual offenders like Leon are dangerous and need to be kept out of our communities.” -Assistant Chief Patrol Agent David Kim

CALEXICO, Calif. – U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro Sector arrested a previously deported convicted sex offender Thursday afternoon.

At around 12:40 p.m., agents assigned to the Calexico Station, arrested a man suspected of illegally entering the U.S. approximately 16 miles west of the Calexico Port of Entry.  The man was arrested and transported to the El Centro station to confirm his identity and evaluate his criminal and immigration history.

Border Patrol agents conducted records checks, which revealed that Eduardo Leon, a 33-year-old Mexican national was convicted in Nevada for for committing Open or Gross Lewdness with a child under 18 on August 28, 2018.  Ramirez was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison.

Additionally, Leon was ordered removed, by an Immigration Judge on September 5, 2018. Leon is being held in federal custody pending further criminal prosecution. In fiscal year 2019, El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents have arrested and removed ten individuals either convicted or wanted on sexual assault charges attempting to enter the United States illegally.


Autistic Liberals fight for illegal aliens and call for the destruction of the United States.

These illegal alien child molesters are invading our country in untold numbers and we need to be doing more to stop them from ever setting foot in the country. Shame on the Democrats for being radically opposed to all border security measures at the moment. They used to be at least pretend to be in favor of border security, but now they aren’t even hiding the fact that it would hurt their voting base if we build a wall.

They are willing to sacrifice our safety and security just so they can win elections easier. Building a wall and being more strict on immigration in no way impacts our rights as American citizens. Any politicians fighting for illegal aliens have effectively aligned themselves against the American people, this must no longer be tolerated.

These illegal aliens are killing a massive number of people and shattering families all across the country. From drunken driving to outright murder, countless people across the nation are suffering from heartache and devastation caused by illegal aliens. Children across the nation are already subject to so many dangers and now they have to worry about illegal alien pedophiles as well.

You see in the countries that many of these people come from it is more acceptable for men to target underage girls, or even boys. These countries are shitholes with barely functioning governments that can’t really do much to stop the problems, so they spread, and then eventually they come across the border.

We need to do more to support President Trump and to try to get the wall built before 2020 so the Democrats can’t use it as a campaign issue. And we need to deport more illegal aliens so the Democrats can’t use them as a voting bloc. I suspect the reason the Democrats right now are just stalling everything is so they can bring in as many illegals as they can to commit mass voter fraud in 2020.

We cannot allow that to continue and we need to be fighting like hell to ensure that we get the wall built and we reelect Trump in 2020! That is the only way we can continue to keep these illegal aliens that are murderers and child molesters the hell out of our country!

Massive cocaine bust worth $19M hidden in pineapples.

SAVANNAH, GA. –  The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations (OFO) officers working at the Savannah seaport last November encountered a commercial shipment of pineapples that originated in Cartagena, Colombia.  During a physical inspection of the pineapples, officers discovered 450 packages weighing 1,157 pounds concealed in the produce.  A subsequent field test confirmed that the packages contained cocaine.

OFO Coke find Nov2018_2

“This was an outstanding interception of narcotics by our CBP officers. This seizure is a positive enforcement action against drug smuggling organizations and highlights the important work our officers do each day to stop illegal activity at our borders and ports of entry.” – Lisa Beth Brown, Savannah CBP Area Port Director.

This was a critical interception because it occurred at a naval port of entry rather than at our southern border. When drugs enter through our southern border, we still have a few more chances to intercept the shipment with additional checkpoints and agents placed along known smuggling routes. At these naval ports, however, once the drugs enter the country they have little chance of being stopped from spreading all across the nation.


Look at the number of roads and highways that connect to the Savannah Port. There was a reason they were shipping the drugs there, because it is a major transportation hub. That is why Chicago is a major destination for drugs, due to the number of trains, roads, highways, and even waterways that lead to and from the area.

The Border Patrol have a very dynamic mission that stretches in from the southern border and wraps all around the country. Crossing a number of different environments that each pose a unique set of challenges. They try their best to form a continuous line that protects America from a variety of foreign threats. So having walls on our Southern Border can help free up personnel to work on other areas of the front.

This is common sense stuff, in order for a nation to exist it needs strong borders. President Trump is the first president in a long time to actually go after these drug cartels. We have seen a number of record level busts happening during the Trump administration.

We need to be doing everything we can to support our brave Border and Customs Agents as they take on some of the fiercest threats America has to face. Every single day and night they risk everything to protect this country. There is never a second where they are not patrolling for threats. We must not allow corrupt politicians to weaken our border security so they can please their foreign masters.