Northern California Mayor slams Newsom’s mask order: ‘There is no law’

“As you go about your day today, KNOW there is NO LAW that Orders you to Wear a Mask. Our Governor does NOT have that unilateral power to make such orders,”  -Mayor of Nevada City, California

The explosive statement was made on The Mayor’s Facebook page earlier today:

Many people are waking up to the fact that these health orders do not really carry the force of law. Even changing the language from “recommended” to “required” means nothing. The orders will always just be recommendations. I don’t even figure this Mayor for a “Conservative” when it seems she has many Liberal positions and Liberal ways of doing things.

When it comes to voters in Nevada City, California, 52.1% are registered Democrats, and only 16.3% are registered Republicans, with 12.6% declining to state a political party. If you add the Republicans with the Non-Party-Affiliation they would still be outnumbered by Democrats in Nevada City California.

I bring up Nevada City’s political demographics to show how anti-maskers are not just Conservatives. Many people, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, we do not feel the need to wear a mask. Especially if the area you live in has little to no deaths related to covid.

I really dislike how the Mainstream Media pushes this odd narrative that it’s only Trump Supporting Conservatives that don’t feel like wearing a mask. It is simply not true. Many people feel uncomfortable wearing these stupid face masks.

It is especially distressing for people that the out of control Governor Gavin Newsom feels he can require the use of masks in all public areas across the vast state of California…that is simply outrageous. I am glad people are speaking out.


Some California police will not enforce Newsom’s mask order

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office announced it will not be enforcing the mask mandate. In a statement, the sheriff’s office said in part:

“Due to the minor nature of the offense, the potential for negative outcomes during enforcement encounters, and anticipating the various ways in which the order may be violated, it would be inappropriate for deputies to criminally enforce the Governor’s mandate. Accordingly, the Sheriff’s Office will not be doing so. Rather, we will continue to operate in an educational capacity in partnership with the County Health Office.”

Citrus Heights Police Department took a similar stance:

“The Citrus Heights Police Department will not be criminally enforcing the Governor’s Health Order requiring the use of face coverings or masks.”

This is what you get when you want to defund the police and stop them from enforcing your orders. There won’t be anyone around to actually enforce all of these stupid little rules that the Liberals want to pass. Even the Sacramento County Health Services Director knows it, he is hoping that people will shame other people into wearing the mask.

Sacramento County Health Services Director Dr. Peter Beilenson said,

“The mandate will not force everybody to wear a mask because, again, it won’t really be terribly well enforced, but it will set the cultural norm that people should be wearing masks,”

Dr. Beilenson, The California Fauci, is hoping an army of Mask Karens will be shaming people into wearing the face mask. No doubt there will be plenty of Mask Karens trying to shame people. But without the police actually enforcing the order I don’t think people are going to listen to it.

Not to mention that people have gotten wise to the fact that this is just an “order” and not an actual law. Newsom has no legal standing to force people to wear the mask. This is just Newsom trying to establish control over people and whip up fears over the coronavirus. It won’t work.

I see plenty of people in the Los Angeles area wearing a mask outside, but I see plenty of people not wearing them. I don’t feel like I see more people wearing them after Newsom’s order. Other than the sheep that are already following Newsom’s tyrannical orders, few are taking his fearmongering seriously.

Many Police Officers feel disenfranchised by the Democrats. Not just in California, but in many areas where Democrats are in control and pandering to these violent mobs while imposing strict health orders on all the law-abiding citizens.

People are tired of the double standard coming from the Democrats regarding “social distancing”, face masks, and the protesters in the streets, many of whom are disregarding the health recommendations. Newsom trying to impose unscientific health orders only on some people and not others is leading to a lot of resentment against his leadership.

Right now a Recall Petition against Newsom is gaining a lot of traction. Sign it here.

Judge restores Newsom’s emergency powers

Sutter County Superior Court Judge Perry Parker had temporarily blocked California Governor Gavin Newsom’s ability to issue emergency executive orders. The judge had sided with two Republican lawmakers by telling Newsom to refrain from new executive orders that might be interpreted as infringing on the Legislature’s responsibilities. It was a good victory for the people and the Constitution of our state….

But Presiding Justice Vance Raye of the Third District Court of Appeal, in a two-sentence directive, reversed the lower court’s actions and has instead barred Judge Perry from issuing any further orders, but he allowed court proceedings to continue. Perry has set a June 26 hearing in the case.

As a sign of increasing hostility between the two sides, Newsom’s lawyers asked that the GOP lawmakers be required to pay the administration’s legal costs! While the GOP lawmakers fired back and said they may ask for costs or fines that they promised to donate “to groups adversely affected by the Governor’s unlawful order.”

California Republicans can’t even enjoy the slightest victory these days. The Democrats won’t allow us even the smallest win, they will attack and attack and then attack again. We can’t rest for even a second without having to mobilize for the next fight, most of the time we are mobilizing after they have already struck and moved on to their next target.

The California Democrats have many swampy judges on their side, corrupt District Attorneys, a supermajority  in the legislature and a rabidly Liberal governor on their side. They have many Mayors up and down the state in their back pocket, and any they don’t control yet they are working to remove from office.

Any of Newsom’s “emergency orders” that rightfully get challenged by concerned citizens are just ratified into law by the legislature anyway. It’s a truly sad and frustrating situation here and it makes California Republicans feel hopeless and lost, but we have to keep fighting the Democrats. They are overstretched across many different fronts trying to fight the Trump Administration and we Patriots in California act like WW2 Partisans behind Nazi-lines.

Every time we pester them and challenge their insane policy making here in California we force them to divert their attention to us and that helps Patriots advance along the other fronts. We cannot give up on California just because it is being run by a bunch of thugs and a hair-gelled tyrant.

We need to fight harder than ever before because believe it or not there are millions of Californians that are very unhappy with the direction of our state. They want to see a real change in California and not this continuation of the same old policies that are increasing homeless and crime, taking away your gun rights, driving up your housing and energy costs, while a mob rampages across the state looting, burning, and tearing down statues…


California legislature approves “mail-in ballots-for-all” scheme

The California Assembly on Thursday sent Gov. Gavin Newsom a bill to require county election officials to mail a ballot to every registered voter in the state, which would cement into law the Democratic governor’s earlier order to mail out ballots statewide in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

I don’t understand why this can’t just be optional? We can already request a mail-in ballot if we want. So why must it be mandated by law? Probably because the Democrats are planning some electoral shenanigans like always!

There is clearly a driven and determined effort by the Democrats in California to institute as much mail-in voting as possible. This isn’t anything new for the state. Blue counties across the state have been pushing for more mail-in ballots long before the coronavirus hoax was pushed on us.

In Contra Costa county there was a huge push to bring about Mail-In ballots by their elections chief…the same person who is now being charged with 34 felonies relating to perjury and inappropriately spending campaign funds…We cannot trust these Democrats.

This move by the state legislature comes just about a week after a Judge stopped the Newsom Administration from enforcing his outrageous emergency order to send mail-in ballots to every registered California voter. Clearly they are signaling that they agree with Newsom’s emergency orders. This means the people in the State have no say right now if our governor can enact emergency orders that get overturned by a judge only to then be passed by the supermajority of Democrats in our legislature.

As of February 2019, a total of 19.9 million out of California’s 25.3 million eligible adults were registered to vote. So the state is looking to send out around 20,000,000 mail in ballots…

These are the same leaders that still haven’t sent out the Emergency Unemployment payments to millions of Californians that have gone weeks without an income. We really expect that these same Democrats will be able to effectively and accurately count 20,000,000 ballots? How long will it take them to certify the results? The California primary even without covid was already asking for over a month to certify the results!

I do not trust the state of California to effectively carry out this monumental task. I certainly expect there to be a number of issues regarding these ballots, and probably a large amount of fraud that will take place. You see when it comes to mail-in ballots, they are much easier to be used in “ballot harvesting” practices. That is why the State of California is pushing for them. It has nothing to do with coronavirus and everything to do with trying to steal the 2020 election.