Border Patrol Bees strike again!

The journey towards the borders of the great USA is one fraught with many perils, but none quite like these vicious little creatures. Bees. Yes, those tiny commonly black and yellow insects that are known for stinging you and making sweet honey? Well it seems they have a secondary purpose as well, protecting the Homeland.

I am waiting on CNN and MSNBC to declare that these are genetically-engineered MAGA Bees, that were bred to be violent towards illegal aliens…

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A Border Patrol agent in the Rio Grande Valley encountered a particularly nasty swarm of bees that had entered his patrol unit. After ensuring that the bees had completely left his patrol unit, he decided to return to the area where he encountered the bees, what he found was shocking…

 A jacket and a bundle lay there entirely swarmed with thousands of bees, but upon further inspection, the Border Patrol agent found that the bundle was in fact a person. Yes a woman was laying there covered in thousands of bees. The Border Agent called for the woman to get up and move towards the patrol unit. When the woman stood, the agent noticed that the woman was covering a small child.

The Border Agent was able to get the woman and child safely inside the patrol unit. The Border Agent called an ambulance, but the child began vomiting, so the Agent decided himself to drive them to the hospital directly. Don’t worry everyone, because this story has a happy ending, thanks to our tax-dollars and generous system the mother and her child are expected to recover. And they will probably live happily ever after in a sanctuary city…on welfare.

The strange thing is that a incident similar to this one happened not long ago. A woman and her child were swarmed by bees immediately after entering the country illegally. So that means that Bees have officially done more to secure our nation than the do-nuthin’ Democrats have!

Certainly we can avoid a lot of backlash from Liberal-Progressives when it is Mother Nature herself that is trying to deter these illegal aliens from crossing.

No but seriously, all jokes aside.

We are in a critical moment for our nation. The future is being decided at this very moment and we have a choice. Do we act decisively and boldly to secure our nation? Or do we leave the flood gates open until we wake up one day in a country we no longer recognize?

All along the Border there are increased reports of drug trafficking and illegal alien activity. The Cartels have launched an all out assault on our Borders. Trying to get in as much as they can before the wall goes up and it becomes much harder to get things across. Make no mistake, President Trump in all likelihood will succeed in getting the wall done and some kind of immigration reform passed, so there is a desperate scramble to enter the country right now.

People across the world know that President Trump is not a joke. He means precisely what he says and when he says he wants to shut down illegal immigration people know it is true. Never before has anyone taken such bold action as President Trump has, doing nearly everything within his power to deter illegal immigration, including deploying military assets to the border.

I do think he could go even more tough on the Border, other Presidents have started wars halfway around the world, so why can’t President Trump get extra tough on the Border? We are in a major crisis that is on par with the refugee crisis that Europe experienced in 2015, a crisis that changed Europe forever. We cannot allow the same thing to happen here. We must secure our borders like never before!

We need a military mindset right now at the Border because it is an actual war and an invasion that is happening.

These illegals are jumping the line ahead of many people waiting to legally enter the nation. They are NOT immigrants. These illegals purposefully put themselves in harms way then have no problem with our Border Agents rescuing them. They know that what they are doing is illegal and extremely dangerous.

Our brave Border Patrol agents are out there day after day rescuing countless illegal aliens and they still get called racists by the insane Left. The insanity needs to stop and a serious solution to stop the unrelenting tidal wave of illegal immigrants pouring into the country needs to come very soon.

We need to fight like never before and do everything we can to support President Trump in his fight to secure our country! Now is the time to start giving it everything you have! We can save our nation if we all work together!


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Uniformed Police BANNED from Sacramento Pride events

CALIFORNIA – Apparently some LGBTQ folks are so triggered by police officers in uniform that the LGBT Community Center has decided to ban uniformed police officers from participating in upcoming pride events. A number of queer activists are complaining that they do not feel safe around police in uniform.

David Heitstuman is the executive director for the Sacramento LGBT Community Center that hosts the Pride parade and festival.

“There is a lot of unrest in our community right now,” Heitstuman said. “There’s not a lot of trust in police institutions. Not just in the LGBTQ community, but certainly in the black community and other communities of color. Those folks are also marginalized in our community.”

Sacramento police did not participate in last year’s Pride events, which took place a few months after the deadly police shooting of Stephon Clark, an unarmed suspect.

Notice how the Black Community and “other communities of color” also get lumped in with the alphabet soup LGBTQ group? They take advantage of whatever group or event they can to push their own agenda. The shooting of Stephon Clark had absolutely NOTHING to do with the LGBT community! They simply used that poor man’s death to push for the removal of uniformed police from pride events and it actually worked!

STOP IT! You stupid, homophobic, straight, CIS-gendered, capitalist, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist pig! Yes you CaliConservative! You should just leave California if you don’t like the Progressive Utopia (or Queertopia) that we are building for you!

Your disgusting Fascist Nazi Police are literally killing LGBT people just by wearing their uniforms around them! Now silence your stupid free speech and sit there while I berate you and insult you and wish harm on you for supporting Trump! And don’t you dare criticize me back or I will call you a homophobe and say you made me suicidal!!

Queer people like me and other people of color are being beaten in the streets, denied healthcare, being fired from jobs, and losing on every lottery ticket I buy! That is all the fault of disgusting straight people like you! So now we must make everyone else gay and attack them for being straight! Ban police uniforms because they trigger me! Also I am a socialist that wants a Green New Deal to takeover the economy!!

Power down CaliQueer, you are getting hysterical! Don’t be a stereotype hysterical power bottom kind of gay. Listen to me OK, stop acting all oppressed! Gay people are more accepted than ever before. Gay people are certainly NOT being attacked openly in the streets for being gay, except of course in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Africa! Gay people in America are not being denied any basic human right, that is just a lie from Progressives (Queergressives?) to push their agenda.

They have to manufacture emotional sympathy from their base so they make up wild claims like LGBT people being “denied healthcare” due solely to the fact that they were LGBT, when in reality there are many other reasons why something like that would happen. It is like whenever a Black man is shot by police these people immediately assume racism when 9.9 times out of 10 there was a justifiable reason why it happened. They don’t actually care about racism or oppression, they just want to use the issues to gain political power.

I am sorry to tell the LGBT radicals that they are absolutely not oppressed in California, this is probably the gayest state in the Union. If it was ever harnessed as an energy source the concentration of gayness in San Francisco alone could power a mid-sized country!

One of the biggest problems with the modern LGBT movement is that it has become heavily steeped in Social Justice. They are more about attacking Christian Conservatives now than they are about gaining acceptance. They have turned into an “I hate Trump” movement out of nowhere, for no real reason. They claim they are being denied rights, but that is simply false.


There are literally no rights that I have that a gay person does not have. The real agenda here is that they are asking for special rights, like getting police officers to take off their sacred uniforms. I certainly am not treated any differently by police simply for being a straight person, it is absolutely ridiculous to think anyone is treated different solely based on their sexuality.

The radical Queer Activists calling for the removal of uniformed police from Pride events are actually not what bother me here (because these people are just plain crazy), but why is the City of Sacramento and the police taking these radical Marxists so seriously? That is what really grinds my gears!

Radical Queer Activists have been calling for the removal of police from their Pride events for years now. They were never taken seriously because what they are asking for is clearly an asinine request never meant to be taken seriously…but now that the Democrats have radically shifted hard to the Left, what was previously thought insane is becoming the new normal.

This was a New York City pride event in 2017

In 2017, a group of LGBT activists in New York attempted to prevent the Gay Officer’s Action League from crossing the finish line of the annual Pride Parade…Yes, they actually tried to stop a group of gay police officers from completing the parade route. How is that tolerance? When the Police assigned to guard the parade moved to arrest the group the police were met with a torrent of hate.

For many police officers the uniform means everything to them. They go through painstaking efforts to make sure their uniform always looks perfect. The uniform is more than just another piece of clothing for a police officer, it is a testament to their service to the community. To make them remove their symbolic uniform to appease radical Marxist-driven LGBTQ groups is very dangerous.

In fact Police are somewhere around 0.3% of the population compared to 4.5% LGBTQ population. So being a statistical minority clearly means nothing to them. This is all about concentrating political power in the hands of Liberal-Democrats by guaranteeing a fairly large voting bloc.

I can’t imagine being a police officer right now in 2019. The amount of crap they have to put up with from Liberal politicians that don’t give a damn about stopping crime and their army of Social Justice Lawyers is unreal! Police are constantly getting sued and harassed for trying to do their job. They have to deal with some of the worst people imaginable, especially now with the huge surge of homeless people and illegals.

This state has already floated around the idea of literally disarming the police. Being a police officer in California is extremely difficult at the moment with a rising violent crime rate. Police officers are being overwhelmed and they need our support right now, not to be attacked and belittled.

We have recently had several California police officers shot on the line of duty and this insane group of radical Liberals has the balls to make them take off their uniforms?? I know the police aren’t perfect, and a few are downright mean bullies, but the vast majority are great people with generous hearts that genuinely care about the community. They deserve to be treated better.

Border Patrol arrests already surpass previous fiscal year.


“On average, Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley arrest more than 1100 people per day.”

Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley have apprehended more than 164,000 people, well surpassing the total arrests from the previous fiscal year. We are only 7 months into the current fiscal year and already the numbers of illegal aliens are exceeding the previous years total? This is an alarming sign of the unprecedented emergency unfolding at the southern border.

The Rio Grande Valley is just one sector of the sprawling southern border, however, it is among the most heavily traversed sectors. It is a prime destination for illegal aliens hoping to gain entry into the United States due to its rough and rugged terrain. The Rio Grande river is an obstacle for our border agents and a boon to illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens specifically target the areas of our border that have rough terrain or a weak border barrier. Thankfully President Trump understands this issue and is working on beefing up security at the border, even along the Rio Grande river which is one of the largest rivers in the United States. We are now building at least 13 miles of “levee wall” in the Rio Grande valley sector.

Just a few days ago the Rio Grande valley Border Patrol arrested a Mexican national that was a convicted Sex Trafficker. His records showed he had a previous order of removal and an arrest by the United States Marshals. Later on in the same day Border Agents arrested another Mexican national. His record checks revealed two prior removals and a register in the State of Ohio as a sex offender for rape.  Furthermore, the man’s record also displayed charges for domestic violence and assault.

The insane situation currently going on at the border is beyond what anyone could actually imagine. The amount of crime pouring into the country is truly mind-boggling and every single American citizen is being directly threatened by this unfolding crisis. Every day that we wait to properly secure the border will prolong this generational crisis that we will be dealing with for years to come.

On Friday, Border Agents in the Rio Grande Valley also arrested a Mexican national whose record checks revealed the police previously arrested him and charged him with possession of a firearm during a commission of a felony/kidnapping. The same day agents arrested a Salvadoran national who’s record checks revealed he is a Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang member. Additionally, record checks revealed a warrant of arrest in the state of Minnesota for burglary.

Saturday morning, Rio Grande City agents working near Roma, Texas, arrested a Salvadoran national whose record checks revealed he is an 18th Street Gang member. Later that same day agents arrested a Salvadoran national whose record checks revealed multiple arrests in California and an arrest and conviction for sexual battery, annoy/molest under 18 and force/assault with a dangerous weapon not firearm. Additionally, record checks revealed he is a Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang member.

Looks like the Democrats lost a few voters…what a shame.

You may have already read this story about a 3-year old child that was abandoned in the Rio Grande Valley sector. Border Agents observed a group of suspected illegal aliens walking towards a cornfield. As the agents intercepted the group they scattered into the heavy brush. A K9 team was called to the area to help locate the group. The only one they found was the 3-year old child, crying and alone. A phone number and his name were written on his shoe.

The Democrats like to call the Border Patrol “racist and fascist”, but these Border Patrol agents took great care of this foreign child. They watched movies with him and played video games. One of the supervising agents even purchased new clothing for the small boy. They certainly cared for him more than his family ever did.

Rescue Pic 3-1.jpg

Head on over to the Big Bend sector in Texas. Agents there were able to apprehend a citizen of Mexico that was found in possession of a stolen 9mm handgun. The man was determined to have burglarized the home of a US citizen, where he stole the handgun among other items.

We are being invaded by vast numbers of illegal aliens that continue to pour into the country at an alarming rate. A sizable portion of them are violent criminals, a vast majority of them will become criminals. You see, even if they are coming here with honest intentions, in order for many of them to find work they will need to obtain a social security number. Usually the means through which they obtain one are fraudulent. That ultimately hurts American workers in many ways.

Fixing the border will lower the levels of a variety of crimes, whether it is human trafficking, drug smuggling, robberies, murders, or stolen identifications we must do whatever we can to secure our southern border. Because right now it is almost wide open in many places and the worst part of it all is that our current laws allow for many of the illegal aliens to stay in our country after being caught for illegal entry.

We must fix the system so that those caught entering illegally are immediately turned around and sent back! We can no longer afford to house these people indefinitely, we simply cannot continue to provide them all with jobs, healthcare, and taxpayer funded education. That is why I support Trump’s agenda to fix the borders. God bless him and God Bless the USA!

9 Illegal Alien “Scouts” with powerful surveillance equipment arrested.

“While almost half of our manpower is tied up transporting, processing and caring for Central American families and children we have suspected cartel members conducting highly sophisticated smuggling operations…Our primary focus needs to be on our National Security Mission.” -Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Porvaznik.

While the Border Patrol agents are being overwhelmed by hordes of Central American families pouring across the border the Drug Cartels are busy looking for openings and weak points in our border security. The Cartels are using “scouts” that have powerful surveillance equipment, even used by some military Special Forces, to gather intel on our Border Security. Nine adult males, all determined to be illegal aliens, were arrested near Camp Grip. They had a multitude of equipment known for counter surveillance and intelligence gathering.

At approximately 6:30 a.m. Sunday, agents with the Special Operations Group apprehended nine Mexican nationals suspected of scout activity, all of whom were determined to be illegally present in the country.

Some of the equipment found were solar panels, two-way radios, high-power spotting scopes and high-power binoculars. 

04082019 YUM SOD (1).jpg

Camp Grip is one of the most remote Border Patrol outposts on our southern border. Located in a sparsely populated area of Arizona, Camp Grip is a far-flung base that oversees a wide open expanse known as the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge. The area is extremely rugged in terrain and contains little to no barriers preventing illegal entry.


This is a frightening situation unfolding before our very eyes. Not just because powerful Drug Cartels are surveilling our Border Patrol agents using powerful spying equipment. Not just because of the severe amount of dangerous illegal aliens pouring across the border. But because we have millions of insane Liberals that refuse to admit we are in a serious crisis. They are associating Border Security with racism and that could not be further from the truth. Strong Border Security would protect Americans of all different races, including millions of Latinos, there is nothing racist about having strong borders.

We all saw how they reacted to Trump’s emergency declaration, they were positively triggered. They acted as though President Trump was manufacturing a crisis when by any measure we are clearly being invaded. Even a few “conservatives” went against the President, but incidents like 9 illegal alien scouts surveilling our Border Patrol prove to me that this is an outright war being waged on our nation.

Gunfights with the Cartel are a regular occurrence at the border. Border Patrol agents are the most assaulted police force in America. Democrats are doing everything they can to hamper Border Agents. Now these brave agents find themselves being surveilled by powerful drug cartels? Nothing about any of this is normal or acceptable. It would be verifiably insane for us to do nothing at the Border. At the very least we need a very powerful wall.

Anyone who does not believe that we are experiencing a major crisis on our southern border is downright delusional. This illegal alien invasion is beyond what anyone could possibly imagine, and very nefarious and dark forces are behind it. This is not simply a humanitarian crisis, this is an invasion. The surveillance and counter surveillance equipment found on these scouts are also used by some military forces, so who is really behind all of this? Perhaps these illegal alien scouts were just down at the Border doing a bit of freelance work for CNN…

Jokes aside, this is a very serious situation unfolding at the Border and drastic measures will be necessary to quell the situation at the Border. I am glad that DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has stepped down and now President Trump will be able to replace her with someone who isn’t afraid to get hardcore on the Border.

We are facing one of the most difficult challenges our country has ever faced. We are being invaded and our sovereignty and culture are facing annihilation. The Deep State is trying to create a permanent voting bloc using population replacement techniques. We must fight this with all of our might if we are to survive as a nation. Thank God we have President Trump at the helm to lead us these dark times.

Our enemies are trying to forever change the demographics of America by using our broken immigration system against us. Many of the illegal aliens don’t even have to avoid Border Patrol agents, they just have to set foot on US soil, turn themselves over to Border Patrol, and we are unable to immediately deport them!! Of course powerful Drug Cartels look at that and see opportunity for nefarious dealings. Something must be done immediately!