Newsom threatens to withhold funds from areas not complying with his orders

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has threatened to withhold up to $2.5 billion from local governments that fail to comply with his strict health orders on wearing masks, testing and other measures meant to slow the spread of a virus that according to the CDC has had an 8-week decline in the mortality rate.

”When people simply thumb their nose and do not come with a collaborative spirit … then by all means the state of California has a responsibility, an obligation — legally and otherwise — to enforce those laws and to utilize the tools that are afforded us,” -Newsom

What does that mean exactly? Who is going to legally enforce Newsom’s illegal orders? Many people in California including mayors, city councils, and sheriffs have already pointed out how there is no law requiring the criminal enforcement of these health orders. So is Newsom going to ask the state legislature to pass bills that will attempt to give his orders the force of law?

Oh did I mention the bulk of the funding that Newsom is threatening to withhold is coming from the Federal government? People in other states are funding this maniac and his power grab. His creepy obsession with forcing everyone to wear a mask just to prove that he can do it. Newsom wants to withhold Federal funds from California counties that need it to recover from his lockdowns, but the Trump administration can’t withhold federal funding over Newsom’s refusal to enforce federal immigration law?

What a seriously backwards world we live in these days. This has nothing to do with stopping the spread of the virus. According to every measure the death toll has dropped and many smaller areas in California still have little to no deaths related to covid.

Not everywhere in California is as big as Los Angeles or San Francisco, many small cities and towns only have a few thousand or a few hundred residents. They had little to no covid related deaths, but they have been devastated by Newsom’s egregious lockdown orders and health restrictions. These overbearing statewide health orders by our out of control governor are seen as a gross overreach by many.

It is not just Conservatives are upset at these orders. Business leaders from all over the state are finding it uncomfortable to have to comply with these orders. Wearing masks or even plastic face shields while you work a service job can be very distracting or even dangerous. Masks can be uncomfortable, annoying, distracting, and even unhealthy in some cases.

This is why the State’s own orders, if you read the fine print, do allow for a lot of flexibility and full ADA compliance. Newsom knows that his orders do not carry the force of law so he hired a bunch of celebrities and verified Liberals on Twitter to push his narrative and shame anyone who won’t wear a mask.

No business in California can legally enforce a mask order on people who claim to have a legitimate health reason for not wanting to wear one. That is established. It is possible that a store can try to enforce a trespassing order on you if they ask you to leave and you refuse, but if you have a health condition that would make wearing a mask an impediment to your health in any way you are not legally required to wear any mask. This is per the state’s own rules.

Newsom is trying to make us turn on each other by issuing these orders and then trying to conscript “influencers” and celebrities on social media to push the orders. He is aiming for people’s minds, he wants to brainwash them into wearing the masks with fear and propaganda. None of it is based in scientific fact.

If he told these people to walk around with blindfolds on they would actually do it. Newsom is hoping an army of Mask Karens will enforce his orders by shaming people because the cops aren’t going to be enforcing mask orders. The police may show up to enforce a trespassing order or to arbitrate the dispute, but definitely not solely to enforce an anti-mask order.

So someone didn’t put a piece of cloth over their mouth while going to grab a loaf of bread that is sealed in a plastic bag? You aren’t going to die over that… the hysteria, like the racism hysteria, and climate hysteria pushed by the Media is insane and it needs to stop.

How do you feel about Newsom’s mask orders and threats to withhold funding from anyone who defies his orders?


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California raceway president says noose found in tree…

“piece of twine tied in what appeared to be a noose”

Here we go again! Almost as if they were all timed to coincide, we have yet another “makeshift noose” being supposedly found in a tree at the Sonoma Raceway in California. The Sonoma Raceway and officials said they are investigating the incident.

So now we have the Bubba Smollet “noose” that they claimed was a belt that is probably just the door pull. We got the “nooses” found in an Oakland park that a community member claimed was part of workout equipment. Who will we find out planted these nooses in Sonoma County?

Why is this happening? We are still waiting for all of the facts to come out of the Sonoma Raceway incident, but we now know the Bubba Wallace and Oakland nooses were mistaken identity… best. At worst, they are deliberate misrepresentations of racism in order to further the false narrative of rampant racism in the United States.

There is a strong worry among these uprisings that they won’t have the momentum to carry on long enough to stall out the elections. The protests are actually dying out and far less in number now than at the beginning. Especially from the fact that people in areas that still have law and order have been arrested and charged for participating in riots. The Left needs to keep manufacturing racism in order to keep their movement going.

There is an element of Black Lives Matter that operates within Sonoma County and I do not put it past them to be the ones to put up these “nooses” to keep perpetuating this racism hoax on everyone. Or it was just some ropes that were tied up that looks like a noose and people are freaking out because the media is stoking up racism fears.

I worry about this “noose” trend becoming a thing because it is so easy to fake. Literally anyone can grab rope, or wire, or any kind of string and tie it around a tree or even just leave it lying and the floor and someone will think it’s a hate crime now. Also it is also very easy to misidentify a noose. All sorts of different ropes can have a noose like shape and can be tied to a tree and it has nothing to do with lynching anyone.

That is what is dangerous about “hate crimes” is that people can misunderstand something as racist, like what happened in Oakland, or people can fake a hate crime like what happened with Jussie Smollet. Most of the time, people either fake a hate crime or simply lie about them.

People are incentivized to lie about hate crimes by knowing that the Media and these Liberal groups will immediately jump to reinforce their bogus claims of racism. Like the very sad situation with the gentleman who recently hung himself from a tree in California. Despite the fact that it was an obvious case of suicide, Liberals began marching in the streets for justice…the situation ultimately came to a close when Police showed the victims family video that proved he killed himself…terrible. Yet all those that pushed his death as racism did not take back their claims, they just casually moved on to the next hoax.

We don’t need to teach the police to deescalate use of force we need to teach these Liberals to deescalate claims of racism.

Newsom threatens to roll back reopenings over new cases

As California deals with an increase in coronavirus cases, Gov. Gavin Newsom is warning he could start reeling back some of the reopenings if the virus gets out of control.

The hair-gel tyrant said his administration is prepared to roll back the reopening process if the coronavirus cases keep trending upward. Which in all likelihood they will keep going up as more people keep getting tested. As many have already pointed out, the number of new cases is not what matters but how many people are dying as a result.

According to the CDC the number of COVID-19, Influenza, AND Pneumonia deaths all went down the past week. The percentage of deaths has continued to decline for the past 8 weeks.

For Newsom to threaten to roll back his already disastrous reopening policy and take us back to his insane lockdown would be a total disaster and the death knell for a state already teetering on the edge of financial catastrophe.

California is struggling under a 16% official unemployment rate, the real number is likely higher, and the lockdowns made the problem worse for everyone. Even now, the onerous restrictions being imposed by the Governor are making it more difficult for many businesses to fully reopen. Couple that with the fact that they incentivized unemployment payments so many people are refusing to go back to work.

California employers lost over an unprecedented 2,344,700 jobs according to the unemployment office. That is just devastating as many of those jobs belonged to people who were living paycheck to paycheck. Now reliant on government payments that are painfully slow to be deposited. Many people are hurting and our own governor is threatening to hurt us even more…

He has already mismanaged and bungled a number of deals. Given special covid-19 emergency response board positions to top DNC donors. Threatened to withhold emergency aid from cities not complying with his illegal orders. Newsom is totally out of control and drunk with power, especially knowing he has an angry mob to do his bidding.

This is why so many people want to recall Governor Gavin Newsom and currently a petition does exist to try and remove him from office in a recall election. If you are a registered voter in California you can sign the petition by clicking here.

5 sheriff’s depts in California wont enforce Newsom’s mask order

Five California Sheriff’s departments, Orange, Sacramento, Tulare, Fresno and Calaveras county have all publicly declared that they will not be criminally enforcing Gavin Newsom’s new statewide face mask orders. I imagine that more Police departments feel the exact same way.

Contrast the tyrannical Governor Gavin Newsom with the governor of Nebraska Pete Ricketts. Governor Ricketts is pushing back against mandatory face masks in Nebraska counties by threatening to withhold coronavirus funds if they attempt to forcibly require facemasks in certain places. That is a real leader.

Newsom has gone totally overboard with all of his emergency orders. His push to mandate mail-in ballots for all through executive order had met a very strong legal challenge from Republicans. A brave Judge had even ordered Newsom to halt all further emergency order as it was usurping the role of the Legislature…Until a higher court judge reversed the order and restored Newsom’s emergency powers. Then the Democrat state legislature passed his order into law anyway…

Some Police are making it clear that if Democrats wont support law enforcement well the cops wont support the Democrats by enforcing their stupid little rules. Many police are sick of these Democrats that pretend they are for the police while at the same time pandering to a mob that is literally murdering the police and trying to cut all police funding.

I truly believe that California is capable of winning a stunning upset against many of these Democrats that are bowing to the mob. People do not like what they are seeing in our state and places like Seattle. Most smart people know who is behind all of this violence. Many more people are now seeing through mainstream media lies that help perpetuate the violence and division to subjugate and control us.

There have never been so many Law Enforcement officers openly speaking out against the Democrats for creating an environment where crime is flourishing in these big cities. Their voices are very helpful in this fight to restore law and order and we must do everything to support them.

The Police are under assault from the radical Left that never stops attacking. We cannot rest for a second. We cannot say, “we won, ok let’s go home” because the Democrats are already busy launching another attack while we take a break… We need to keep the political pressure on them, even when it feels like they are defeated, we must press our attack. We must continually defend those that share our values and goals to restore the United States.

Please, if you are California voter concerned about the direction of our state at the hands of these crooked Democrats add your name to the list to RECALL GAVIN NEWSOM by visiting the link below and following the directions carefully.


Thank you, God Bless you.