U.S. Soldiers rescue two illegal aliens

EL PASO, Texas – Two illegal aliens are alive today thanks to the quick action of two U.S. Army soldiers and the U.S. Border Patrol. The pair were rescued from canal waters on the U.S. border in El Paso.

The rescue unfolded when two soldiers, who are part of a Mobile Surveillance Team assisting U.S. Customs and Border Protection on the southwest border, saw a migrant family enter the canal near downtown. They observed a Guatemalan woman and her child start to struggle in the swift moving and dangerous water and then submerge completely.

Rescues such as these are expected to occur more often as we officially entered summer Friday.  Environments along our southern border such as the Chihuahua Desert or the canals in El Paso often pose hidden dangers of which most people are unaware of.  The United States Border Patrol will continue to monitor these areas in an attempt to preserve life while maintaining our national security.

These rescues are an everyday occurrence down at the U.S.-Mexico Border, especially right now with the massive influx of people crossing in remote or dangerous areas. Illegal aliens are constantly putting themselves in great danger when crossing illegally into the United States and often times the only people there to respond are the Border Patrol agents.

One soldier jumped into the water to rescue the woman and her child, while the other used his shirt as a makeshift lifeline until U.S. Border Patrol agents arrived and threw them a rescue line.  The soldiers and Border Patrol agents safely rescued the pair and no injuries were reported.

Just wow. These soldiers and Border Patrol agents are real heroes. They don’t see race or ethnicity, they just see a person that needs help. They aren’t kidnapping or stealing any children. The lies being spread on social media about Border Patrol are disgustingly untrue. There are no concentration camps on the border filled with Mexican babies being tossed in cages as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would have you believe.

If one person dies while being detained by Border Patrol the Left-Wing media will point it out vigorously, but they ignore the thousands of rescues being performed by our Border Patrol agents and the assisting National Guard and U.S. Military.

It is actually the illegal alien adults that are putting these illegal alien children in danger by dragging them across the border and putting them into dangerous situations where they might get hurt.


Border Agents and supporting assets are often putting themselves in harms way when rescuing these illegal aliens. Yet the Left still have the nerve to call this country racist and say we are running concentration camps when we are actually helping these illegal aliens way more than we need to!! They are ultimately still criminals and we shouldn’t be overly compassionate toward them under any circumstances.

U.S. Soldiers working at the border are not there to rescue stranded illegal aliens, they are there to help stop drugs and human trafficking from flowing into the country. They are there to make sure terrorists don’t enter the country. Every time an illegal alien has to be rescued we divert precious security resources that are needed elsewhere.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are currently eating up precious border security resources and more illegal aliens continue to pour into the country, making the situation very volatile. We are going above and beyond the ideals of compassion in the soft way we are dealing with these illegal aliens that are invading our country and it is hurting us in a big way. Again these people are ultimately still criminals.

We are spending billions of taxpayer dollars to process/detain illegal aliens and often times the illegal aliens will still gain access to the country. Given a future court date that they will most likely not attend because they already skipped the line anyway. That is totally unfair to the long list of people waiting to enter the country legally!

We must build a wall and pass laws that allow us to IMMEDIATELY DEPORT illegal aliens if we are to survive as a nation. President Trump only has 6 more years in office and I am worried about what will happen after he is no longer the President. I know for sure that radicals like AOC are not going to stop trying to tear down our borders and this fight will go on for decades to come.

LAPD and Los Angeles Sheriff refuse to support ICE.

The Los Angeles Police Department has issued an official statement that it will not support ICE during any raids relating to President Trump’s recent push for a mass deportation sweep. The Los Angeles County Sheriff has also announced that he will not work with ICE to help remove illegal aliens from Los Angeles County.


Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva in May sent out the following tweet in regards to his refusal to allow the Los Angeles Sherrifs to participate in the ICE Warrant Officer program:


It is truly a sad day in Los Angeles when our own law enforcement agency is making this statement against ICE at the same time that Mexico is deciding to send 15,000 Mexican soldiers to the Border to help stem the tide of illegals crossing into the United States. So the Mexican government will be doing more to stop illegals than the LAPD and Sheriffs are doing to stop them!

I never thought our own law enforcement could become so cucked…but here we are in this Brave New World the Liberals have built for us! If it wasn’t for President Trump and ICE those of us still stuck in Los Angeles would have literally no one helping to protect us from illegal aliens!!

Now we in the CaliConservative Nation very strongly support Law Enforcement. They have one of the hardest jobs in the country and they certainly earn our respect here. That is why this is so frustrating because we Conservatives are the ones that actually support the police and want them to be able to do their job while these damn Liberals are the ones that trash them all day and make their jobs hell.

I have no doubt in my mind that many of the rank and file officers in the LAPD and L.A. Sheriffs actually do want to work with ICE. They really don’t want to continue to ignore immigration laws. I am sure that many police officers indeed want to secure our country and deport the illegals because they know the truth that illegal immigration causes an increase in all sorts of crime related activity.

Many Police strongly support President Trump’s agenda to make the country safer and they want to take an active role in helping make that happen. But they are being told that they legally cannot help ICE agents.

These refusals to work with ICE are being made at the highest levels of our state government and the upper echelons of local law enforcement agencies. Los Angeles County does not have a real Sheriff in charge, instead we have a Social Justice Warrior that thinks he is a Democrat politician. A sheriff that is willing to put millions of American Citizens living in Los Angeles at great risk. A sheriff willing to undermine the current federal immigration laws of the nation.

Not only do illegal aliens pose a physical safety threat towards American Citizens and legal residents, but they also wreak havoc on our labor pool and economy. Illegal aliens take up valuable jobs and careers that should belong to American Citizens or other legal immigrants. They also are taking up precious homes and apartments that are desperately needed in a state with an out of control housing crisis.

The Los Angeles Police Department are already essentially forbidden by Sanctuary Laws to engage in any activity that may support ICE’s mandate to deport illegal aliens. So why did they feel the need to make a public statement to undermine ICE? This statement put out by the LAPD was made purely to ease the minds of illegal aliens living in Los Angeles. A better statement would have been one that eases the minds of American Citizens by supporting ICE’s mission.

I understand that for LAPD it’s harder to help ICE due to the sanctuary laws passed by the insane state government, but for the Sherrifs department it is totally within their power to help ICE by participating in the Warrant Service Officer program. The program that would allow ICE to give special designation and training to select local police that can help arrest illegal aliens currently present in our jails. This program is a total win-win-win and we should be fully participating.

Instead they are issuing statements that are seemingly designed to be a slap in the face to the American Citizens. The LAPD can pander to LGBTQ folks and Black Lives Matter all day but they can’t stand up to illegal aliens and help to deport them? This is NOT just a federal issue, this is a local issue. We locals are the ones that have to live next to these illegal aliens. We are the ones that have to compete against them in the workforce. We are the ones that have to send our children to increasingly overcrowded schools filled with illegals.

This isn’t right and it needs to stop. To feel like we have no support on this issue from our own law enforcement is devastating, but we cannot let it deter us from supporting the President and his decision to deport illegal aliens by the millions. Now is the time to stand strong on our founding principles and to clearly reinstate our sovereignty as a country by securing our borders and deporting illegal aliens.

We especially need mass deportations in California where voter fraud is running rampant…in fact voter fraud is probably the reason why Los Angeles has an SJW Sheriff now that I think of it…

Three MS-13 members arrested in North Hollywood slaying of homeless man

Three members of the notorious Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang were arrested in early morning raids at 10 locations throughout the San Fernando Valley. They are accused of shooting and killing a homeless man while he slept at a rec center in North Hollywood. The vicious gang has been a frequent target of President Trump and many Democrats have denied that the gang poses any real threat.

According to Los Angeles police, the men are suspected of shooting a homeless man named Bradley Hanaway to death on Jan. 14, 2019, while he slept at the Valley Plaza Recreation Center, located at 12240 Archwood St.


MS-13 is also believed to be responsible for at least five violent assaults which occurred at the rec center just after Hanaway’s killing, police report. The suspects were not immediately identified and more MS-13 gang members remain at large in connection with Hanaway’s killing. Officials said the killing is part of an attempt by MS-13 to establish a foothold in the area. Hanaway was a documented gang member and MS-13 was issuing challenges to local gangs as part of their takeover efforts.

Detectives suspect the MS-13 gang murdered Hanaway as part of efforts to establish a presence in the North Hollywood neighborhood which surrounds the rec center, police said, as well as threaten rival gangs. Yes the gang is actively taking over territory in California.

Weapons, ammunition and gang paraphernalia were seized as well during the raids.

All of this is happening while our leaders in California just keep fighting the Trump administrations efforts to secure our borders and they refuse to go after gangs like MS-13 to stop them from spreading. I have no doubts that MS-13 and others are behaving this way to take advantage of California’s insane Sanctuary policies.

The Democrats need to stop being a bunch of cry baby resisters and actually start working with the President to get things done. We have so many problems in our state, from homelessness to high costs of living, so to have to deal with MS13 taking over neighborhoods is really putting alot of stress on an already bad situation.

The Democrats cannot continue down the path of supporting open borders and groups like MS13. We are reaching the breaking point and it is insane that California Democrats like Kamala Harris and Eric Swalwell actually think they can become President with what they have allowed to happen here in California. Also don’t forget Nancy Pelosi who is elected year after year to represent California and then does nothing to actually help our state.

It is time to start holding these politicians accountable for what they have done to California. They have turned our state into a battleground for drug gangs and human traffickers. California has become the hub for drugs and sex slaves and the Democrats seem keen on letting it continue.

We must continue to speak out and raise awareness about how the Democrats are encouraging the spread of gangs like MS13 by supporting Sanctuary Policies. We must have a very strict immigration system if we are to ensure that our communities are free from murderous gangs that live by the motto “Rape, Control, Kill”.

The police become weaker by the day due to Liberal leaders stripping them of their ability to do their job effectively. While they also strip the California Citizens right to own a firearm and defend themselves! It is really getting outrageous and the situation is growing more desperate!

In order to secure our state and put us on a path towards a safe, secure, and more prosperous society we must elect new leadership. The corrupt Liberal establishment currently in charge is dangerously unhinged at the moment as President Trump is undoing all the open borders policy of the previous administration.

They are more interested in resisting Trump than they are in helping the American people.

What do you think will happen in the next few years? Can California be helped or are we beyond saving? Comment below. Thank you.

INSANE California court rules weed OK for prisoners…

We used to think getting sentenced to prison was a very serious punishment that means you lose virtually all of your societal privileges. But in the insanely Liberal state of California going to prison means you still have access to all sorts of stuff! In fact now you can even have marijuana in prison now.

So long as you don’t inhale it or consume it…and I am sure these convicted criminals would never do such a thing!

Thanks to the ruling by the 3rd District Court of Appeals inmates can now possess marijuana while they are serving their sentence in prison. The decision directly overturned the Sacramento County’s convictions of five inmates that had marijuana inside of their prison cells.

However, I don’t think the Court is entirely at fault for this decision. The 3rd Circuit Court argued that the initiative passed by California voters in 2016 to legalize marijuana failed to specifically prohibit inmates from possessing those dank green buds.

And this brings us to the dangers of passing legislation without fully considering the ramifications and consequences of the new laws. Too often this type of carelessness happens in California, laws will be passed with one specific purpose and will end up producing dozens of different outcomes…except for the intended original purpose.

Marijuana legalization so far has spectacularly failed the state of California. An overwhelming majority of the known marijuana dispensers have failed to register for the proper permits to legally sell marijuana. Who could blame them? They were making a sweet sweet profit before legalization and then all of a sudden here comes the California government trying to tax them and they are saying F-off! So the State has not taken in anywhere near the amount of money promised by the proponents of legalization.

In fact we are spending lots of money going after the huge number of illegal marijuana dispensaries that are still running without a license.

Now prisoners will have increased access to marijuana and the ability to legally posses while in prison. This is just totally insane. A horrible unintended consequence of rushed legislation. Much more care needs to be taken into passing these types of laws. I am glad other states are not recklessly barreling ahead with legalization and they are actually thinking out the ramifications and consequences.

I personally think most smart Americans are capable of responsibly having safe access to marijuana. But definitely I think most of us can agree that people in prison should not have the ability to legally posses marijuana. Tobacco is already illegal in pretty much every prison. A pack of cigarettes can fetch a lot of cash, now how much more will marijuana sell for?

What do you think? Should prison inmates have legal access to marijuana?