Florida gym owner arrested for not forcing patrons to wear mask while working out

“If this whole thing is really about health, this is where we are getting into some murky waters here because I don’t see how I can make my patrons wear a mask while on a treadmill, or while they are exercising,” -Michael Carnevale

A Florida gym owner was arrested for not forcing his members to wear masks during workouts. Michael Carnevale, owner of Fitness 1440 in Plantation, spoke to WPLG just before his arrest Monday.

Broward County has issued a mandatory mask police “regardless of whether social distancing can be maintained” for “all persons in any establishment.

On Monday, authorities locked Fitness 1440 and escorted Carnevale out of his business in handcuffs after getting a call from a tipster about the lack of mask enforcement.

When asked if he was concerned he was putting people at risk, Carnevale responded: “One hundred percent I am. I’m super concerned about someone getting dizzy or fainting with a mask on while on a treadmill.”

These crazy health orders have gone way too far. Absolutely outrageous and totally insane that we are allowing business owners and responsible adults to be treated this way. Especially when violent mobs are raging across the country and quite literally setting fire to our institutions. Police officers should not be enforcing these insane orders that are not even based in reality, let alone science.

We have seen a number of businesses totally looted and destroyed during all of the riots and looting that have taken place over the last two months and the majority of the criminal offenders have managed to escape justice.

The police should be busy making sure these riots are not occurring, and trying to locate and prosecute everyone who participated in them. They should not be going to businesses and shutting them down over stupid mask requirements that make no sense.

The covinsanity needs to stop.

Virginia Police arrest over 20 ugly ANTIFA/BLM for rioting

VIRGINIA: Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith addressed the recent riots in the city, standing in front of a dump truck that was set on fire by the rioters and buildings with boarded up windows across the street.

  • Emily Anderson, 21, Williamsburg – Rioting
  • Mekdas Charles, 21, Falls Church – Trespassing
  • Madeleine Conger, 30, Charlottesville – Trespassing
  • Elsi Del Pino, 25, Richmond – Trespassing
  • Robert Fleece, 36, Henrico – Transporting a Loaded Rifle within City Limits, Possessing a Weapon with an Extended Magazine
  • Jack Glass, 24, Richmond – Rioting with a Weapon (Felony)
  • Markeith Jackson, 25, Richmond – Transporting a Loaded Rifle within City Limits
  • Ronald Johnson, 33, Henrico – Transporting a Loaded Rifle within City Limits
  • Lila-Jad Koumtakoun, 22, Richmond – Pedestrian in the Roadway, False ID to Police to Avoid Arrest
  • Taylor Maloney, 20, Richmond – Trespassing
  • Robin Proffer, 26, Henrico – Trespassing
  • Travis Pulley, 45, Richmond – Riot with a Weapon (Felony)
  • Mitchell Shue, 26, Herndon – Trespassing
  • Dexter Superville, 21, Richmond – Rioting, Possession with Intent to Deliver Crack Cocaine
  • Justin Tenney, 27, Richmond – Block Traffic, No Seatbelt, Driver’s License Not in Possession
  • Two Juveniles – not identified

Just look at their faces, they always have that dead eyes look. Most of them look like they have no reaction to getting arrested by the Police that they claim are fascist tools of the state. Glad these people are getting arrested and I hope the charges stick and they face severe punishments if guilty.

These riots are not just happening in Portland. They are simultaneously being orchestrated in different cities all across the country. Oakland, Eugene, Seattle, Grand Rapids, Denver, Hampton, Birmingham, New York City, and countless other cities are dealing with these rioters and agitators.

The violent radicals are blocking roads and forcing people to turn around, threatening them, in many cases committing violent acts upon the innocent civilians just trying to go about their day.

Increasingly we are starting to see people get fed up with the nonsensical violence coming from these rioters.

Coward Lightfoot removes Columbus statue in middle of the night.

Beetlejuice Lori Lightfoot sent workers under cover of darkness early Friday to remove a Christopher Columbus statue from Chicago’s Grant Park – a week after rioters viciously clashed with city police as they attempted to tear the statue down.

They are claiming the statue was being removed partly to de-escalate tensions between “protesters”, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Lightfoot is an absolute coward and she is trying to walk the line between appeasing the radical Left and trying to keep moderate Democrats from fleeing the party. Many in the Democrat Party are very unhappy with the these vicious mobs that are tear

Joint Terrorism Task Force arrests man who burned police car during BLM riot

“May 30th of 2020 was a dark day in Utah,” United States Attorney John Huber

On that dark day in May, the country collectively held its breath as vicious riots broke out all across the nation. In Salt Lake City an angry mob surrounded a police car, forced the officer to flee in fear of his life, then proceeded to overturn his squad car and set it on fire.

Several people in connection to that incident have already been arrested. The latest being a man named Christopher Rojas who is suspected of taking part in the terrifying incident.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has arrested one of the two men accused of torching a Salt Lake City Police car during a Downtown riot on May 30th. On Thursday, they announced the arrest of Christopher Isidro Rojas.

“Members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) located one of those suspects Christopher Rojas as he left his apartment in Salt Lake City and got into an Uber…We were able to take Rojas into custody following a traffic stop.” – FBI Special Agent Paul Haertel.

They got Rojas as he was taking an Uber ride. Safely and effectively taking him into custody without incident. Rojas who is only 28-years old faces serious arson charges that if convicted of he could be in jail until his late 40s. Seriously kids, crime doesn’t pay. Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time. Insert any other platitude or saying here about how being a criminal is a very bad decision.

The FBI is still offering a $12,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the other suspect. If you know who he is, call 801-579-6192.