California State Senator introduces bill to end Newsom’s state of emergency

California State Senator Melissa Melendez introduced the bill, SCR 93 which would effectively end the state of emergency and take away the Governor’s emergency powers to close businesses and schools.


Melendez said democrats have refused to allow it to be heard in committee. The state senator said she made a motion on the floor on Monday to have it brought to the senate floor for a vote, which was denied.

Melendez said she will make the motion every day they’re in session until they vote on the bill. 

The text of the bill is here:

Of course in the rigged California state legislature a bill like this is next to impossible to pass. Mostly because the guy in charge is of the same political party that currently dominates our legislature.

Where any normal legislature would be furious that their governor is usurping their responsibility, these people have figured out they can work directly with Newsom to bypass all political opposition much faster and easier. It also helps that they are still getting paid their full salary while doing much less work to still achieve the primary goals of their agenda. We must end the State of Emergency in California to take away the unilateral power of Gavin Newsom.

Let us pray for State Senator Melendez in her valiant efforts to end Newsom’s reign of terror. Albiet against great odds, and at a very small chance of success, the effort is still very very much appreciated. Thank you State Senator Melendez.

Top California health official admits failure in covid data collection, blames “glitch”

“Our data system failed, and that failure led to inaccurate case numbers in case positivity rates…” -Top California Health Official


WOW! This is a bombshell admission to be sure and the media is TOTALLY silent on this! Even the admission was so quiet and downplayed to the maximum degree. The State is acting like it has not been relying on verifiably false data to make MAJOR decisions about tens of millions of lives.

From schools to parks to nearly every type of business, so many things have been affected, changed, or otherwise altered due to “COVID-19.” More commonly known by smart people as The Chyna Virus.

The state has been screeching at the top of their lungs that we all need to trust the science and listen to the doctors. But too many people know that just because someone is a doctor or a health official doesn’t mean they can’t get something wrong from time to time…or even worse, they might outright lie and manipulate us for profit.

The one thing most humans are afraid of is dying prematurely from some kind of undiagnosed illness. Doctors and Health Officials are often seen as our experts on disease and can play a vital role in helping humans to live longer and healthier lives. When a human is afraid of what seems like a preventable death they will be far more likely to seek out the advice of a medical professional.

Sadly, profiteers more than anyone understand just how much people will trust a Doctor or Health Official. More importantly, they know how much people will pay to try and prevent death. And I am not just talking about money…

People will even give up their freedoms. Certain lifestyle choices will go out the window if a person feels it will help them live longer. That is what makes this all so dangerous. Some people are actually willing to alter the entire American lifestyle as we know it. We cannot allow that to happen over a virus that the government cannot even accurately record.

It seems as though our “Health Professionals” are not working with the full and verified sets of data regarding this virus. Or even worse, they are actually lying or exaggerating the numbers and this time they got caught.

The only thing you can trust is the fact that you cannot trust the government to tell the truth.

Antifa-group paid $40K cash to bail out “protester” that has now skipped bond

In the days following the very first Floyd Riots back in late-May and early-June, 22-year old Alexandria Lyons was arrested for allegedly livestreaming herself inciting a riot in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lyons is now wanted after failing to appear for a hearing.

Prosecutors called a hearing after alleging that Alexandria Lyons was seen on her social media posing with a firearm, a clear violation of the terms of her bond. She failed to appear for the hearing and the judge issued a warrant for her arrest.

On June 30, a self-described “anti-fascist” and “anti-prison” group known as the Michigan Solidarity Bail Fund (MSBF) posted $40,000 in cold hard cash to secure her release as she awaited trial on charges of inciting a riot and malicious destruction of property.

If she is arrested within a year, the MSBF can file a motion to get their money back. I actually kind of hope she doesn’t hurt anyone or break any other laws for the next year and is peacefully arrested in 366 days so this antifa group doesn’t get their money back and justice is served.

I hope the hapless individuals that support these bail-out funds for Leftist rioters realize that they are being swindled and exploited to support criminals. These are not peaceful protesters and the intentions of these antifa groups are not noble at all. Indeed the antifascist groups are using wholly fascist tactics of intimidation and coercion in order to push their message.

Breaking windows, assaulting people, blocking traffic, throwing fireworks at people, and setting fires is not peaceful protesting. These people are not peaceful and the fact that some of them are willfully violating the terms of their bond and skipping bail is proof of their guilt. A large portion of these “protesters” are literally there just to cause mayhem and destruction.

Indeed the radical Left-Wing groups actually feel as if they must block traffic or begin looting in order to garner attention. These radical groups can’t just stand on the sidewalk like normal protesters and passionately tell people about their message, they are compelled to assault people, causing chaos and disruptions.

Florida gym owner arrested for not forcing patrons to wear mask while working out

“If this whole thing is really about health, this is where we are getting into some murky waters here because I don’t see how I can make my patrons wear a mask while on a treadmill, or while they are exercising,” -Michael Carnevale

A Florida gym owner was arrested for not forcing his members to wear masks during workouts. Michael Carnevale, owner of Fitness 1440 in Plantation, spoke to WPLG just before his arrest Monday.

Broward County has issued a mandatory mask police “regardless of whether social distancing can be maintained” for “all persons in any establishment.

On Monday, authorities locked Fitness 1440 and escorted Carnevale out of his business in handcuffs after getting a call from a tipster about the lack of mask enforcement.

When asked if he was concerned he was putting people at risk, Carnevale responded: “One hundred percent I am. I’m super concerned about someone getting dizzy or fainting with a mask on while on a treadmill.”

These crazy health orders have gone way too far. Absolutely outrageous and totally insane that we are allowing business owners and responsible adults to be treated this way. Especially when violent mobs are raging across the country and quite literally setting fire to our institutions. Police officers should not be enforcing these insane orders that are not even based in reality, let alone science.

We have seen a number of businesses totally looted and destroyed during all of the riots and looting that have taken place over the last two months and the majority of the criminal offenders have managed to escape justice.

The police should be busy making sure these riots are not occurring, and trying to locate and prosecute everyone who participated in them. They should not be going to businesses and shutting them down over stupid mask requirements that make no sense.

The covinsanity needs to stop.