WHAT A RACIST SUPREME COURT! Disgusting and ashamed of this racist country for even thinking it’s ok to limit any amount of immigrants. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO COME HERE!

Especially if they will vote for the Democratic Party! They also better hate America and all white people if they want to be properly accepted by us proud Liberals. Shame on you CaliConservative for supporting that orange racist!

CaliLiberal, you and your damn ACLU Left-Wing terrorist rhetoric is finally gonna catch up with you. EVERYONE is tired of your anti-Americanism and always willfully putting American lives in grave danger. All the way up to the Supreme Court, even the Libs appointed by Obama agreed the TravelBan protects lives.

They didn’t agree to a travel ban! In fact they are secretly helping immigrants in the fine print, I read it in Mother Jones:HAHA.png“News” like that is why you are always angry at Trump. Because your Lib Media propaganda tells you what you want to hear. They don’t tell you the truth. They didn’t tell you that Hillary had a chance to lose the election. They didn’t tell you that Trump isn’t banning Muslims, he’s putting greater security restrictions on traveling to the US.

But no major Islamic attacks are happening in the US! Islam is not the enemy it is our friend!

It isn’t just about those major terrorist attacks. You don’t think about the smaller local impact it has. Take a look at this case from Idaho: Sick.png

Three boys that were born in foreign countries and belonged to refugee families sexually assaulted a 5-year old girl. That is horrifying, in my opinion just as bad as a major terrorist attack because like the terrorist attacks, it could have been prevented.


*CaliLiberal bangs his head on the wall until he passes out on the ground*

In an absolutely stunning 9-0 reversal, the Supreme Court of the United States voted in favor of Trumps travel ban. Needless to say the Liberal Media was in total meltdown panic mode over this:


They all rushed to downplay the significance of this historic vote. The Supreme Court said that National Security interests far outweigh the argument in favor of taking in refugees.

If the Liberal media is conceding this much territory to Donald Trump you can safely assume it’s an epic win for him.

When they say he did nothing, he usually did something, if they are saying he partially won, you can consider that an overwhelming win.

This epic win for Trump totally left them scrambling: 112.png

Newsweek? Aren’t you guys the ones that ran that, yeah found it: madam-president-newsweekHow could I possibly ever trust you to fairly criticize Donald Trump? Newsweek, you should have shut down your propaganda outlet immediately after the election. You obviously have no business telling anyone what to think about current events.

Make no mistake this was a massive win for Donald Trump who even said directly to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that he would “see them in court” and he was totally right.

Very proud of the Supreme Court and we should all be basking in this victory. Trump was right when he said we would win win win. I guess it should have been obvious by that same token the Democrats would lose lose lose.

Now sit back, relax, and listen to the Democrats cry cry cry. #MAGA

Wow, 17 episodes! This is really starting to fly by now. The time feels accelerated ever since my brain turned into soup from watching this much Liberal media, but I assure you it is having no major effect on me. Climate change, climate change! Trumps healthcare will kill us all!

Wait what? Who said that?

Anyways, like I was saying Russia-Trump collusion! Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Putin! Hillary won the popular vote! Trump will kill us all! Bring back Obama! 

OK maybe being exposed to this much MKULTRA style Liberal propaganda does have an effect on a person. I will just need to promise to watch endless hours of 2016 Trump rallies and watch FOX news to balance this out.


Oh CaliConservative, here you go being all homophobic and bigoted. Can’t say that I am surprised considering that you are a teabagging wingnut Trumptard.

The Pride movement is all about love, and of course love now means resisting the commander-in-cheeto at all costs! Trump wants to cut all of our healthcare, cancel the climate, and kill all LGBTQIAXYZ+ people of color especially.

CaliLiberal you ignorant slut! None of that is true. President Trump is in fact a pro-gay President. So I really don’t understand why so many signs of resistance and anti-Trump were flying at these “Pride” rallies.

Nothing says “Love Trumps Hate” like stringing up a Trump pinata and bashing the head in. Ahh, good times.

It seems these Pride rallies have nothing to do with celebrating gay pride now or standing up to actual oppression. I am not saying there aren’t some great genuine people there, but it has become more about being anti-GOP and anti-Trump than about “love”. (more…)

CaliConservative! You and your evil GOP are about to kill 23 million people if you try to repeal Obamacare and replace it with Trumpcare!! Trumpcare will kill veterans! Trumpcare will kill kids! YOU MANIAC!Obamacare-Trainwreck-10-2013.png

Whoa stop triggering out CaliLib! Trumpcare isn’t the worst thing ever, I admit it’s not perfect–

NOT PERFECT?! It’s a monstrosity that will kill billions of people! That in combination with Trump leaving the Paris Climate Accords I cant believe the world hasn’t ended yet! Though in many ways, it did after the election.

Wow. The entire Democratic party deserves ever single acting award and accolade available, there are no better actors in the world than Democrats, especially when it comes to playing the victim.