Thousands of patriots gathered yesterday across the country in a very successful show of support for the President of the United States, Donald J Trump. In what was known online as the “Spirit of America” rally, organized on Facebook by a group called “Main Street Patriots”. Pro-America citizens showed up in cities all around the country to show love for America and our President. The Liberals are totally downplaying the show of support and are running totally misleading photos as always and of course, triggered Liberals were there to greet the patriots in many places.peppersprayberkeleyTrumpsupporter-400x267.jpg (more…)

sdadwa.pngEvidence that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA court, may have approved a request to spy on Donald Trump and associates during the 2016 campaign set the internet ablaze. Which perfectly explains the recent leaks through the Liberal media aimed at creating a nefarious link between the Trump administration and Russia.



After going after General Michael Flynn with accusations of some type of collusion with Russia, the Progressives now have Senator Jeff Sessions in their sights. Well, they have had Sessions in their crosshairs for quite some time now. The Washington Compost has released the latest smear attempt on Trump and his staff. With insanely wild and inaccurate accusations of racism and white supremacy, the go-to political attacks of the modern Left. When those slanderous attacks failed, they had to switch to their last resort attack, Russia. It worked with General Flynn, but will it work this time?


Made this video for my favorite part.

Donald J. Trump just delivered his first address to Congress as President of the United States of America. If you have read this blog before, or seen my twitter profile, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I think this speech was one of Donald Trumps best speeches of all time, and just a first of many great speeches as our President. 4469255

He touched on many key notes from his campaign promises and the current problems America faces. He didn’t back away from any old positions and actually stood his ground on the wall, and radical Islamic terrorism. People are starting to see that Donald Trump doesn’t just say what he is going to do, he actually does what he said he would do.