Newsom begins ordering counties back into lockdown.

The out of control Governor of California Gavin Newsom is making a move to begin trying to put chunks of the state back into the stay-at-home lockdowns that devastated the state’s economy and put millions out of work. Newsom is threatening to continue pushing areas back into lockdown in the run up to the election. They cite a “spike” in new cases, but totally ignore the fact the death rate has dropped significantly.

Imperial County has had 70 coronavirus-related deaths since the start of the outbreak, the county itself has a population of about 181,215 people…

While 70 deaths is still 70 deaths too many, it is not enough in a county of 181,215 people to warrant sending them back into lockdown. The deaths are what matter here, the new cases mean absolutely nothing. The fact still remains that the vast majority of cases, over 80%, are showing no symptoms or very mild symptoms.

This is outrageous and I hope people are upset at the tyrant Gavin Newsom and his desire to keep as many Californians out of work as he can. All just to validate his emergency orders. He is just trying to terrify people to make them vote by mail. Newsom wants to keep his emergency powers and he will do anything to keep them.

People are starting to see through the obvious lies being pushed by these virus alarmists. Especially at the fact that they will blame any gathering as a source of spreading the virus, except if it is a large protest demanding radical legislative change that favors Democrats.

There was literally a Black Lives Matter rally of about 400 people just 7 days ago in the Imperial County city of El Centro. Why aren’t the Democrats and the Media calling out these protests? If there is any reason for a spread of the virus it is definitely because the protests and not because people are eating at restaurants where the employees are forced to wear ridiculous plastic face masks and they have to spray tables down with disinfectant every time someone moves. The Dems attempt to try to blame family gatherings, churches, or businesses for the spread and not blaming these large protests is insane and many people can plainly see blatant the hypocrisy.

This blatant attempt by Gavin Newsom and his Democrat cohort to blame anything for the virus spread except for these protests should be a wake up call to everyone.  Some areas where Democrats are very powerful, like San Francisco or Los Angeles are already taking extreme steps to reinstate lockdowns, impose cumbersome mask orders and onerous social distancing protocols on anyone not participating in a “protest.” These are the same places that saw the largest protests and rioting!

Newsom wants to shut you in your home while these mobs run the street. Newsom wants to force you to vote by mail so they can commit mass voter fraud. The mob will be out looting and destroying everything in their path, while you are forcibly locked in your home, watch when they begin bolting people into their homes….until they need to come to your house and drag you out to go “get tested” for the virus and we never hear from you again…Don’t think it cannot happen. Newsom is working towards it now.

We must stop the tyrant Newsom. Join the recall effort, it may be the most important thing you ever do as a Californian.


Newsom blames family gatherings for spike in virus

“Avoid in-home gatherings with individuals who do not live in the same household,” county officials wrote.

California has seen a rise in “confirmed cases” of the China Virus despite a continuously falling mortality rate. Amid the rise in new cases, the Governor Gavin Newsom has made increasing threats against counties that are not willing to follow his orders. Of course Newsom isn’t angry at the protesters in the streets that are openly flouting all of his orders, because they are on his side. Instead Newsom is targeting families, churches, and small businesses that refuse to bend the knee to his will.

This is part of a continued pattern of behavior by Newsom. He likes to criticize and demonize groups opposed to him while blatantly ignoring the obvious crimes of those aligned with him. The State keeps saying they don’t have enough evidence to say the protests are linked to the rise in the virus, while at the same time attacking family gatherings just because of a few sensationalized media headlines is insane.

Los Angeles County Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer said that officials have not been able to “pinpoint whether or not the exact source of an exposure was a protest,” but then she also said the following:

“I do want to say that it’s highly likely, given the increased numbers that we’re seeing that some of this is in fact people who may have been in a crowded situation at one of the protests where there was spread,”

In San Francisco, officials said some testing sites that offer free testing are not asking people that are getting tested if they recently participated in any of the large gatherings taking place. It would seem to me that they are purposefully not allowing the gathering of any information that could prove the protests caused this current virus surge.

Newsom keeps threatening to rollback or “pause” the reopening process in California. A reopening process that is already painfully slow at the moment. It would at least make sense to try to make sure that people who attended these protests report they did so if they end up with the virus. Instead the state is trying to hide that information, then telling the Media the blatant lie that there is no discernible link between the virus and the protests. Trying to explain away their obvious hypocrisy of why they were putting people in jail for haircuts but not for burning down a business. Most sane people see through the lies.

The California Democrats and their Emperor Gavin Newsom have really done all they can to scare the crap out of everyone with claims of an extremely deadly virus, imposing restrictions that are designed to cripple many small and medium-sized businesses in the state…

And yet Californians are still going out in droves right now. I am not just talking about the rioters and agitators, but many regular normal people are getting back to their routine. With that comes spending money into the economy. And with our Consumer Capitalism system that generates residual profit for retail stores, food service, supply chains, manufacturing and all of the employees that benefit. In short, the economy is humming back to life despite Newsom’s best efforts to crush our economy.

If one positive thing from this, the “protests” that the Media and Democrats sparked up with their phony outrage over fake racism actually helped people want to get back outside and get back to work. Now tyrant Gavin Newsom and the Democrats are scrambling to keep the sheep in control with illegal mask orders, pass whatever emergency legislation they can while they still have the mob on payroll.

A strong economy heading into the election is what the Democrats want to avoid more than anything because that is the one thing that guarantees a President Trump reelection.



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Newsom threatens to withhold funds from areas not complying with his orders

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has threatened to withhold up to $2.5 billion from local governments that fail to comply with his strict health orders on wearing masks, testing and other measures meant to slow the spread of a virus that according to the CDC has had an 8-week decline in the mortality rate.

”When people simply thumb their nose and do not come with a collaborative spirit … then by all means the state of California has a responsibility, an obligation — legally and otherwise — to enforce those laws and to utilize the tools that are afforded us,” -Newsom

What does that mean exactly? Who is going to legally enforce Newsom’s illegal orders? Many people in California including mayors, city councils, and sheriffs have already pointed out how there is no law requiring the criminal enforcement of these health orders. So is Newsom going to ask the state legislature to pass bills that will attempt to give his orders the force of law?

Oh did I mention the bulk of the funding that Newsom is threatening to withhold is coming from the Federal government? People in other states are funding this maniac and his power grab. His creepy obsession with forcing everyone to wear a mask just to prove that he can do it. Newsom wants to withhold Federal funds from California counties that need it to recover from his lockdowns, but the Trump administration can’t withhold federal funding over Newsom’s refusal to enforce federal immigration law?

What a seriously backwards world we live in these days. This has nothing to do with stopping the spread of the virus. According to every measure the death toll has dropped and many smaller areas in California still have little to no deaths related to covid.

Not everywhere in California is as big as Los Angeles or San Francisco, many small cities and towns only have a few thousand or a few hundred residents. They had little to no covid related deaths, but they have been devastated by Newsom’s egregious lockdown orders and health restrictions. These overbearing statewide health orders by our out of control governor are seen as a gross overreach by many.

It is not just Conservatives are upset at these orders. Business leaders from all over the state are finding it uncomfortable to have to comply with these orders. Wearing masks or even plastic face shields while you work a service job can be very distracting or even dangerous. Masks can be uncomfortable, annoying, distracting, and even unhealthy in some cases.

This is why the State’s own orders, if you read the fine print, do allow for a lot of flexibility and full ADA compliance. Newsom knows that his orders do not carry the force of law so he hired a bunch of celebrities and verified Liberals on Twitter to push his narrative and shame anyone who won’t wear a mask.

No business in California can legally enforce a mask order on people who claim to have a legitimate health reason for not wanting to wear one. That is established. It is possible that a store can try to enforce a trespassing order on you if they ask you to leave and you refuse, but if you have a health condition that would make wearing a mask an impediment to your health in any way you are not legally required to wear any mask. This is per the state’s own rules.

Newsom is trying to make us turn on each other by issuing these orders and then trying to conscript “influencers” and celebrities on social media to push the orders. He is aiming for people’s minds, he wants to brainwash them into wearing the masks with fear and propaganda. None of it is based in scientific fact.

If he told these people to walk around with blindfolds on they would actually do it. Newsom is hoping an army of Mask Karens will enforce his orders by shaming people because the cops aren’t going to be enforcing mask orders. The police may show up to enforce a trespassing order or to arbitrate the dispute, but definitely not solely to enforce an anti-mask order.

So someone didn’t put a piece of cloth over their mouth while going to grab a loaf of bread that is sealed in a plastic bag? You aren’t going to die over that… the hysteria, like the racism hysteria, and climate hysteria pushed by the Media is insane and it needs to stop.

How do you feel about Newsom’s mask orders and threats to withhold funding from anyone who defies his orders?


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California raceway president says noose found in tree…

“piece of twine tied in what appeared to be a noose”

Here we go again! Almost as if they were all timed to coincide, we have yet another “makeshift noose” being supposedly found in a tree at the Sonoma Raceway in California. The Sonoma Raceway and officials said they are investigating the incident.

So now we have the Bubba Smollet “noose” that they claimed was a belt that is probably just the door pull. We got the “nooses” found in an Oakland park that a community member claimed was part of workout equipment. Who will we find out planted these nooses in Sonoma County?

Why is this happening? We are still waiting for all of the facts to come out of the Sonoma Raceway incident, but we now know the Bubba Wallace and Oakland nooses were mistaken identity… best. At worst, they are deliberate misrepresentations of racism in order to further the false narrative of rampant racism in the United States.

There is a strong worry among these uprisings that they won’t have the momentum to carry on long enough to stall out the elections. The protests are actually dying out and far less in number now than at the beginning. Especially from the fact that people in areas that still have law and order have been arrested and charged for participating in riots. The Left needs to keep manufacturing racism in order to keep their movement going.

There is an element of Black Lives Matter that operates within Sonoma County and I do not put it past them to be the ones to put up these “nooses” to keep perpetuating this racism hoax on everyone. Or it was just some ropes that were tied up that looks like a noose and people are freaking out because the media is stoking up racism fears.

I worry about this “noose” trend becoming a thing because it is so easy to fake. Literally anyone can grab rope, or wire, or any kind of string and tie it around a tree or even just leave it lying and the floor and someone will think it’s a hate crime now. Also it is also very easy to misidentify a noose. All sorts of different ropes can have a noose like shape and can be tied to a tree and it has nothing to do with lynching anyone.

That is what is dangerous about “hate crimes” is that people can misunderstand something as racist, like what happened in Oakland, or people can fake a hate crime like what happened with Jussie Smollet. Most of the time, people either fake a hate crime or simply lie about them.

People are incentivized to lie about hate crimes by knowing that the Media and these Liberal groups will immediately jump to reinforce their bogus claims of racism. Like the very sad situation with the gentleman who recently hung himself from a tree in California. Despite the fact that it was an obvious case of suicide, Liberals began marching in the streets for justice…the situation ultimately came to a close when Police showed the victims family video that proved he killed himself…terrible. Yet all those that pushed his death as racism did not take back their claims, they just casually moved on to the next hoax.

We don’t need to teach the police to deescalate use of force we need to teach these Liberals to deescalate claims of racism.