Liberal Civil War: The End of Classical Liberalism.


The term Classical Liberal is thrown around a lot these days by people who still consider themselves Liberals, but don’t identify with much of the modern Liberal-Progressive movement. These are Liberals that believe in allowing Conservatives to speak freely without physically attacking them. The types of Liberals that can politely listen to a Conservative viewpoint without getting triggered. Liberals that support our police and military. Liberals that actually believe in America and our Constitution. Liberals that want a smaller government and a more limited approach to foreign affairs. Liberals that understand the dangers of radical ideologies like socialism and communism. These types of Liberals usually consider themselves Classical Liberals. To those Classical Liberals I say, you are no longer  Liberals.
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USA-Russia Alliance is More Important Than Ever Before.


Russia hacked the election and Donald Trump is pregnant with Vladimir Putins baby! Or at least that is the type of hysteria coming from the Left. In their minds there was no possible way crooked Hillary could have lost the election.

They were assured by The New York Times and others that she was an 85% favorite to win, pretty much a guarantee and they were told not to worry at all about Trump, so in their minds it must have been a rigged election.

Then we had James Clapper, former Director of National Intelligence, come out and say that Russia was involved in cyber-espionage and propaganda attacks. An intelligence briefing released by the office of the Director of National Intelligence was supposed to be definitive proof that the US government believed Russia was behind the hacking of the now infamous DNC emails.

This triggered the living daylights out of the radical Liberals and sent them into an absolute frenzy as it seemed to confirm their fears about Trump and Putin.

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John Oliver “Trump v Truth” Debunked


“Why do I want to punch him so bad?”

Yes, everyone’s favorite man that reminds you of an autistic British parrot is back. This time with perhaps more dishonesty than ever before. John Oliver took a lot of time off recently, probably to cope with the devastating loss of his champion crooked Hillary. Last year he ran a vicious episode on Trump that felt more like an election attack ad than a satire news show. John Oliver and his Liberal media buddies of course utterly failed and Trump became our 45th President and I am sure John was emotionally destroyed.

I pictured him in a dark and smoky room, littered with empty cups of tea, John is in the corner. He’s curled up in a fetal position gently sobbing “God Save the Queen” while caressing a photo of him and Hillary. I hoped against hope that like Hillary he would just stay away and never come back, but to my dismay he summoned the courage to venture back out into the world more smug and British than ever. He hasn’t learned his lesson yet, but maybe season 4 is where Oliver finally gets it through his head that satire news is making the Left increasingly more stupid. So let’s get started on his latest pile of crap. Read More

The Left Declares War.

Cry babies gonna cry.

It’s no secret, the radical Leftists in America have become extremely agitated lately. Following the absolutely embarrassing loss of their doomed candidate, crooked Hillary Clinton, the Left had jumped the shark. Spurred on by a complicit and corrupt media that is trying to convince them that President Trump is somehow illegitimate or unfit for office. The Progressive Liberals have gone into a full-fledged temper tantrum. Instead of being mad at Trump or Milo, they should look to the media that lied to them. The Liberal Media would rather pretend that President Trump somehow stole the presidency rather than admit that they faked polls, created an atmosphere of falsified racism and they called in just about every Hollywood celebrity and TV talk show host to sway public opinion against Trump. Utterly unsuccessful the Progressive Fascists have gone into a tailspin and are now resorting to the final move in their dark political playbook, spark a civil war. Read More