The Left Declares War.

Cry babies gonna cry.

It’s no secret, the radical Leftists in America have become extremely agitated lately. Following the absolutely embarrassing loss of their doomed candidate, crooked Hillary Clinton, the Left had jumped the shark. Spurred on by a complicit and corrupt media that is trying to convince them that President Trump is somehow illegitimate or unfit for office. The Progressive Liberals have gone into a full-fledged temper tantrum. Instead of being mad at Trump or Milo, they should look to the media that lied to them. The Liberal Media would rather pretend that President Trump somehow stole the presidency rather than admit that they faked polls, created an atmosphere of falsified racism and they called in just about every Hollywood celebrity and TV talk show host to sway public opinion against Trump. Utterly unsuccessful the Progressive Fascists have gone into a tailspin and are now resorting to the final move in their dark political playbook, spark a civil war. Read More

The Liberal Media is Anti-American.

“The Fascists of the future will be anti-Fascists.” -Winston Churchill.

Harsh words, verbal assaults, outlandish accusations and vilification are the basic tools employed by these anti-American cultural fascists. You would think that convincing millions of Americans of a false, violent and destructive narrative would be extremely difficult, but new technologies and ease of access to information have made it simple to convince people of the specific viewpoints you need to further your agenda. No matter how impractical their positions may be, they can use a multitude of platforms to spread their propaganda. Indeed, you could even convince a person of a factually wrong position and to violently oppose the factually correct position.

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A New Conservative Era

Dawn of the Trump Age.

The 45th President of the United States has just been sworn in. The Radical Progressive establishment told us Trump was a joke, that he was not a serious candidate. They told us he would not even win one state in the primaries. When he started picking up states at an alarming rate, they panicked and told us Trump wouldn’t win more than 50% of the vote in any primaries. He started dominating with 50%+ of the vote and he won every single county in the CA primary. Full panic mode set in and the race was on to stop Trump at any cost. Media giants like CNN, Huffington Post, Washington Post and The New York Times colluded to expose literally ANYTHING they could about Trump.

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