The Road to 2018.

The End of the Democratic Party.


President Trump has been in office for a little over a month now, and it looks like he has successfully dodged the first contrived scandals they have thrown his way. He is riding along pretty well, so far. I think he will cruise through this year with the Obamacare repeal and first stages of border security enhancements, hopefully he begins implementing his tax plan as well and the deportations move along smoothly. If he does all of those things, and no extremely serious events happen in America, the official end of the Democratic party could be in the near future. Read More

#CNNLeaks: Day 1

Is it snowing outside? Hear the sleigh bells? Santa Clause is real, and he just dropped a massive deuce under your Christmas tree….in February.


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John Oliver Debunked…Again


This man is the human equivalent of a meatless soy hot dog.

Oh, John. John, John, John. Why? Why are you doing this? Who hurt you as a child? What made you this way? I am genuinely curious if you were either brutally beaten as a child, or spoiled rotten and never touched. I can’t tell which, all I know is that something is terribly wrong with you. Looking at your face genuinely gives me immediate crippling depression. How you acquired your platform, which Deity you made a blood sacrifice to, I may never know.

I do know one thing however, I am actually starting to enjoy debunking your lies. As a former fan of yours, hopefully, I can encourage others to avoid slipping into televisions darkest, coldest and loneliest sewer pit of lies, “Last Week Tonight with Cuck Oliver”. I mean John Oliver, sorry. Season 4: Episode 2, the British autistic parrot squawks again, lets get started folks.

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In Defense of Milo..


Ummmmm, ok?

OK so, well, I need to start this one off with a virtue signal or two. I am 1000% against pedophilia and I believe more needs to be done to prevent it. It is perhaps the worst crime imaginable. I am in favor of expanding the Law Enforcement that is necessary to help arrest and punish pedophiles.  I have spoken how the Left use vicious accusations, labels and buzzwords to slander and destroy people.


Yet when Liberals say things like this they are totally silent on the issue of pedophilia.

I agree with and respect America’s eighteen years and older consent laws and more needs to be done about child sex trafficking in the world and I believe there is some deep truth behind the #Pizzagate rumors. Now the Liberal media and a lot of Conservative outlets as well are tearing into the perpetually controversial, yet seemingly indestructible, Milo Yiannopolous. A video surfaced of Milo speaking about sexual relationships between younger and much older men. He has so far been uninvited from speaking at CPAC, he lost a reportedly $250,000 book deal and the Liberals are having a field day. So was Milo Yiannopolous really “advocating Pedophilia”?

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