The Attack on Sen. Jeff Sessions


After going after General Michael Flynn with accusations of some type of collusion with Russia, the Progressives now have Senator Jeff Sessions in their sights. Well, they have had Sessions in their crosshairs for quite some time now. The Washington Compost has released the latest smear attempt on Trump and his staff. With insanely wild and inaccurate accusations of racism and white supremacy, the go-to political attacks of the modern Left. When those slanderous attacks failed, they had to switch to their last resort attack, Russia. It worked with General Flynn, but will it work this time?

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President Trumps First Speech to Congress, A Historical Shift.

Made this video for my favorite part.

Donald J. Trump just delivered his first address to Congress as President of the United States of America. If you have read this blog before, or seen my twitter profile, it probably doesn’t surprise you that I think this speech was one of Donald Trumps best speeches of all time, and just a first of many great speeches as our President. 4469255

He touched on many key notes from his campaign promises and the current problems America faces. He didn’t back away from any old positions and actually stood his ground on the wall, and radical Islamic terrorism. People are starting to see that Donald Trump doesn’t just say what he is going to do, he actually does what he said he would do.

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John Oliver Lies Again.


Wtf am I watching?

Season Four, Episode Three of “LastWeekTonight with John Oliver” just aired and I am still trying to replace lost IQ points as I write this. Yet again it is another episode filled with inconsistencies, half truths and outright lies. As well I have noticed a distinct lack of genuine comedy in these episodes. I had a slight chuckle at one of the jokes, most of it is terribly lame metaphors and the whole thing feels more like political propaganda than a genuine satire news show. So I hope you brought some rubber gloves to sort through this BS with me because I am not sharing mine with you, damn socialists.

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The Road to 2018.

The End of the Democratic Party.


President Trump has been in office for a little over a month now, and it looks like he has successfully dodged the first contrived scandals they have thrown his way. He is riding along pretty well, so far. I think he will cruise through this year with the Obamacare repeal and first stages of border security enhancements, hopefully he begins implementing his tax plan as well and the deportations move along smoothly. If he does all of those things, and no extremely serious events happen in America, the official end of the Democratic party could be in the near future. Read More