Photo proves California health orders are politically driven.

This stunning photo taken on the same day that Gavin Newsom announced the partial or total shutdowns of restaurants, bars, other businesses, and beaches, is proof that his orders are politically motivated and not based at all in law or science.

Governor Gavin Newsom was also pointing blame at family gatherings as a source for spreading the virus and he was strongly discouraging people from gathering with their family this 4th of July weekend… Newsom paints a picture of dire circumstances with cherry picked stats about the virus, and the Media parrots that viewpoint of extreme emergency.

But then we see people just gathering in huge crowds with no denunciation from General Secretary Newsom? Why? Because the mob claims they are protesting racism? Racism against racial minorities is nearly non-existent. The real reason is cause the mob is voting Democrat!

I know people like to claim that the virus has not spread among the crowds, but there was an interesting Newsweek article posted about two weeks ago titled, “Houston Protesters Begin to Fall Ill with Coronavirus After Marching for George Floyd”


That article seems to have been overlooked by everyone trying to push the nonsense that the virus isn’t spreading among the protesters. As if somehow these “protesters” are immune because they have the a virtue signal message.

Either the virus is a complete sham, or these people are in grave danger to the point where the State feels it needs to threaten businesses with punishments, or the virus is real and they want the protesters to get sick and spread the virus. Which is it?

I don’t believe for a second that the Democrats and RINOs are protecting us from anything with the way they allowed these huge groups to gather in the streets. They did absolutely NOTHING to protect us from the riots and looting.

It wasn’t until President Trump showed a strong display of force in D.C. against the Communist horde that other areas followed suit and put an end to the riots. If it were not for President Trump’s leadership in that moment our cities would have burned and the country would have descended into a civil war.

The Democrats clearly want these mobs to takeover the streets and to keep it goin until the election so then they can ask each person in the mob to fill out 20 mail-in ballots each and send them in for Biden. They will bump up the numbers of all the Democrats running against Republicans. And it isn’t just happening in California. This is happening in many blue states and cities across the country. Democrats are doing everything they can to stir up trouble and unrest to try to influence the election.

We need to be aware of what the Democrats are doing and continue to call them out on their double-standards and hypocrisy. Not just with the virus, but with everything they do. The Democrats are literally always guilty of what they try to accuse Republicans of doing. Keep calling them out for their lies and failed leadership.

Newsom’s “Strike Teams” to target business not complying with orders

“California is creating “strike teams” from 10 state agencies to enforce guidelines designed to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Wednesday.

He said the teams would “go after people that are thumbing their nose, that are particularly being aggressive, reticent to do anything.”

He singled out bars, restaurants, meat packing plants and other facilities that he said may be putting employees as well as customers at risk.

The teams include representatives from the California Highway Patrol; the Division of Occupational Safety and Health, as well as people from Alcohol Beverage Control; Barbering & Cosmetology; Business Oversight; Consumer Affairs; Food and Agriculture; Labor Commissioner’s Office; and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development.”

Newsom said the state is stepping in “from a code and licensing perspective.”

Newsom and his bureaucrat strike team will begin to threaten the legal standing of many of these businesses if they fail to comply with his tyrannical orders. Forcing people to wear masks and plastic face guards, shutting down all indoor dining. I don’t know how well this is going to work and I imagine most of it will be based on voluntary compliance.

The Covid-KGB will be going around and threatening to pull licenses and launching crackdowns on other regulatory compliance. Citing regulations that actually have been passed into law by the legislature will probably be Newsom’s best hope to force compliance. Because the unlawful orders being issued by dictator Newsom are not constitutional, Newsom will be met with an avalanche of lawsuits by the time this is over.

His emergency powers were initially stalled by a judge, but then a higher up judge restored them and silenced the lower court judge that dared to defy Newsom…

They are waging a war on the California populace and trying to cancel our daily lives. All so they can scare us into accepting mail-in voting and all of their stringent regulations. Doing everything they can to target the middle-class people who depend on a small or medium business to survive. Government overreach like this will only drive more people away from the state of California.

People can clearly see that the government is allowing mass gatherings in the street but then turning around and pointing the blame at bars, restaurants, or family gatherings…It is absolutely absurd and people are sick of it.


Newsom snubbed by California Dems for not ‘representing diversity’ enough

Normally the highest ranking Democrat would represent the party’s delegation, that would be Governor Gavin Newsom, but this year the California Democrats have decided to snub Newsom and choose Rep. Ro Khanna, Rep. Barbara Lee, and the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Hilda Solis to be the co-chairs of this year’s delegation…

You can probably guess what the three they chose all have in common…They all want to take away your guns, defund the police, abolish ICE, and bring in millions more illegal aliens! Wait, what did you think I was going to say they have in common?

Oh, yeah OK I guess apparently they are also “beautiful and brave”, can-do-no-wrong in current year “people of color”. But I am sure the dark complexion is just a coincidence…

Oh wait no, actually Rusty Hicks specifically said the group “will represent the great Diversity of California” and Newsom echoed those sentiments with his cucked tweet.

Newsom like the good Liberal puppet he is acknowledged his ill-gotten white privilege and handing this mostly ceremonial position over to some brave and of course radically socialist minorities. Is this what putting ‘political blackface’ on a campaign looks like?

They are obviously implicitly suggesting that choosing Newsom would not have represented “the great diversity of California”. We know all know they only mean “racially diverse” when Liberals talk about diversity. That is literally the only kind of diversity the Democrats care about.

Maybe this will be a good thing in the end. If Democrats are going to start going down the road that only people of color socialists who “represent our great diversity” will start heading up all their positions, they are going to start losing a lot of elections and forcing away people. Newsom will never have a real chance to run for President if only non-whites are going to be chosen by the Democrats from now on.

So who are the three people that the California Democrats chose to head up their delegation?

Barbara Lee volunteered with the Black Panther organization in 1968 and has been recently calling to “defund the military.” The area in California she represents is one of the most crime-ridden parts of the state. Extremely poor with many black people living on the streets. But she is busy tweeting  at President Trump and telling him he is not welcome in Oakland. You know what lady? No one wants to set foot in that shithole area, not even the people that live there. Oakland is horrible, crime-infested with an extreme cost-of-living just like every other Dem run city. This is why so many people are fleeing the inner cities of California.

Hilda Solis worked for the Obama administration and had to resign in disgrace because she was terrible at her job. Ro Khanna got his start in politics while he was attending University of Chicago and worked on Obama’s senate campaign, then later working on Obama’s presidential run. These people are radical socialists and die-hard Obama loyalists who worked with the Bernie campaign. That was the other reason these three were chosen, because Dems are worried about losing the Bernie vote.

Just like in 2016 there is a great disdain among Bernie voters against the DNC’s preferred candidate. There has been a push among Establishment Dems to try to close that gap and make sure that disaffected Bernie supporters don’t flock to Trump in droves. Gavin Newsom is a casualty of that effort, having lost what would normally have been his traditional role to the Socialist Diversity Brigade.

The most effective way to voice your displeasure in our society isn’t by using violence or rioting, it is by voting. The Democrats know this. They know that many people in 2016 voted for Trump simply to vote against Hillary. They fear that many people in 2020 will vote for Trump simply to vote against Biden.

The Democrats fear that they could lose Bernie supporters and moderates in big enough numbers to cost them the election. They are using every trick they have to prevent people from voting Trump. They will unleash a virus and scare the bejeezus out of people with dire news reports if it means those people will cast a ballot by mail. Making it easier for Dems to ballot harvest or otherwise commit some type of voter fraud.

They are faking polls and running many fake news stories right now. Just like they did in the run-up to the 2016 election. President Trump is wildly popular and Biden just doesn’t seem to have that kind of support in the real world so I don’t believe those polls for a second. They are designed to discourage President Trump’s supporters from showing up on election day by attempting to convince them it is a lost cause.

The Democrats will use the corrupt media to exaggerate and lie about any minor incident, or even a faked incident, and turn it into a ‘vicious racist hate crime that proves America is racist because of Trump’ then they show up with a bunch of legislation and claims of reparations to rile up voters.

We must stop them and exploit their very obvious weaknesses. They have chosen a terrible candidate and no VP choice by biden will change that fact. They have caused riots and violence that has turned off many people who were initially on their side. The Democrats are calling to raise our taxes, take our guns, start new wars, deplete the military, abolish free speech, open the borders, and defund the police. No sane working person would vote for them.

The disaffected Bernie supporters are going to be forced to vote for corrupt creepy wants-to-raise-your-taxes racist “alleged pedo” Joe Biden. We just need to keep exposing Biden for what he truly is and the smart people still on the wrong side will come around to our side eventually (or at least not vote Democrat in November).


24 arrested after protest in Beverly Hills, California

Police confirmed 23 protesters were arrested Friday night after they ignored repeated orders to leave the very affluent neighborhood in Beverly Hills, California. In addition, one person was arrested on suspicion of arson after a fire was set during the protests. The protesters made the obvious mistake of going after the bigger donors to the Democrat Party, clearly the crooked Mayor would never allow that.

The National Lawyers Guild of Los Angeles urged Beverly Hills police to release the protesters, claiming that keeping them in custody over the weekend could threaten their health.

During the height of the rioting, Beverly Hills proclaimed a local emergency and imposed curfews once the riots threatened to spread into the area. On June 14, the city issued an order restricting nighttime assemblies after a noisy protest disturbed residents.

The protesters remained in custody Saturday morning and were being processed, with Bail being set at $5,000. Liberal bleeding hearts say the amount is excessive. We are starting to see what always happens during a failed socialist revolution, the different groups that make up the faction will start to fight with each other as their revolution loses momentum.

It is crazy to think that the police couldn’t respond effectively when the Santa Monica Promenade was being ransacked and destroyed, but when it comes to protecting Beverly Hills they immediately show up and make multiple arrests. I wonder if the rich Liberals living in Beverly Hills will be bailing out these people? Probably not, since most of them are still sitting in jail on a measly $5K bail.

Funny how quickly these rich Democrats find themselves disagreeing with these protests once the protesters show up at their doorstep. How suddenly the police can decide to hold these rioters in jail instead of just processing them and letting them go with no bail like usual. It is clear the Democrats want to send a message to the mob, the homes of the rich Democrat donor class are off limits.