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Betting history says Trump will beat Joe Biden

We often hear in the news these days that Joe Biden is the heavy favorite to win the election of 2020. Leading in nearly every poll, even the ones posted on what are considered to be “Conservative” news channels like FOX News. Well there is one group of people that have accurately predicted several major […]

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2020 Democrat hopefuls, crazier than ever.

An idiot, a clown, and a presidential candidate for 2020 walk into a bar, the bartender says “what can I get you Senator Kamala Harris?” We are still hundreds of days away until we have to head to the polls to reelect President Trump, but the rabid Liberals are already clumsily throwing their gender-neutral hats […]

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Georgia Election: Ossoff Will Lose.

Oh you fascist Nazi Republican, CaliConservative, you have seriously done it this time! I should call the police and report you for hate speech! And if I didn’t hate all the racist cops, I would. It’s me, of course everyone’s favorite delta cuck(and totally proud of it!), my name is CaliLiberal. Great, what did I […]

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