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President Trump vows to clean up Los Angeles.

Trump said if Los Angeles doesn’t “clean it up fast,” he will intervene…

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Newsom to release funds without Federal approval

“We are doing this despite the Trump administration’s unwillingness to certify the PIT count to allow us to allocate this money…They are weaponizing and politicizing this issue, so we will work around them and provide 75% of the funding while we wait for HUD to verify the count numbers.” -Gavin Newsom The far-Left Governor of […]

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San Diego joins Trump fight against California Sanctuary Laws!

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors today voted 3-2 in a closed session to once again support the Trump administration’s lawsuit against California over the state’s insane sanctuary laws. Sanctuary Laws limit the local police role in immigration enforcement by protecting illegal aliens and allows for the flourishing of crime-related activities. SB 54 was […]

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