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Two days: 4 gang members arrested crossing U.S. Border, including MS13

EDINBURG, Texas – In just two days, U.S. Border patrol agents across the Rio Grande Valley, arrested four gang members, including 2 confirmed MS13 members. Rio Grande City station agents arrested a Honduran national near Roma, Texas. His records revealed that he is a confirmed Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang member. The Fort Brown agents possessed […]

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Border Patrol catches 2 gang members & 2 child molesters…

Oh yes!! My fellow patriots, as I said I will happily continue to report on stories like this about our amazing Border Protection and ICE agencies that are arresting and preventing human traffickers, drug dealers, pedophiles, and all sorts of gang members from entering our country! The United States Customs and Border Protection agency(CBP) have […]

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Man detained at border for smuggling infant.

San Antonio, Texas, a Honduran man has been apprehended for trying to bring a 4-month old little girl across the US-Mexico border near Pharr, Texas, according to the US Border Patrol. The man claimed he was the baby’s biological father, and he actually had some paperwork to back up the claim. However, upon further investigation, […]

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