My Mission.

The mission of this website is to provide ad-free news and Conservative opinions to you the freeminded individual visiting this website. I have the ability to fully monetize this website with ads, but I decline to do so. I despise news websites that are PLASTERED in advertisements, it ruins the entire thing for me when a I am forced to view a full-page ad for some corporate crap or even worse, when a website asks you to pay to continue reading…

That is the worst, and I want to try to avoid doing that. This website has been viewed in over 100 countries and has tens of thousands of views in 2018 alone. I thank everyone that has visited and I encourage you to please donate at least $1 to help me support myself and pay for this website.

Regardless of whether you donate or not, I will continue going after the Liberal media, supporting the President, spreading real news, Conservative opinions, videos, memes, and anything else required as we are in for the fight of our lives to take this country back. It’s all hands on deck right now and I am going to see through this fight to the end.

I am literally just one person doing all of this, and I need your support now more than ever!

With your support we will take back this state and drive the toxic Liberal-Progressive agenda from our country once and for all! Thank you, God Bless.

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