ICE helps track Australian Citizen tied to 245 alleged child abuse victims in the US

An investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) resulted in the arrest of a 25-year-old Australian citizen who is now facing a total of 247 charges related to 245 alleged child abuse victims in the United States.

In 2019, HSI special agents in Tallahassee, Florida, received information from the Leon County (Florida) Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) regarding the exploitation of minors throughout the U.S. by an individual in Australia. The individual was masquerading as a popular YouTube star in order to befriend minor females and gain their trust. He then blackmailed the minor victims and instructed them to film themselves doing various sexually explicit acts, many of which involved physical contact with other minors and/or animals.

HSI reached out to the AFP to help identify the predator in Australia. With the assistance of Western Australia Police (WAPOL), AFP quickly identified the subject in Western Australia and initiated Operation ESK. HSI Canberra provided support to Operation ESK by obtaining subscriber details from YouTube for the offender, and both the previous and potential victims. Forensic examination of the subject’s social media account led to the identification in October 2020 of 112 U.S. victims of online child exploitation and upon continued investigation an additional 134 by January 2021. The subject was arrested by the Australian Federal Police and is currently in custody. -ICE

We cannot afford to have ICE become subject to the whims of the crime-loving Biden administration that is trying to take over in Washington DC.

Human Trafficking has become a real serious plague within the last three decades that has devastated untold amounts of families and we really need an agency like ICE that is dedicated to combating human trafficking and stopping child exploitation perhaps now more than ever.

The Trump Administration did an amazing job of supporting ICE and ensuring that child abusers, traffickers and exploiters thought twice about engaging in their perverted behavior. They slept with one eye open knowing that President Trump was working around the clock to bring them to justice. I can’t help but feel like the child abusers and exploiters have an ally in the White House now with Biden. 

The internet has opened up a whole new world for a number of crimes and child exploitation is definitely one of them. Like a predator in the real world drives around to look for a defenseless and unsupervised child, they are prowling on the internet and just looking for their next victim.

Too often children are left unsupervised and totally defenseless online. They are easily manipulated and the anonymonity the internet provides to the abuser emboldens them to act. We must become more vigilant and aware of the ways that children are being abused and exploited in the modern world so that we can help prevent it.

ICE and other dedicated agencies do great work in combating these sick monsters and act as a safeguard. It seems like some radical political groups in our country want to get rid of ICE for their own perverted reasons. They are targeting and tarnishing any agencies that investigate and prosecute child traffickers, abusers and exploiters.

That to me is just plain insane and we cannot afford to get rid of these agencies if we want to continue taking the fight to the child abusers. It’s almost as if some people want to make it easier to engage in human trafficking and child exploitation…

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