California man dies hours after receiving CV-19 vaccine

A California man has been declared dead hours after receiving a covid-19 vaccine dose. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office and Public Health reported Saturday that they are investigating the death and no official cause of death has been announced. According to officials, the person had tested positive for COVID-19 in late December and received the vaccine Thursday. The sheriff’s office says the man was not administered his vaccine by Placer County Public Health.

It’s unknown at this time where he got his vaccine or specifically which vaccine he received, as officials have yet to say. The only thing confirmed right now is that the man did indeed receive a covid-19 vaccine a few hours prior to his death.

The fact that there is a multi-agency investigation into his death tells me that there clearly was no obvious reason why he died. He wasn’t shot to death or died in car crash or else that would have been stated immediately. It is clear that there is at least some suspicion that the vaccine could have potentially played a part in his death.

With any sort of mass vaccination program you will always see a number of adverse side effects. No amount of clinical trials can accurately display the full effect that a vaccine can have when administered to hundreds of millions of people. Add to that the fact that this vaccine was developed, hastily tested, completed, and distributed within less than a year. There was just no way they were ever going to know what would happen once the vaccine started being distributed to that amount of people.

We recently saw the passing of baseball legend Hank Aaron and he had received his first covid-19 vaccine dose around 20 days before his death was announced.

In Norway, 23 deaths of frail elderly individuals are being investigated as they died after receiving covid-19 vaccines.

A Portuguese nurse died two days after receiving her Covid-19 vaccine.


What do all of these cases have in common? You might say the common thread is a COVID-19 vaccine, but the Liberal Media fact checkers will tell you that you are a crazy conspiracy theorist and that these deaths all had nothing to do with the vaccine. I read a number of “fact checks” that bent themselves into lie flavored pretzels to blame anything except the vaccine.

Human beings are inherently very good at detecting patterns. It is one of our best survival tactics. We just know it in our bones when something is wrong. If you see groups of people being lead into a room and then they never come back out again, you’re gonna be much more hesitant to want to be lead into that room. 

The obsession over mass vaccinating billions of humans and then denouncing anyone who questions that agenda is very concerning to me. I just want people to be informed of the potential adverse side effects to this hastily tested vaccine. If you are worried about taking the vaccine I don’t think you should be attacked as some sort of kooky conspiracy theorist.

It’s OK to ask questions and it’s OK to be skeptical of anything you read in the Media. And just because someone is a doctor, pharmacist, or scientist doesn’t mean they can’t be wrong or potentially mislead by false data. One of the major problems with modern science and medicine is that it can be dictated, directed and controlled by a handful of agencies at the top.

For instance, in America we have the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) which has been headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci for over 30 years…Dr. Fauci has made conflicting statements and has allowed whatever the current political atmosphere is to influence his decisions. This is very dangerous and you’d be right to be skeptical of Fauci’s intentions or ability to decide such important matters, but to question him is totally forbidden among the Liberal media figureheads that hail him as some all-knowing force on medicine and science.

The extremely important fields of science and medicine should never become a political weapon that serves the interest of a small few. That is ultimately very unhealthy for our society. If you want the vaccine then you should be informed of what it can potentially do to you before you get it. If you don’t want the vaccine because of potential dangers or simply because you don’t want it then you shouldn’t be forced to get one.

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  1. Jer 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
    Jer 17:10 I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.

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