California Nail Salon Owner to open in defiance of Newsom’ shutdown orders.

“Shutting down one more time, they’re crazy. I’m not shutting down my business,” said one California business owner who declined to appear on camera but spoke with fox5sandiego.

Probably afraid to speak out because of the fear from the repercussions of going against the tyrannical covid restrictions.

A Salon Owner in San Diego California is totally fed up with the new round of stay-at-home lockdown orders sweeping across the state. She has decided to risk fines and even arrest by defying the orders and opening up her business. There has been growing resentment against state leaders for what is being viewed as unevenly enforced and unscientific covid restrictions.

“I’m putting stuff on my windows. I’m not shutting down my business. I put too much money in this business. This is my livelihood. It’s not closing down.”

“I am a small business and there’s millions and millions of businesses, small business who doesn’t have any funds like these big box businesses,” the owner said. “Why are we being bullied? Why are we being closed down? Do you understand how much stress? I don’t sleep.” Reported by fox5sandiego.

This is coming on the heels of the Orange County Sheriff who said that he wasn’t going to be enforcing any covid restrictions. Not only because he has actual crime to worry about, but also citing the fact that these covid restrictions aren’t exactly constitutional. Yes, I know that may shock some rabid Liberals out there who think that Gavin Newsom can create whatever law he wants, but that isn’t the reality.

“I’m not sure that we want to be in a position that law enforcement operating with that mission in mind to go out and arrest lawful residents of the county who are trying to make ends meet and are doing so by following the rules,” he said. “The rules can’t change week by week and it’s been difficult for our constituents in Orange County, throughout the state and the nation quite honestly to keep redefining the way we operate.”

We have seen many of these leaders who push the lockdowns onto us failing to follow their own rules. Gavin Newsom caused a stir when he was seen maskless at a lavish restaurant dining with his wealthy friends and other officials. He also failed to shutdown his own winery while shutting down his competition. San Francisco Mayor London Breed was then seen dining at that same restaurant. A Los Angeles County Supervisor was seen dining out at a restaurant on the very same day she voted to impose sweeping lockdowns.

Many California officials recently gathered in Hawaii in a fancy getaway while encouraging others to stay home and stay inside. Hypocrisy abounds in California.

That has lead to a fairly substantial resistance growing against the unconstitutional lockdowns and a number of Californians are quite frankly just fed up with the whole situation. The schools are closed, dining inside your favorite restaurant is off limits, opening your business is illegal and your church is shuttered.

This has lead to a very difficult situation for many Californians who were already strenuously dealing the soaring cost-of-living here, the exploding homeless problem, and a rising crime rate.

I don’t know how much more of this we can take. Sooner or later, something has got to give.

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