FOX News’ YouTube channel loses over 110,000 subscribers!

Things are continuing to go from bad to worse for FOX News after they alienated a large part of their viewer base by turning on the president and going all-in for corrupt Sleepy Biden. Not only has their main cable channel begun to suffer in the ratings, even being beaten out by CNN, but their social media presence has taken a hit as well. According to the tracking website SocialBlade, the Fox News YouTube channel has lost approximately 110,000 subscribers in just the past 6 days!

Not only are they shedding subscribers at an alarming rate, but the view counts for their videos has also taken a pretty substantial hit and dropped off substantially. Add to that the absolute deluge of negative comments and downvotes that FOX is receiving on almost every video. You can tell things are getting desperate for the FOX News YouTube channel because a couple of days ago they posted a nearly 22 minute segment of their main attraction Tucker Carson Tonight! Something that they rarely ever do!


This was a real roller coaster time for FOX News because on election night they had huge ratings and their YouTube channel reflected that. On Nov 4th the FOX News YouTube had a gigantic 44,000,000 views and picked up 50K subs in a day, very impressive…but just 4 days later on Nov 8th their views had dropped to around 10M views and they lost 50,000 subscribers in a day…ouch!

Let’s take a look at the Right-Side Broadcasting YouTube channel that has really been there for President Trump and showed all of his rallies in full even when FOX was cutting away from them..


You can see that Right-Side Broadcasting has consistently done well and has shown absolutely no drop off in subscribers.

FOX News alienated a number of their viewers with their clearly biased coverage of the 2020 election. Immediately calling any and all states that even glanced at Biden while refusing to call states that were clearly trending to President Trump. Anyone with a brain who watched the election coverage that night saw that it was very biased in favor of Sleepy Joe Biden.

It was very disappointing to see FOX News go down that road and I really hope that President Trump can ultimately fight this off and overturn it because I would love to see the look on their faces when they realize how wrong they were.

I am supporting Trump all the way and as long as FOX News continues along the Chris Wallace and Donna Brazile path set by Paul Ryan then I will not be watching them. Yes I love people like Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham and Hannity, but that isn’t enough to save their channel if it’s going to continue to overall be the NeverTrumper channel.

A couple of YT viewers weigh in on the FOX decline and reliance on Tucker’s ratings…

It’s too early to tell if this is a sign of things to come or just a temporary setback for FOX News, but I have unsubscribed from FOX News, deleted their app from my phone after leaving them 1-star rating with a poor review, and avoid watching even the free content they upload unless it is a very pressing news matter. Newsmax and One America News have been great sources of televised news to fill in that void left by FOX News. 

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