Southern California Parents Sue Newsom Over Restrictions On In-Person Schooling

“I personally think that any online instruction for elementary school-aged kids will have zero academic value, zero value in socialization,” said Erica Sephton, a concerned parent in California

Parents across Southern California are suing Governor Gavin Newsom over restrictions on in-person schooling, alleging that those restrictions have deprived children across the state of the opportunity for meaningful education.

Lawyers argue that while wealthy parents may be able to hire a really good tutor to teach their children while they are working, the lower income parents are not so fortunate. Many parents are being forced to choose between going back to work to provide for their children, or staying home to ensure their child is actually getting a proper education.

Newsom has totally overplayed his hand with all of these insane virus restrictions and people are getting totally fed up with him. He has failed the state in almost every single way. He has put the livelihoods of millions of parents in jeopardy with his virus restrictions and also putting all of their children at greater risk of receiving a poor education. The isolation being unfairly imposed onto children is not good for their mental health and it is further degrading their social skills as well.

Restrictions on in-person schooling would only ever make sense if the virus was actually seriously affecting kids and young adults, but it just isn’t at the moment. In fact, it is clear by a number of measures and studies that children are the least affected by this virus. Of course any kids with a history of respiratory issues, cerebral palsy, diabetes, leukemia survivors, or any impaired immune system should take extra precautions, but the overwhelming majority of kids can safely go back to school already.

I am glad that some parents can see that all of these restrictions are very bad for the children. As much as Nancy Pelosi might pretend she is working for the best interest of the kids, she and her nephew Gruesom Newsom are permanently damaging the mental fabric of an entire generation of children. We need to start working to end these lockdowns because as of right now there is no end in sight.

We need to support these parents in their fight against the out of control Newsom Administration and I truly hope that more parents begin to join the fight to bring some sanity back to California. The Democrats insane overreaction to the virus has done so much damage to our economy, but the damage they are doing to our children is just as bad…if not worse.

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