California State Senator introduces bill to end Newsom’s state of emergency

California State Senator Melissa Melendez introduced the bill, SCR 93 which would effectively end the state of emergency and take away the Governor’s emergency powers to close businesses and schools.


Melendez said democrats have refused to allow it to be heard in committee. The state senator said she made a motion on the floor on Monday to have it brought to the senate floor for a vote, which was denied.

Melendez said she will make the motion every day they’re in session until they vote on the bill. 

The text of the bill is here:

Of course in the rigged California state legislature a bill like this is next to impossible to pass. Mostly because the guy in charge is of the same political party that currently dominates our legislature.

Where any normal legislature would be furious that their governor is usurping their responsibility, these people have figured out they can work directly with Newsom to bypass all political opposition much faster and easier. It also helps that they are still getting paid their full salary while doing much less work to still achieve the primary goals of their agenda. We must end the State of Emergency in California to take away the unilateral power of Gavin Newsom.

Let us pray for State Senator Melendez in her valiant efforts to end Newsom’s reign of terror. Albiet against great odds, and at a very small chance of success, the effort is still very very much appreciated. Thank you State Senator Melendez.

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