Top California health official admits failure in covid data collection, blames “glitch”

“Our data system failed, and that failure led to inaccurate case numbers in case positivity rates…” -Top California Health Official


WOW! This is a bombshell admission to be sure and the media is TOTALLY silent on this! Even the admission was so quiet and downplayed to the maximum degree. The State is acting like it has not been relying on verifiably false data to make MAJOR decisions about tens of millions of lives.

From schools to parks to nearly every type of business, so many things have been affected, changed, or otherwise altered due to “COVID-19.” More commonly known by smart people as The Chyna Virus.

The state has been screeching at the top of their lungs that we all need to trust the science and listen to the doctors. But too many people know that just because someone is a doctor or a health official doesn’t mean they can’t get something wrong from time to time…or even worse, they might outright lie and manipulate us for profit.

The one thing most humans are afraid of is dying prematurely from some kind of undiagnosed illness. Doctors and Health Officials are often seen as our experts on disease and can play a vital role in helping humans to live longer and healthier lives. When a human is afraid of what seems like a preventable death they will be far more likely to seek out the advice of a medical professional.

Sadly, profiteers more than anyone understand just how much people will trust a Doctor or Health Official. More importantly, they know how much people will pay to try and prevent death. And I am not just talking about money…

People will even give up their freedoms. Certain lifestyle choices will go out the window if a person feels it will help them live longer. That is what makes this all so dangerous. Some people are actually willing to alter the entire American lifestyle as we know it. We cannot allow that to happen over a virus that the government cannot even accurately record.

It seems as though our “Health Professionals” are not working with the full and verified sets of data regarding this virus. Or even worse, they are actually lying or exaggerating the numbers and this time they got caught.

The only thing you can trust is the fact that you cannot trust the government to tell the truth.

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