Virginia Police arrest over 20 ugly ANTIFA/BLM for rioting

VIRGINIA: Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith addressed the recent riots in the city, standing in front of a dump truck that was set on fire by the rioters and buildings with boarded up windows across the street.

  • Emily Anderson, 21, Williamsburg – Rioting
  • Mekdas Charles, 21, Falls Church – Trespassing
  • Madeleine Conger, 30, Charlottesville – Trespassing
  • Elsi Del Pino, 25, Richmond – Trespassing
  • Robert Fleece, 36, Henrico – Transporting a Loaded Rifle within City Limits, Possessing a Weapon with an Extended Magazine
  • Jack Glass, 24, Richmond – Rioting with a Weapon (Felony)
  • Markeith Jackson, 25, Richmond – Transporting a Loaded Rifle within City Limits
  • Ronald Johnson, 33, Henrico – Transporting a Loaded Rifle within City Limits
  • Lila-Jad Koumtakoun, 22, Richmond – Pedestrian in the Roadway, False ID to Police to Avoid Arrest
  • Taylor Maloney, 20, Richmond – Trespassing
  • Robin Proffer, 26, Henrico – Trespassing
  • Travis Pulley, 45, Richmond – Riot with a Weapon (Felony)
  • Mitchell Shue, 26, Herndon – Trespassing
  • Dexter Superville, 21, Richmond – Rioting, Possession with Intent to Deliver Crack Cocaine
  • Justin Tenney, 27, Richmond – Block Traffic, No Seatbelt, Driver’s License Not in Possession
  • Two Juveniles – not identified

Just look at their faces, they always have that dead eyes look. Most of them look like they have no reaction to getting arrested by the Police that they claim are fascist tools of the state. Glad these people are getting arrested and I hope the charges stick and they face severe punishments if guilty.

These riots are not just happening in Portland. They are simultaneously being orchestrated in different cities all across the country. Oakland, Eugene, Seattle, Grand Rapids, Denver, Hampton, Birmingham, New York City, and countless other cities are dealing with these rioters and agitators.

The violent radicals are blocking roads and forcing people to turn around, threatening them, in many cases committing violent acts upon the innocent civilians just trying to go about their day.

Increasingly we are starting to see people get fed up with the nonsensical violence coming from these rioters.

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