Man already facing charges for rioting hit with additional charges.

A 24-year-old accused of setting fire to a Pittsburgh Police car during the George Floyd riots is now facing state charges for his participation in the riots. Prosecutors say Devin Montgomery from Pittsburgh set fire to a Pittsburgh Police car on May 30. He was already arrested and hit with federal arson charges at the end of June, but now he is facing more charges related to the riots.

Investigators say he’s suspected of vandalizing two police cars, throwing objects at police and looting businesses downtown. His new charges include burglary, riot and disorderly conduct.

This is great. We need to keep hitting these rioters with even more charges to make sure they stay in jail for as long as possible.

Especially since all the unrest is still ongoing we need to make sure we deter these people from participating in any future riots. We should not be releasing ANYONE who participated in these riots until the entire BLM movement has been quelled. I know many want to keep pretending that it’s just a handful of people that are committing these crimes, but the reason anyone is committing these crimes is because the rhetoric coming from the movement itself is encouraging it.

Dozens of rioters in Jacksonville Florida had their charges totally dropped even though the arrests against them were totally lawful and they were in-fact breaking the law after failing to disperse. We cannot drop any of these charges. This is creating an atmosphere where these criminals feel like they can do whatever they want. They don’t fear getting arrested, most of the time they end up back on the streets within a few days, even when they are hit with serious federal charges.

Especially during the covinsanity sweeping across the nation, which is resulting in thousands of prisoners being released early and tens of thousands of criminals not even being arrested in the first place. Add to that the disturbing fact that if you shoot any of these criminals trying to victimize you there is a solid chance you will be the one who ends up getting hit with charges. Crazy times we live in.

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