Over a dozen FOX News Polls got it totally wrong in 2016

You have probably been hearing a lot lately about FOX News Polls and how apparently most of them seem to indicate that Joe Biden is beating Donald Trump. Surely these FOX News polls against Trump are supposed to be more accurate since FOX is viewed as a ‘Conservative’ channel….right? Well, not exactly.

Not only does FOX News employ a myriad of hardcore Democrats that hate Trump, but a large portion of the Republicans they have on staff also have a disdain for our beloved President.

If you actually watched ALL of FOX News programming during the 2016 cycle you would have noticed that over 50% of the hosts and guests were either fully against or indifferent to Trump.

Here are fourteen different FOX News Polls that got it absolutely wrong in 2016 and proof why you shouldn’t take the 2020 polls so serious.

Quickly I want to show you this doozy of a headline from the perpetually wrong Chris Stirewalt:


In the article Chris claims that Donald Trump was not going to win the 2016 election. Chris has gone silent on Twitter since 2019 and for some reason still has a job at FOX despite the fact he has been wrong on so many different things.

So let’s start with FOX News’ polling data from June 2016. FOX news at this point had already been charting favorability among candidates for about a year and by this time both Trump and Hillary were solidified to become the nominees of their respective parties.Screenshot_83

As you can see from their data in Jun ’15, Aug ’15, Sep ’15, Dec ’15, Feb ’16, Mar ’16, Apr ’16, and Jun ’16 they put Hillary Clinton as the likely candidate to win the election. Only giving Trump slight leads in Oct ’15, Nov ’15, Jan ’16 and May ’16.

Now let us jump ahead a little, it is late July-early August 2016, the primaries were over and the General Election campaign was in full swing. Where were the FOX News polls? Well, in late July-Early August FOX News gave Hillary a laughable 10 point lead over Donald Trump:


Did it get any better in late August? Well, these genius pollsters at FOX not only put Hillary ahead of Trump, but also put Libertarian Candidate, Gary Johnson, at 9% and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at 3%..


In case you are wondering, not only did Donald Trump manage to win the election and Hillary Clinton lost, but Gary Johnson barely managed 3% of the vote and Jill Stein barely a little over 1% of the vote! Not very accurate FOX!

In a head-to-head matchup, the FOX pollsters put Hillary Clinton a whopping 6 points ahead of Trump…


OK, let’s keep on rolling ahead to October 2016 and keep in mind at this point we are just a month away from the election. Were the FOX News Polls finally starting to get it right? The short answer? Nope.

FOX News Polls were still putting Hillary ahead of Trump, at this point giving her a 2 point lead just a month away from the election.


About a week later FOX News claimed that Hillary Clinton had somehow jumped a whopping 7 points ahead of Trump! Mind you, at this point we were less than a month away from the election!


A few days later on October 17 FOX News Poll again claimed that Hillary was beating Trump, by 6 points, just 3 weeks ahead of the election. Also look at the inflated counts they gave to Gary Johnson and Jill Stein.

c4468203-foxpoll1 (1)

Then on October 26th the FOX News Poll did narrow somewhat, but FOX still claimed that Hillary Clinton was beating Donald Trump by 3 points. Mind you, at this point in time we were less than 10 days away from the 2016 election.

d862869f-foxpoll1 (1)

So there you have it. Basically polls are the worst way to try to predict the outcome of a political event. Especially in a situation where you have massive hate and anger directed towards anyone who voices their support for Donald Trump. You simply cannot trust these polls and if you asked me I think that Trump has an overwhelming chance to win reelection if we all show up at the polls. Diligently watching out for signs of voter fraud.

Also I noticed that for some reason a few of the links on the FOX news website that were supposed to take you to the original data for their polling no longer work. I am sure there are a few more polls out there that were scrubbed from the internet because of how wrong they were.

If you are watching the 2020 cycle, the support for Trump at FOX certainly does seem to have grown somewhat, but there are still too many neocons at FOX that hate Trump or totally discount him.

They actually believe these polls that say Biden will beat Trump because they have a very elitist way of looking at politics that the average person does not. Most people do not care about Trump’s mean tweets. I certainly don’t think people care about the virus response as much as the media does, the people care way more about what these shutdowns have done to their income.

The average person does not think police brutality is an issue as much as the media does, and most of us want to keep our police just the way that they are. The rioting and protesting has really hurt the Biden campaign. I think Trump has a great chance at winning the Presidency and I do not believe for a second that he is behind Biden when it comes to anything. The polls are skewed at best, fake at worst.

It seems like the pundits at FOX and the more “educated” types are the ones who look down at Trump’s behavior in a very elitist and smarmy fashion that I think is out of touch with the common person. Yet I think that Trump’s “crude and crass” behavior are actually endearing and one of the many reasons we the People want him in Washington DC.


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