Charges dropped for almost all arrested during Jacksonville Florida riot

State prosecutors have now dismissed charges for almost all of the rioters that were arrested during the first two days of protests in Jacksonville. The violent riots erupted after the media coordinated to blast the video of George Floyd on every channel. The Media ensured that the video got in front of as many people as possible and whipped them into a frenzy.

The Florida state attorney finalized and filed a deposition Monday dismissing charges against 15 people who were arrested during the protest turned to riot on Saturday, May 30. They failed to disperse after the gathering was declared an unlawful assembly. I don’t know why these people think they can block up traffic whenever they want and throw stuff at the police. Oh right, because weak State and City attorneys are dropping all the charges against these rioters, reaffirming their bad behavior.

The State Attorney’s Office already announced last month that it had dismissed charges against 48 other rioters arrested May 31 during those scary dark days when the large parts of the nation were burning. Anyone who participated in the near total destabilzation of our country needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Otherwise they will continue to behave this way.

The latest filing means the State Attorney’s Office has dismissed charges on at least 63 protesters arrested by Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers in the first days of protests in downtown Jacksonville.

I can’t help but feel like this is a huge slap in the face to the police who actually did their job in arresting these agitators. The Police did absolutely nothing wrong. Not a single one of these arrests was an unlawful arrest.

At this moment in Jacksonville only the most heinous of the rioters remain behind bars, including one man who slashed an officer’s throat.

The Republican National Convention is scheduled to be held in Jacksonville and I have no doubt in my mind that these “protesters” are going to show up and try to cause hell. Now the State Attorney in Florida has ensured that the Left will have a few dozen more rioters to add to their ranks by not locking these criminals up.

If you are part of a mob, and that mob hurts somebody, you should go to jail. Whether or not you directly hurt the person, you were part of the group that did it. It is just like the logic they use with the police. The officers that watched Chauvin kneel on Floyd were expected to intervene and are now being held accountable for murder despite the fact they physically didn’t hurt anyone. So too the same logic should be applied to these mobs.

If anyone is hurt by a mob then everyone inside the mob should be held accountable.

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