BLM organizer arrested and charged with rioting and conspiracy

San Luis Obispo, Ca, One unlucky person in their car was almost surrounded by an angry BLM mob and they struck the innocent car with a flag pole, but thankfully the victim was able to escape with some quick thinking and decisive action.

As the vehicle accelerates through open space, protest organizer Tianna Arata can allegedly be seen swinging a flagpole and striking the car with it. It’s unclear if anyone in the vehicle was struck or hurt…According to San Luis Obispo police they have had repeated conversations with local protest organizers, including Arata, about not blocking traffic, going on to the freeway or committing acts of violence.


The police put out a call for the driver to come answer some questions because police reviewed drone footage and had determined that the driver was most likely a victim fearful of mob mentality. The victim came forward, identified themselves, and agreed to meet with the police. No charges have been filed against the driver at this time.

The San Luis Obispo police Captain told the Tribune, “I would disagree that the driver initiated this…The video shows the crowd running toward the car and charging them and falsely imprisoning them. I would be in fear. He’s not accelerating at them. He’s trying to drive away from the crowd and get away the safest way he could. He’s trying to inch forward and they whack him and that’s when he accelerates.”

He also added that drivers have the right to try to escape if they feel they’re in danger. Bravo! I couldn’t agree more!

It is sad that it has to come to this and of course we don’t want to see anyone get hurt, but we cannot continue to allow innocent people to be victimized for no real reason.

At the same time another part of the BLM protests allegedly charged onto Highway 101 and smashed the hood and rear window of a vehicle, which, according to police, had a 4-year-old child in the back seat. The police were forced to respond with most of their resources to the group on the highway that is why they were unable to properly respond to the group that Arata was a part of.


Damage to the vehicle which SLO police say had a 4-year old in the back seat

Thankfully the San Luis Obispo Police Department arrested this organizer of that terroristic Black Lives Matter protest on suspicion of participation in a riot, unlawful assembly, conspiracy, unlawful imprisonment, and resisting arrest. The San Luis Obispo police have had to deal with at least 20 of these stupid protests in the past month alone and they are downright exhausted. Hopefully the arrest of Tianna Arata leads to a conviction that sends a loud message that rowdy and unlawful behavior will not be tolerated anymore.

I hope the charges stick and she learns her lesson.

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